Yuri Nakamura
Yuri Nakamura
Kanji 中村 ゆり
Rōmaji Nakamura Yuri
Aliases Yurippe
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue/Green
Hair Color Purple
Affiliations Shinda Sekai Sensen (SSS Brigade)
Light Novel Angel Beats Track Zero Volume #1: Chapter 1
Manga Angel Beats: Heaven's Door Volume #1: Chapter 1
Anime Angel Beats Episode #1
Japanese Harumi Sakurai
English Brittney Karbowski

Yuri is the most determined member, and also the leader, of the SSS.



She often keeps a cool head, and acts accordingly. She comes across as stern, but shows a much softer side towards the end of the series when she realizes she's not fighting alone.   Yuri cares a lot for the SSS, treating them like her family. Most of the group address her as Yurippe, a nickname that was invented by Hinata.

Story Arcs

Yuri finds and destroys the Angel Player, the device that was used for creating the weapons, abilities, and even the shadows. Because of this act, most of the SSS are able to move on from the afterlife. 

During the graduation ceremony, Otonashi comments that she is acting more 'girl-like' than before. She receives a graduation diploma, which reads:

"For demonstrating the greatest dedication for the good of all. - Afterlife Battlefront."
Yuri shows a lot more emotions after this point, hugging Kanade and apologising for fighting with her. She comments that her and Kanade would have been great friends before saying her goodbyes and departing from the afterlife.

Powers & Abilities

Yuri shows formidable skills when it comes to firearms and hand-to-hand combat.  

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