Zank main image
Kanji ザンク
Rōmaji Zanku
Aliases Zank the Executioner
Race Humans
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Occupations Executioner
Affiliations Empire
Teams Jaegers
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #2: Chapter #5
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #3
Japanese Satoshi Tsuruoka
English Rob Mungle


Zank was originally an official executioner for the Empire, and thus it was his job to execute death row prisoners, usually by beheading. However, as the government became increasingly corrupt and huge numbers of people were executed as political criminals, Zank's workload put a large strain on his psyche and eventually caused him to snap. Decapitating people became a hobby for him, not just an occupation. He was to be detained for his criminal behaviour, but he escaped before he could be captured, and stole an Imperial Arm, one of the empire's treasures. He then became a serial killer, wandering the capital and cutting people's heads off whenever the need took him.


In the Sentai Filmworks' dub, Zank is referred as Zanku.



Zank is a rather tall man who usually wears an officer's longcoat with a shirt sporting shoulder pads underneath, and a tie. He has lightly coloured hair, mostly held back with a headband with ear guards, although there are two large protrusions of hair that stick up and back slightly. His Imperial Arm is a large green eye usually worn on his forehead.


Zank usually comes across as cheerful, confident & highly talkative, albeit quite unhinged. However, this is a result of the problems that plague him. He believes he constantly hears the voices of the many people whose lives he took as an executioner, and he speaks constantly to try and block out their voices as they call for his death. He had hoped that when he encountered the assassin Akame, a woman who also wielded an Imperial Arm & had taken many lives, that she may have experienced a similar problem and wanted to know how she dealt with it.

With his sanity gone, he has become a remorseless killer who takes many people's lives for sport, and has a noticeable cruel streak. He can be viewed as an odd victim of the capital's corruption, as it was the vast increase in the number of executions that he had to carry out, due to political corruption, that broke him.

Powers and Abilities

Zank's greatest asset in battle is his Imperial Arm, which allows him to better perceive or predict his enemies movements. However, the implement would be of little use to a physically or mentally slow combatant, but Zank has demonstrated that he has the reflexes and physical speed to make use of it. His chosen weapons are a pair of retractable blades usually hidden up his sleeves.

Imperial Arm - Spectator

One of 48 artifacts created by the Empire at the height of its power 1000 years ago, Spectator grants its user abilities far beyond normal technology. This large green eye is affixed to its users forehead and gives them access to these abilities

  • Farsight - the user can see clearly over large distances, through the dark or other obscuring elements like fog.
  • Insight - read an opponents thoughts by observing their expressions and body language
  • Clear Sight - see through solid objects

Predict an opponents actions from the subtlest early movement o their muscles

  • Illusion Sight - the user casts an illusion replacing their image with that of whoever the target loves most.

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