Yusuke Fujisaki
Kanji 藤崎 佑助
Rōmaji Fujisaki Yūsuke
Aliases Bossun
Race Human
Gender Male
Birthday November 11, 1992 (manga)
November 11, 1994 (anime)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Affiliations Kaimei High School
2-C (chapters 1-209)

3-C (chapters 210-288)

Teams Sket Dan
Sket Bombers
The Sketchbook
Relatives Akane Fujisaki (Adoptive Mother)

Rumi Fujisaki (Adoptive Younger Sister)
Haru Kirishima (Biological Mother)
Ryōsuke Kirishima (Biological Father)
Sasuke Tsubaki (Twin Brother)

Manga Sket Dance Volume #1: Chapter #1
Anime Sket Dance Episode #1
Game J-Stars Victory Vs
Japanese Hiroyuki Yoshino

Yūsuke Fujisaki (藤崎 佑助), or Bossun (ボッスン) is the leader and creator of the Sket Dance. He has intense powers of concentration, and has devoted his life to helping others.


Bossun is the adopted son of his mother, Akane. It was only at the age of fifteen when he discovered that his parents, Ryousuke and Haru, were involved in car accidents. His father was killed trying to save a child, and his mother died shortly after giving birth. After watching another person being bullied and stepping in to defend them [the person ended up being his twin brother Tsubaki. However, neither recognized the other when they met again at Kanmei High School, Bossun dedicated his life to helping others, and with the assistance of Himeko and Switch formed the Sket Dance.]


The character of Bossun was created by Kenta Shinohara for the manga Sket Dance as one of the main characters. In the Drama CD, VOMIC (voice acted comic), and Anime, Bossun is portrayed by Hiroyuki Yoshino. He first appears in Sket Dance volume 1: Paint Mask and episode 1: The Academy SKETs.

In the first Sket Dance character popularity poll, Bossun took 1st place with 2003 votes. In the second Sket Dance popularity poll, Bossun once again took the first position, this time by an overwhelming 2,000 point lead over the nearest competitor.

Character Evolution


Bossun has spiky hair that curls upwards on both sides of his head. He always seen wearing a red, horned Popman cap and a pair of goggles which he usually utilizes during "concentration mode". His most common outfit consists of a white shirt with rolled up sleeves, over a blue and white shirt of his own design with the word SKET on the front. Scattered across this outfit are various pins of different shapes and sizes.



  • Hime Onizuka

Bossun and Hime are close friends (despite that Hime does beat him for other things), and he relies on Hime's strength while Hime relies on Bossun's thinking to get out of tough situations. In the Ogress arc, Bossun recruits Hime after he saves her and Chiaki from some thugs which is how their friendship grew stronger. When Hime had to prove Jin that Bossun and her are a couple, Bossun goes out with Hime for the day without knowing Hime's true intentions. At the end of the date, Hime throws Bossun after he and she hold hands for the first time like a couple. Soon after that, Bossun learns about Hime's plans and informs Jin that there's nothing between them. He insults Hime without being considerate to Hime which Hime beats Bossun up.

Story Arcs

Legend of the Onihime Arc

Bossun and Switch cheer on Hime who beats up Kijima, Inui, and Sarukawa, and Bossun talks about Hime's hockey stick and comparing it to Bleach's Shinigamis' Bankai. The next day, Bossun and gang watch Chiaki, Hime, and her team play softball. Later, Bossun plays video games with Switch, and he gets a phone call from Momoka who holds Hime hostage. As he speaks to Momoka, he teases her a bit by complimenting her cute voice. When the call ends, Bossun uses the sounds from the phone call such as a train noises and swings to find out Hime's location with the help of Switch.

At the park, Bossun and Switch arrives to free Hime who is scoffed by Momoka and the gang. Hime smashes the ground and explains what Onihime really looks like. Momoka and the gang retreat. However, on the next day, Bossun sees Hime being idolized by Momoka and her gang.

Request: Kindergarten Performance

Sasuke threatens to shut down Sket Dan club because he believes the club is a waste of time and resource. Bossun and his gang must prove that Sket Dan helps people, so he and Sasuke put up a performance for the kindergartens. If Bossun loses, his club will be gone. However, the people who Sket Dan helped in the past has come to assist Bossun. Shinzo, Momoka, Reiko, Roman, and others rehearse with Bossun and the others for a play. Then, something unspeakable happens. Their play and costumes are ruined by an actor (Misaya) in Sasuke's team. Bossun and his gang put up a puppet show with Momoka acting at the main character. Momoka's performance wins the hearts of the kindergarteners because Bossun's gang interacts with them, and Momoka and Hime's story makes them cry. Sojiro Agata of the Kaimei student council promises Bossun that their club will not be disbanded and Momoka's gang's history will be overlooked.

Gachinko Vivage Arc

When Momoka requests the Sket Dan to help her get "3" smiley face app, Bossun and his team face off Sojiro and his student council. The final round is where Bossun and Sojiro play a game called Pixie's Garden. In this game, the winner is the player who discards all their cards. In order to do that, the player must state what card it is, but the player may be bluffing. If the opposing player calls check on the card and the card does not match with what the player says it is, the player has to take that card back into his hand. Also, he draws three cards. Before the game starts, Sojiro has Bossun bet his club on the line. If Bossun loses, the Sket Dan is abolished; if Sojiro loses, he will resign from his presidency. During the game, Bossun gets outmatched by Sojiro until he uses his concentration mode and gains his second wind. When Sojiro puts down his second to last card and calls it the blue sun, Bossun calls it a bluff and the Pixie. However, Sojiro's card is the blue sun, and Bossun loses. Later on, it reveals Sojiro lies about the bet in order to make the game challenging. Bossun gets to keep Sket Dan.

Kaimei Rock Festival

When Hime and Switch are practicing for the Kaimei Rock Festival with their respective teams, Bossun feels left out. Hime teaches him how to play the bass. To her amazement, Bossun learns quickly and plays the bass well. When Seiji walks by their clubroom, he asks Bossun to join his band. Now, Bossun has a chance to play during the festival. He hands him a Pillow song to practice. During his practice alone, Ayano enters the room once she hears Bossun playing and informs him that his bass guitar needs tuning. With Bossun's permission, she instructs Bossun during his practice and tells him about herself. Bossun tells herself to believe in herself.

On the following day, Hime, Switch, and Bossun's teams have all dropped out due to strange circumstances such as sickness, argument, and injuries. Bossun teams up with his Sket Dan crew to perform on the night of the festival. They play the Pillows song for Ayano who is in the crowd.

Powers & Abilities

Concentration Mode

By putting on his goggles (although they aren't particularly special) Bossun can improve his concentration a hundredfold, allowing him to develop quite ingenious ideas.

Artistic Talent

Bossun is quite adept at artistic and creative projects. He often assists Roman with her manga pieces, usually, if not always, surpassing her attempts to draw manga style art. He also engages in the designing of his own t-shirts [his signature SKET shirt was an original design], as well as the creation of various origami pieces, sculptures, etc. However, Bossun doesn't usually acknowledge his own artistic skill.


Bossun is capable of doing dead-on impressions of various celebrities and fictional characters. Throughout the course of Sket Dance, he has imitated people such as the comedian Rakutaro Sanyutei and baseball player Enji Bando.

Other Media


In the anime version of Sket Dance, created by Tatsunoko Productions, Bossun has retained his role and personality when compared to the original manga.


Bossun has appeared, along with fellow Sket Dan members Switch and Himeko, in a special crossover chapter of Gintama.

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