Kanji ユーハバッハ
Rōmaji Yūhabahha
Aliases "A" - "The Almighty
Race Quincy
Gender Male
Occupations Emperor of the Wandenreich
Affiliations Wandenreich
Manga Bleach Chapter #484

Yhwach is the first true Quincy, as well as the father of all Quincy in existence. He serves as the Emperor of the mighty Wandenreich Empire, and is also the estranged son of the Soul King himself.


The man who would become Yhwach was born long ago, and as a baby, due to an unknown factor of his existence, he was left blind, deaf, mute and completely paralyzed. However Yhwach was unafraid of this, knowing that he will live on regardless of his current state. As a baby, Yhwach was treated differently than most, due to the fact that the people who touched him found themselves gaining something that they had previously lost or lacked, healing them of their ailments or problems. This was due to the fact that unlike normal Quincy, Yhwach possessed the ability to share out fragments of his own soul directly with others, which allowed them to heal wounds that their own souls were incapable of doing. During the healing process, the essence of that person was imprinted on the fragment of Yhwachs soul, and upon their death, that modified fragment returned to him.

Over time, many people came to see Yhwach, and over time he received more and more power back in return for the fragments of his own soul he gave out, eventually regaining his ability to hear. It was at this moment that he realized that the people around him had begun to call him by the strange name of “Yhwach”, which the small child later adopted as his own.

The events after this are largely unknown, however Yhwach is credited as the sole progenitor of all Quincy that have existed or currently exist in the world. At some point in history Yhwach learned of the ability to ingrain letters onto his Soul and the fragments, in order to share them out more deeply, granting unique powers to the individual who received the soul fragment. It was at this time Yhwach seemingly gave himself the letter of A, “The Almighty”, and took his place as the King and Emperor of the Wandenreich.

1000 Years prior to the current timeline, Yhwach attempted to attack the Soul Society, but was defeated in an unknown battle by then Captain Commander, Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, however Yhwach managed to survive the encounter through an unknown method and retreated to rebuild his own power having lose it due to an unknown event, falling into a deep slumber for 900 years. Upon awakening from his slumber, Yhwach waited a further 90 Years to regain his intellect. After the 90 year wait had concluded, Yhwach began to reclaim the power of all impure Quincy over the course of 9 years, making him responsible for the deaths of both Ichigo and Uryus mothers, Masaki Kurosaki, and Kanae Katagiri respectively, killing both of them with Auswählen and claiming their own power for himself. The only known survivor of this event was Uryuu Ishida, a man who would later become Yhwachs own successor.

Prior to the Invasion of the Soul Society, Yhwach went out and found the Quincy who would later become his Sternritter, gifting them with fragments of his own soul to heal their ailments and grant them incredible power. The most notable case was when Yhwach visited Äs Nödt, who had been hospitalized for an unknown reason, and gave him the chance to live. Yhwach also conquered Hueco Mundo, defeating the then ruler, Tier Harribel, himself, calling it the foundation stone for the true invasion of the Soul Society. He then began to send out Quincy to search for and capture Arrancar, in order to further strengthen his own growing army.

During the invasion of the Soul Society, Yhwach reveals the existence of a song once known as the “Kaiser Gesang”, which details the rise of a sealed king who would awaken after 900 years, reclaim his intellect after 90 years, reclaim his power after 9 years, and then reclaim the world after 9 days.


Yhwach was created by Tite Kubo to serve as the primary antagonist of the Thousand Years Blood War Arc, in his manga series Bleach. His first appearance was during the manga Volume 55, Chapter 484, The Buckbeard.

Character Evolution


Yhwachs appearance is that of a tall middle aged man, with a broad but long face, his eyes are seemingly a reddish-brown in color, and when using his ability “The Almighty” he is able to create multiple iris’ in his eyes. He has rather long black hair, mutton chops and a mustache that connects to them. His attire consists of a general Wandenreich officer’s outfit, including a pure white trench coat adorned with the Wandenreich Symbol, a pair of white trousers and large trench style boots. He compliments this attire with a large and somewhat tattered black cloak, which is fastened at the neck, however this is changed to a white variant during the second Invasion of the Soul Society.

When he was a child, Yhwachs appearance was relatively normal, having a long face with a more pointed chin, along with shorter but still unkempt black hair.

Oh-Etsu Nimaiya stated during the creation of Ichigos newly forged Zanpakuto that the being Ichigo had come to call Zangetsu actually took on the appearance of Yhwach back in his youth, the reason for this was to signify that the Zangetsu was actually the manifestation of Ichigos Quincy powers, as opposed to his Shinigami powers. His appearance during those years was that of a slightly younger man with a less pronounced set of facial hair and shorter hair in general.


Yhwachs personality is that of a man who despite his nature dislikes the usage of violence, preferring to end battles as quickly as possible to spare the pain and suffering that inevitably follows. His attitude towards his own subordinates can change at a moment’s notice depending on the situation, this is shown when he calls many of his subordinates his “children”, and then later beings to strip them of their powers in order to preserve his Elite Guard during his invasion of the Soul King Palace.

In spite of this, Yhwach is shown to be grateful of their sacrifices, thanking Royd Lloyd when he sacrificed his own life to distract Yamamoto during the first invasion to give Yhwach time to interact with the prisoner and Special War Potential, Sosuke Aizen., who was sealed in the lowest level of Muken under the Gotei 13s 1st division barracks.

Yhwach also displayed a great level of respect to the Gotei 13 from 1000 years prior to the current time line, claiming that the sight of them struck fear into him, and even calling the younger Yamamoto a “demon”, admiring his attitude to his subordinates back them as nothing more than expendable.

When faced with Arrancar, Yhwach is very brutal to even those in service to the Wandenreich itself, killing them without hesitation when he deems they have outlived their usefulness, and brutally murdering them should they begin to fight among one another. This murderous nature is seemingly ingrained into his being, as his true awakening from his 990 year exile caused the mass genocide of likely thousands of Quincy he deemed impure, killing them and granting their power to him so he could take his place once more as the Emperor of the Wandenreich.

Major Story Arcs

Thousand Years Blood War Arc

Yhwach is first seen when one of his Arrancar subordinates, Luders Friegen, returns from the Soul Society with a report. Upon his arrival Luders begins to argue with fellow Arrancar Asguiaro Ebern, however Yhwach quickly puts an end to this by swiftly destroying Luders arm and asks him to give his report. As Luders details information about the Soul Society, he proclaims that both they and the Gotei 13 will require 5 days to prepare for the upcoming war. Yhwach begins to question Luders on this proclamation, asking if he is a prophet because he can apparently predict future events. When Luders answers in the negative, Yhwach quickly decapitates him with a wave of his hand, stating that he wished to hear about current events and not future ones.

Turning back to Asguiaro he thanks him for stalling Ichigo in battle, and then proclaims that his usefulness has reached its end, claiming that Asguiaro will be a foundation stone for the empires peace upon his death, killing him swiftly too. As Yhwach begins to rise from his thrones, Jugram questions his actions, claiming the Arrancar required no training to fight, but Yhwach states that he doesn’t care about that, walking up a set of reishi stairs that formed behind his throne. Reaching the top of them and removing a curtain into a hidden room, Yhwach states that they can get as many Arrancar as they like, revealing a beaten and imprisoned Tier Harribel, chained up in the hidden room.

Jugram then picks up Asguiaro Eberns Quincy Wandenreich Medallion, noting that it had been used against Ichigo during their battle to try and take his Bankai, but failed to do so. Yhwach then stated that they would need to prepare and enact a special plan in order to take it, telling Jugram to get the Jagdarmee to scour Hueco Mundo for a few more Arrancar and force them into service.

Later during Ichigos battle with Quilge Opie, Yhwach notes that this is the perfect time to begin their invasion of the Soul Society, as they will be without a powerful ally for a great deal of time. Standing, Yhwach commands that all the Sternritter be notified immediately about the invasion as they prepare to invade.

Yhwach is not seen again until the invasion of the Soul Society is fully underway, appearing in the sky above a group of Shinigami, which included Ryunosuke Yuki, and swiftly killing many of them. Upon the death of Hidetomo Kajomaru, the squad loses their will to fight, Yhwach allows Jugram to spare the survivors if he deems it the gentlest choice.

Yhwach disappears once more and then resurfaces towards the end of the invasion, shortly after Yamamoto defeated who he believed at that time to be the real Yhwach. Yamamoto realizing too late that the person he had killed was in fact Royd Lloyd and not Yhwach himself, the 1st division barracks was destroyed violently in a powerful column of energy behind him. Turning out of fear for his subordinates, Yhwach suddenly appears at Yamamotos back, and begins to thank Royd for his service before proceeding to obliterate his body completely with a Holy Arrow. Yamamoto asked Yhwach what he had been doing all this time, to which Yhwach told him that he had been to meet Sosuke Aizen below the 1st Division Barracks. Yhwach further explained that his purpose in doing so was to try and get Aizen to join the Wandenreich as one of their Special War Potentials, however he stated Aizen refused his offer.

After insulting Yamamoto by asking if he had expended all his power fighting Royd, Yamamoto preceded to active his Bankai once more, but Yhwach sealed it instantly inside his own medallion, much to Yamamotos shock. Yhwach explained to him that, his hypothesis about how they are able to seal Bankai was incorrect, stating that he is the only person powerful enough to control Zanka no Tachi, which is why he ordered Royd not to take any action against Yamamoto until he had returned from Muken. Mocking Yamamoto once more, stating that he could raise Yamamotos own dead underlings with Zanka no Tachi to kill him, Yamamoto attempts to attack once more, but Yhwach summons a large bow in the air above him, which fires a large broadsword into the ground beside him. Yhwach removes the broadsword from the ground, and proceeds to say farewell to the Captain Commander, as he swiftly cuts him from shoulder to hip diagonally through his body.

With Yamamoto defeated and lying on the ground, Yhwach berates him one last time, calling him pitiful before attempting to leave the field of battle. However Yamamoto, in one last act of defiance, grabs the end of his cloak and pulls him back slightly. Yhwach however swiftly cuts through Yamamotos wrist, freeing himself once more as he proceeds to mock Yamamoto further, calling him weak compared to his more violent self from 1000 years ago. He explained the reason why Yamamoto was never considered to become one of the Special War Potentials, and that during the last 1000 years, he has allowed himself and the entire Gotei 13 to become complacent in the face of peace. Yhwach then states to him that the Soul Society will not last much longer, and will soon be completely destroyed, but notes that the real Gotei 13 died 1000 years ago already, as he proceeds to destroy what remained of Yamamotos beaten body with an innumerable amount of Holy Arrows.

After Yamamoto had perished, Yhwach ordered Jugram to command the Sternritter to call forth the Soldat and reduce what remained of the Soul Society to rubble, watching on as the solders of the Wandenreich lay waste to the Soul Society. Yhwach then proclaims that this was the end of their first step, noting that the main force of the Gotei 13 is completely decimated and their home is largely destroyed, telling Jugram that the Royal Guard would soon be upon them and that retreating and waiting for their arrival would be the best course of action. However at that moment a large explosion in the sky behind him shocks Yhwach, as he realizes that the reiatsu of this new threat is none other than Ichigo Kurosaki. Jugram asks for Yhwachs permission to eliminate him, however Yhwach denies him, stating that they are leaving now regardless. However before he can take a step, Ichigo throws his Tensa Zangetsu into the ground before Yhwach, and stops him in his tracks as Ichigo arrives in front of them both to do battle.

Yhwach proceeds to commend Ichigo for escaping Quilges Jail, but then wonders if Ichigo plans on fighting him in his current state. Ichigo however bluntly asks him if he is the one who reduced the Soul Society to this state, and Yhwach enthusiastically confirms that he is indeed the one who destroyed the Soul Society. This revelation causes Ichigo to erupt in a violent display of power, and Yhwach states that they have no choice now but to crush him in battle. Ichigo at that moment attempted to kill them both with a Getsuga Tensho, but Yhwach emerges from it revealing that he easily blocked the attack, and then he proceeded to slam Ichigo directly into the ground with a single hand, and drive his ornate long sword straight into Ichigo’s neck, dealing the fatal blow.

Yhwach then turns back to Jugram having dealt with Ichigo, and tells him to bring the body back with them, they can proceed to resurrect him and force him to join the Wandenreich, to which Jugram agrees. However before they get the chance to do so, Ichigo is revealed to still be alive, thanks to his Quincy powers awakening just in the nick of time to stop Yhwachs final blow. The area once again erupts violently due to Ichigos power, and the vicinity is destroyed in a large explosion, however Yhwach once again emerges unscathed.

Wondering about what he had just witnessed, Yhwach proceeds to attacking Ichigo once again, and manages to destroy a small section of his sleeve, revealing the Blut Vene running up his arm. Yhwach notes that it was a mistake to send a pure blooded Quincy to stop him, stating that he should have sent one of the Arrancar instead, telling Ichigo that his dormant Quincy powers had awakened ahead of schedule because of his exposure to Quincy energy. Yhwach then realizes how Ichigo managed to escape for Quilges Jail, noting that it was incapable of containing a Quincy. Ichigo somewhat shocked by this, demands answers, to which Yhwach tells him he knows absolutely nothing about himself or even his own mother. Regretting that he was unable to take him back without force, Yhwach resolves to beat him into submission and drag him back to the Silburn so he can reveal the information to him. Ichigo once again demands answers, but Yhwach proceeds to attack with a vicious assault. Before he could deliver the final blow to Ichigo however, Yhwachs arm is suddenly enveloped in shadows, as Jugram states that their time outside of the Schatten Bereich is up. Yhwach realizes at that moment that Aizen managed to through off his perception of time.

Standing down, Yhwach begins to leave, however Ichigo screams out after him and prepares to launch an attack against Yhwachs back, but Jugram intervenes quickly and destroys Tensa Zangetsu with a single swing of his own sword. Jugram then turns with Yhwach and leaves through a shadowy portal, with Yhwach telling Ichigo to heal up and wait from his return, calling him his “son born in the dark” as he departs from the ruined Soul Society.

A few days after the first invasion of the Soul Society, Yhwach greets Uryuu Ishida, the newly recruited member of the Wandenreich, and later on that evening at a meeting of the Sternritter Officers and the Wandenreich Soldat, Yhwach stands before all of his subordinates and proclaims that Uryuu is to be his successor and heir to the Wandenreich. The news causes a discord between the Sternritter and Soldat, but Yhwach reassures them that they will all come to see just how powerful Uryuu is during the upcoming battles. After the meeting had concluded, Yhwach brings Uryuu into his chambers and conducts the Schrift giving ceremony with him, telling him that his true power will awaken soon. Yhwach proceeds to tell Uryuu that he will bestow upon him the letter A, his own letter, marking him as his true successor. When Uryuu questions why he was chosen to become his successor out of all the other Sternritter, Yhwach asked him how he is still alive, Further explain that when he reclaimed his power 9 years prior, Auswählen killed all impure Quincys and granted their power to him, all except for Uryuu. He further explains that he named Uryuu his successor due to the fact that he has been the only person in history to survive the Auswählen, theorizing that Uryus power is potentially greater than his own, and that was why he was chosen.

Yhwach does not appear again until the Wandenreich begin the second invasion of the Soul Society, this time causing the entirety of the Seireitei to vanish into the shadows and be replaced with the Silburn and all the buildings that existed in the Schatten Bereich. Yhwach, along with Jugram and Uryuu stand onto of a building, proclaiming the second invasion a success, as he asks Uryuu if he is aware of the song “Kaiser Gesang”. After Uryuu confirmed that he was aware of it, Yhwach tells him that there is another verse to it, stating that the sealed king would regain the world after 9 days, telling both of them to follow him, stating that the world will come to an end in 9 days.

As the invasion gets underway, Yhwach explains how they managed to invade the Soul Society in the first place and cause the Seireitei to switch out with the area inside the Schatten Bereich, claiming that the Quincy from 1000 years ago escaped into the last place the Shinigami would think to look, creating their own world in the shadows of the Seireitei, which is the reason they named themselves the Wandenreich or the “Hidden Empire”.

Later on, as the Captains begin to reclaim their stolen Bankai through the Shin’eiyaku supplied by Kisuke Urahara, Yhwach tells Uryuu that he had already predicted this turn of events as he watched many of his Sternritter release their Quincy: Vollstandig in retaliation to the threat.

Later still, Sternritter members BG9 and Cang Du are revived by the mass release of the Quincy: Vollstandig and brought before Yhwach due to having failed in their attempts to kill their targets. As Yhwach beings to judge the failed Sternritter, BG9 pleads with him to spare their lives so that they may once again return to battle in his name, however Yhwach tells him that he was lucky to have survived at all, as Jugram stepped forward and proceeded to kill them both.

After the death of Mask De Masculine in the line of duty, Yhwach feels his soul and the soul of James return to him again, and as the sun rises marking the start of a new day, Yhwach gives thanks to all the souls that have died so that he could maintain his senses. Later on during the same day, Yhwach bore witness to the meteorite summoned by Gremmy Thoumeaux in his attempt to kill Kenpachi Zaraki, and then shortly after that the arrival of Ichigo from the Soul King Palace set in motion the next step of his plan, telling Jugram and Uryuu to prepare.

Standing atop a large tower in the middle of the Seireitei, Yhwach watches Ichigo battle his Sternritter before telling Jugram to summon the key, which causes a six-sided star to appear on the ground beneath them, followed by a bright beam of light that shoots straight into the sky. Yhwach then begins to speak to Ichigo directly, and tells him that the clothes that he is currently wearing are made from the hair and bones of the Royal Guard themselves, and because of this, they contain an incredible level of defensive power which is absolutely required to break through the 72 Barriers that protect the Soul King Palace. He further explains that due to Ichigo breaking through those barriers, he has inadvertently caused them to temporarily shut down, and that they will not come back up for 6000 seconds, thanking Ichigo for finally giving him his window to invade the Soul King Palace directly.

Ichigo attempts to approach Yhwach in an effort to stop him from departing, but Uryuu stops his advance with one of his Holy Arrows. Yhwachs watches Uryuu attack Ichigo once more, however the attack is blocked by the arrival of Orihime and Chad. Yhwach then asks if Uryuu has said his farewells, noting that this is the last chance he will ever have, and after Uryuu affirms that he is finished, both he, Uryuu and Jugram rise up high into the sky following the column of light left by “the key”, and depart the Soul Society in a violent explosion. Shortly after their departure from the Soul Society, Yhwach and his company finally manage breach into the heart of the Soul King Palace, setting foot onto the main entrance platform, Yhwach looked out towards the Central Soul King Palace and prepared to begin the final assault against the Spirit King directly.

Starting the invasion of the Soul King Palace, Yhwach summons a small group of Soldat from his shadow, however they are quickly dispatched by the arrival of Royal Guard member Tenjiro Kirinji. A short battle ensues, with Tenjiro utilizing his Shikai, Kinpika against Yhwach but to no avail. Yhwach, having evaded all of Tenjiros attacks, simply proceeds further into the Soul King palace unimpeded until he is confronted by Senjumaru Shutara, who greats Yhwach briefly before sending her soldiers to attack him. They too however are incapable of landing a blow on him much to her shock and confusion, however Yhwach then summons Nianzol Weizol from out of his shadow, making his presence known to the Royal Guards woman.

Yhwach watches as Nianzol battles with Senjumaru and her solders before finally being defeated by her. Focusing his power against the Royal Guard once more, Yhwach summons more of his Soldat to engage Senjumarus soldiers, while also summoning his Elite Guard, Sternritter members Gerard Valkyrie, Pernida Parnkgjas, Lille Barro and Askin Nakk Le Vaar, to do battle with the Royal Guard themselves. Yhwach then watches as Oh-Etsu Nimaiya single handily confronts and defeats his Elite Guard, before turning his attention to Yhwach himself. Yhwach quickly activates his ability Auswählen, to strip the remaining power of those Sternritter left in the Soul Society, and distribute their power among his fallen Elite, resurrecting them once more from death so that they could continue to fight in his name. Upon their resurrection, the Elite begin to fight back and overpower the Royal Guard, Pernida however uses its power to breach through the Cage of Life, allowing Yhwach passage into the heart of the Soul King Palace, where he meets the final obstacle in his path, Ichibē Hyōsube. Yhwach kindly asks him to stand aside so that he can pass, only for Ichibē stand and prepare himself to do battle with Yhwach, telling him to be careful of speaking his name so casually, as it will likely crush his throat.

Ichibē quickly gets to work drawing a set of lines on the ground, stating to Yhwach that he will defeat him between them, Yhwach however mocks Ichibē claiming he will be dead 3 steps before them. Ichibē however begins his attack, as a massive hand made of pure energy blasts him far away from the palace and out into the void, as Ichibē explains that the nature of the ability is to move his target 1000 ri away from their previous location. Yhwach attempts to counter, but finds himself unable to talk, before Ichibē appears above him and hits him once more. Yhwach however stops his fall with Sankt Bogen, shooting a Holy Arrow through his own chest, and appearing behind Ichibē once more ready to continue their battle.

Ichibē laments that Yhwach must now be killed, drawing his large brush out to do battle with him, resulting a short exchange of blows, until Yhwach blocks one of Ichibēs attacks with his arm and suddenly finds himself unable to use it properly. Ichibē begins to explain the power of his Brush, stating that it has the power to cut the name of things and reduce their power by half of the original value before “cutting” Yhwach once more, straight down the center of his body. Mockingly, Ichibē asked what Yhwach thinks about being cut to pieces, only for Yhwach to retort as he starts to gather power around himself and return the power he had lost to Ichibē.

Quickly, Yhwach starts an attack of his own, however Ichibē effortlessly blocks it and counters with a powerful Kido, Hyapporankan. Yhwach once more on the defensive activates his skill Blut Anhaben, creating a large dome shaped shield around himself, protecting his body from the Kido. Ichibē however utilizes another kido, Sannodo –Teppusatsu, which ruptures the shield Yhwach had created and allows him to grab Yhwach by the throat. However, before he can realize his mistake, Yhwach uses the hidden ability of Blut Anhaben, and begins to consume Ichibē by summoning ever growing black veins of power over his arm and body. However the attack fails to succeed, as Ichibē manages to overpower if completely and deal a serious blow against Yhwach in the process forcing him back a short distance, giving Ichibē the time to finally activate his Shikai, Ichimonji.

Yhwach is shocked by its release, as he fails to sense any reiatsu coming from it, however the two begin to exchange attacks with one another regardless, causing Ichimonji to spray black ink everywhere. Suddenly Yhwach loses his power once more, which causes Ichibē to explain the nature of Ichimonji, stating that whatever the black ink touches loses both its name and its power. Yhwach attempts to take back his power once more with Sankt Altar, but Ichibē manages to completely shrug off the Quincy Spell, stating that his Shikai allows him to control the power of darkness and Yhwach will be incapable of taking his power, covering Yhwachs entire body in black ink with a single swing.

Ichibē begins to mock the shocked and frozen Yhwach about losing his name and power, before activating his Bankai, Shirafude Ichimonji, which allows him to change the name of anything he has first covered in black ink, renaming Yhwach as “Black Ant”, before smashing him through the walkway on which they stood with a giant reishi foot, and finally squashing him between two giant reishi hands, bidding him farewell in the process. In spite of this however, Yhwach laughs at the Royal Guardsman and erupts in power once more, destroying a large section of the walkway and appearing behind the stunned Ichibē and firing a Holy Arrow into his chest finally showing his unique power and schrift “A” - “The Almighty”.

Yhwach explains his power to Ichibē, noting that with “The Almighty” he is capable of seeing far into the future while also fully understanding and gaining control over the powers that he has personally seen with his own eyes, making him virtually nigh invincible in combat. Defiantly Ichibē tries one final attempt on his life by activating his ability Futendaisatsuryo, say that he had stolen 100 nights from the Soul Society’s future to form the basis of the attack and stating that it will reduce Yhwach to absolutely nothing, leaving him incapable of reincarnation. Before Ichibē is able to use the power however, Yhwach tells him once again that he is capable of predicting the future, exclaiming loudly that he had regained his name of Yhwach and tells Ichibē that he is the one who is going to take everything away from him, before swiftly and effortlessly blowing Ichibēs body to pieces.

With the Royal Guard decimated, and nobody left to stand in his way, Yhwach breached through the seal Ichibē had placed to inhibit his access to the Central Soul King Palace and made his way into the palace itself for the chamber of the Soul King. Upon finally arriving in the Soul Kings chamber, having killed the many attendants trying to guard him, Yhwach stabbed the soul king through his chest, revealing in the process that he is actually the son of the Soul King himself. However before he could celebrate his victory, Ichigo Kurosaki and his team arrive on the balcony of the Soul Kings chambers and prepare to engage him in battle.

Turning to face them, Yhwach noted that he knew they would come and began to recount the details of their own arrival in the Soul Palace to them, unnerving the group. Yhwach then told them that they had arrived too late to stop him, before stepping to the side revealing the impaled remains of the Soul King at his back. Yhwach then bore witness as Ichigo jumped into action and rushed past him and to the Soul king in an effort to remove the sword and save his life, however Yhwach urged Ichigo to do so, muttering under his breath that he should bring about the destruction of the Soul Society with his own hands. At that moment, Ichigo removed the sword the Soul king and his entire right arm became enveloped in Blut Vene, prompting Yhwach to explain that due to the Quincy blood flowing in his body, Ichigo simply can't permit the existence of the Soul King, and at that moment Ichigo viciously attacked the Soul King with Yhwachs blade, severing him straight through his chest.

Yhwach begins to enlighten Ichigo further as to his own abilities and why Ichigo attacked the Soul King, however his speech is cut short when Ichigo once against jumps into action, drawing his blade against Yhwach and attacking him. Yhwach manages to block the attack, and begins to question Ichigos actions, noting that he has failed already and therefore has no reason to continue to fight against him. Yhwach repels Ichigo and explains to him what the Soul Kings true purpose is and what will happen now that he has fallen, however as he was explaining this to Ichigo, he became somewhat shocked as he noticed that he was now completely surrounded by razor wires, placed by Yoruichi who then called out for Orihime to heal the Soul King. However before she could heal the Soul King, her Soten Kisshun completely shattered, prompting Yhwach to tell them that the Soul king is beyond her powers of healing and that nothing can save his life now.

However his victory is short lived when Yhwach is shocked to witness the Right Hand of the Soul King himself, Mimihagi, arise from the depths of the ruined Seireitei, thanks to the sacrifice of Jushiro Ukitake, and grasp onto the remains to the Soul King, preserving his existence and stabilizing the world once more. Yhwach angered by this revelation begins to question what the Right Hand of the Soul King is doing protecting them, demanding answers from the disembodied hand. Yhwach quickly begins to take action against Mimihagi by attacking the black spiritual arm directly himself, but his attempts are blocked by Ichigo who gives Yoruichi enough time to step in and seal up Mimihagi and the remains of the Soul King in a protective barrier, stating all the while that they can continue to exist in this form to keep the world stabilized. Yhwach begins to question Ichigo again as to why he is still fighting so hard against him, telling Ichigo he is arrogant if he believes he is the only person who can stop him. Ichigo however tells Yhwach that it's not in his nature to turn away from people in need of help irrespective of whether he can win or not, before attacking Yhwach with a powerful Getsuga Tensho, blowing out a large section of the Central Soul King Palace in the process. Yhwach however emerges unscathed and reminds Ichigo that this battle will simply be decided by his eyes.

Yhwach tells Ichigo that he never planned on forcing him to follow his will, and when Ichigo inquires as to his meaning, Yhwach reveals that until now all of his training and growth was solely to lead him to the moment where he killed the Soul King. Yhwach also noted that this benefited him greatly due to the blood that they both share, however Ichigo launches into another attack which Yhwach easily fends off and blocks his attacks. Yhwach attempts to urge Ichigo into attacking him once more, however before Ichigo manages to land the attack, Yoruichi is suddenly shot in the back by a Holy Arrow from Uryuu himself, causing her to lose focus and concentration, resulting in the barrier protecting Mimihagi and the remains of the Soul King to erupt into pieces around them.

Exposed once more, Yhwach takes action once again, blasting Ichigo away from himself with great force and moved towards Mimihagi and the Soul King, intent of destroying Mimihagi and ending the world once more. However Yoruichi begins to throw small explosive orbs at Yhwach in an attempt to slow him down. Yhwach simply standing in the path of the explosives calls out for Pernida, who suddenly appears behind Yoruichi and utilizes his power of “The Compulsory” to warp Yoruichis left arm, causing the bones to break violently. Using this chance, Yhwach then quickly blasted Yoruichi straight out of the Central Soul king Palace with a simple gesture and proceeded to rip Mimihagi away for the remains of the Soul King, causing the slow destruction of the world to begin once again.

Powers and Abilities


As the first Quincy and son of the Soul King, Yhwach is likely one of the strongest entities in the entire world. His skill in battle is proven to be extremely high, being capable of fighting toe to toe with both Yamamoto and Ichibē, both highly accomplished and powerful Shinigami of legend, and emerging victorious in both instances due to his superior skill set. As a Quincy, Yhwach has shown an aptitude in Reishi manipulation and formation, being able to flawlessly execute Holy Arrows and other various high level Quincy techniques and spells with high efficiency and speed in battle. His Holy Arrows in particular are shown to be incredibly powerful and destructive, capable of vaporizing holes straight into the earth itself, and obliterating an entire human body should he wish it. Physically speaking, he has shown a high level of durability, endurance, speed and strength, being able to not only take Ichigos Getsuga Tensho point blank, but then go on to completely overpower the gifted Shinigami with his physical strength alone. His speed and endurance were shown during his battle with the Royal Guard Commander Ichibē Hyōsube. He was capable of fighting on par with Ichibē, despite being at a disadvantage for the majority of his battle.

His usage of high level Quincy spells and techniques are notable. Such examples include his usage of Blut Anhaben, a high level variation of the basic Quincy defensive art Blut Vene, in which he was able to extend the general protection granted by Blut Vene outside of his own body to create a dome like shield around himself. Another instance showing his high degree of skill was when he utilized Sankt Altar, a seemingly high level Quincy spell or ability, which allowed him to absorb and unknown amount of power from the intended target and gift it to himself in order to increase his strength.

Another testament to his incredible level of power is his ability to both gift and take power from the Quincy he has created. He discovered sometime around the formation of the Wandenreich, that he was able to share out his very soul more deeply with his subjects, granting them unique abilities that are linked to a specific letter that he engraves on the fragment of his soul he is gifting. Yhwach is able to reclaim these fragments upon either the death of the Quincy who had it, or through force with his power Auswählen. In both cases, Yhwach gains back a fragment that has been augmented by the soul of the Quincy, granting him both power and knowledge, as well as allowing him to retain his basic senses for a longer period of time. It is noted however that this is more than just a boost in power for Yhwach, as he must continue to absorb these augmented fragments lest he will regress to his early vestigial state and lose all his senses in the process.

As far as basic weaponry goes, Yhwach has been shown to utilize both the standard Quincy Bow, and at least two bladed weapons in combat. Both the Reishi Bow and his first bladed weapon appear when Yhwach himself confronted Yamamoto personally after Royds defeat. Summoning a large Reishi Bow above his head and firing a Holy Arrow into the ground nearby, which turned out to be his large Reishi Broadsword. The appearance of this sword is notable in that it lacks any real detail, only being shown as a rather large blade made or pure unrefined Reishi, the power of which was great enough to cleave Captain Commander Yamamoto in two effortlessly.

His second bladed weapon is first shown by Royd when he was impersonating Yhwach during his confrontation with Yamamoto, but Yhwach personally displayed it's usage shortly after this, when engaging Ichigo, and later once again when he entered into the Soul King Palace. This time the blade looked far more curved and ornate, similar to a Chinese Dadao, with a long handle and a winged cross guard. The extent and power of this particular sword is currently unknown, but it's more than likely a very powerful weapon in the hands of Yhwach.

Despite being a Quincy, Yhwach has yet to display the usage of the powerful Quincy: Vollstandig.


Blut Vene - A skill inherently known by all pure blooded Quincy. By allowing reishi to flow through their veins, a Quincy is able to dramatically bolster their defense to levels where they are able to fend off direct attacks from a Captains Shikai. The defense is not completely absolute however, as sufficient power is able to tear through it, such as power from a Bankai or by a sufficiently powerful individual.

Blut Anhaben - A high level variation of Blut Vene, in which Yhwach is able to extend the protective nature of Blut Vene outside of his own body, and allows him to project energy based shield(s) around his entire body. The shield itself is incredibly powerful compared to the basic Blut Vene, being able to block high level Kido used by a powerful Royal Guard member near effortlessly. The shield itself has the hidden ability to consume everything around or near it in order to sustain itself. When something is affected by this power, the Vene pattern begins to extend across the surface of the foreign object and starts to absorb it.

Blut Arterie - The counter to Blut Vene, a skill inherently known by all pure blooded Quincy. By flowing reishi through their arteries‘, a Quincy is able to boost their damage potential to incredible levels. Very little else is known about this skill, but it's said to be the only way a Quincy is able to deal sufficient and decent damage to a Bankai wielding Shinigami.

Soul Distribution - Yhwachs most basic power is his unique ability to share his own soul out with others, healing them of their ailments or granting them incredible powers. As a child, Yhwach was born blind, deaf, mute and paralysed, however he began to use this innate ability unbeknownst to himself, as those touched him were miraculously healed of their illnesses. This was due to the fact that Yhwach was actually giving out small fragments of his own soul to those who touched him, which would in turn latch themselves onto the soul of another and begin to heal the physical, mental or spiritual damage their own soul was unable to. However the true power of his Soul Distribution is that the fragment of Yhwachs soul would then begin to "leech" and absorb all of their knowledge and power, and upon that persons death, this augmented fragment would return to Yhwach and grant him power, effectively healing himself of his own disabilities. Sometime during the formation of the Wandenreich Empire, Yhwach discovered a new way to share his soul out more deeply with his followers, by taking a fragment of his soul and engraving a letter into it, he was able to bestow out a more powerful fragment to others, granting them incredible abilities in the process, though the nature of how these abilities came to be is currently unknown. To achieve this, Yhwach would begin a blood ritual, in which the person in question would drink his own blood, thereby taking that altered fragment into their being. This ability is also the very lifeblood for Yhwachs existence however, as he must continue to absorb the augmented fragments he gives out, else his body return to its crippled state, rendering his blind, deaf, mute and paralysed once more. The absorption of one of his altered fragments seemingly grants him increased power and longevity, while also retaining the basic power to keep his senses intact.

Auswählen - A skill linked directly to his Soul Distribution, in which Yhwach is able to forcibly re-absorb the power he has gifted out, by stripping any Quincy of their power. Generally he uses this power 900 years after his slumber, selectively targeting Quincy’s of impure blood, and stripping them of their power in order to restore his own. Yhwach is also able to utilize this power freely, by charging his hands with Reishi, he sends out multiple powerful beams of energy which strike down upon those who are targeted and strip them of their gifted power. This process tends to be almost always fatal, and in some cases even stripping the very flesh from the bones of those hit by the beams, however there are some instances in which the target can survive, but is heavily weakened due to the extraction of their power. Another added perk to this skill is that Yhwach can essentially redistribute this power among his fallen soldiers in order to revive them and allow them to continue fighting in his name. He displayed this sub-skill when he sacrificed the lower ranked Sternritter still fighting the Soul Society as fuel for his Elite Force in the Soul King Palace after they had been killed by Royal Guardsman Oh-Etsu Nimaiya.

Power Restoration - Another skill linked directly to his Soul Distribution, Yhwach is able to use the souls of those he has absorbed to grant himself power should his own be taken from him. This technique was shown on two occasions. Once when Ichibē removed his voice him for speaking his name, which Yhwach managed to restore by plunging his fingers through his throat and channelling Reishi through it, restoring his ability to speak in the process. The second occasion was when Ichibē once again stripped him of power, having his Zanpakuto, Ichimonji, half Yhwachs overall strength. Yhwach was able to restore this lost power by summoning Reishi bands or ribbons, which were inscribed with roman letters, and absorbed them into his being once again.

Sankt Altar - Upon activation of this skill, Yhwach summons multiple large orbs made from Reishi around his intended target, which then join together with powerful concentrated beams of energy, using the target as the centre, conveniently forming the 5 pointed star of the Quincy faith, the Quincy Zeichen . The intended result is for Yhwach to absorb the power of the target and take it for himself. However the full extent and intricacies of this ability is unknown, as it was countered by Ichibē before he could have his power taken from him.

Sankt Bogen - Sankt Bogen is a highly enhanced combination of the basic Reishi Bow and Holy Arrows. Yhwach is able to summon an incredibly large Reishi Bow armed with multiple Holy Arrows in his general vicinity. He utilized the incredible power of this Bow to counter the downward force of Ichibēs Senri Tsutensho, launching himself back to the Soul King Palace when Ichibē attempted to send him back down through the 72 Barriers and into the Soul Society once more.

The Almighty - Signified by the letter "A", "The Almighty" is the specialized power that was granted to the Quincy Emperor Yhwach through currently unknown circumstances. The full extent and limitations of this ability are largely unknown, but upon activation of The Almighty, Yhwachs iris begins to split apart, eventually splitting into a minimum of 3 different irises. When this power is activated, Yhwach is granted the gift of foresight and insight, being able to not only predict the future of all he sees, but also understanding the opponents attacks and powers, effectively rendering them useless against him. This power was also seemingly able to grant him the power to briefly control the Zanpakuto of Ichibē Hyousube, killing him violently with the very ink he ingested to kill Yhwach in the first place. The ability is seemingly permanent upon activation, as Yhwach has currently not shown the capability of turning it off. It also had the drawback of being unusable during the awakening period of his existence and the early days of the war, as he was unable to activate The Almighty prior to having fully regained his power after the 9 years he had to wait, else he would have completely lost control over it and destroyed the Sternritters in the process. As has been said the extent of this foresight and insight has yet to be discovered, but it grants Yhwach a clear advantage in combat against anyone he should face.

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