Yamuraiha main image
Kanji ヤムライハ
Rōmaji Yamuraiha
Aliases Yamuraiha
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 158 cm
Weight 49 kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
Occupations General
Affiliations Sindria
Magnostadt (Former)
Teams Sindria's Eight Generals
Relatives Matal Mogamett (Adopted Father)
Manga Magi of Labyrinth: Volume #8: Chapter #77
Anime Magi Episode #18
Japanese Yui Horie
English Carrie Keranen

Yamuraiha is a gifted sorcerer who is one of Sinbad's Eight Generals.


Yamraiha was born into a clan under the Musta'sim Royal Family. However when she was young, Matal Mogamett kidnapped Yamraiha but without malicious intent. Mogamett actually took her because she was born as a magician and was likely to have been killed for that reason. She became a star student at Magnostadt Academy founded by Mogamett and he became a sort of father figure to Yamraiha.

Some time later, Yamraiha met King Sinbad who gained her trust and admiration and she left Magnostadt to serve under him.


Yamuraiha Initial Design
Yamraiha is created by Shinobu Ohtaka as a supporting character in the Magi franchise. Shinobu Ohtaka has some previous designs for Yamraiha where the character originally had black hair, curved horns, and a long sleeved robe that reveals her cleavage. Her original design did not include sea shells that cover her bosom. She first appears in volume 8: chapter 77 and episode 18. She is voiced by Yui Horie.


Not much about Yamraiha's character has changed since her introduction. She remains a mage loyal to Sindria and the proud mentor of Aladdin.


Yamraiha is a young woman of relatively small stature with fair skin and is noted for her beauty. She has long sky blue hair and blue eyes. She is well endowed despite her small frame. She wears cones that look like horns behind her ears and uses large sea shells to cover her chest rather than garments for the majority of the time. She is always seen wearing her large pointed mage hat and carrying her staff.


Yamraiha is a pleasant and kind person to be around. She does however has a specific rivalry with her comrade and fellow General of Sindria Sharrkan.


  • Sinbad - Probably the person that Yamraiha admires the most. She voluntarily left Magnostadt in order to serve as a General under Sinbad
  • Aladdin - Her apprentice mage. She acted as Aladdin's teacher and the two formed a close bond, Aladdin showing perhaps a bit too much "affection" initially, but Yamraiha returns the affection in a more motherly type of way.
  • Mogamett - Her father figure and mentor. Despite the fact that Yamraiha was abducted at a young age by Mogamett, it was for her own sake that he did so given the probability of her getting killed for being born a magician. She was taught and mentored by Mogamett until the time that she left Magnostadt for Sindria to serve Sinbad.
  • Sharrkan - Her ally and rival. They bicker and compete as fellow generals trying to prove to one another that their art is superior, Yamraiha's magic or Sharrkan's swordsmanship.

Story Arcs

Sindria Arc

Upon Yamraiha meeting Aladdin for the first time, she was introduced by Sinbad as one of his generals and Aladdin's new teacher. But the young Magi immediately runs to her and gropes her breasts, which Yamraiha did not take kindly to. She tells Aladdin to show her his current level of magic and she was very impressed at his potential. They begin training right away.

After some time, Yamraiha and Aladdin witness Sharrkan, another one of Sinbad's generals defeat one of the Southern Creatures. This man was to be Alibaba's fencing master. Yamraiha and Sharrkan get into childish bickering. Yamraiha claiming that magic was a superior art to swordsmanship and Sharrkan arguing the opposite, saying his swordsmanship was the greater of the two.

Over the next few days she continued to train Aladdin, who's progress was limited. At his request, Yamraiha decided to try and teach Aladdin one of her own spells despite her affinity being water, and Aladdin's strongest being flame.

When Prince Hakuryuu and Princess Kougyoku of the Kou Empire arrive at Sindria, they meeting did not start off well and Sinbad was accused of sleeping with Kougyoku while she slept. Sinbad was not pleased and ordered Yamraiha to use her magic to show what happened that night. Yamraiha was reluctant to do so given Sinbad's reputation as a womanizer. She was not at all confident that Sinbad was innocent and she could only show what truly had taken place. She used Sharrar Raqesa, a technique that allowed the past to be seen. Everyone present viewed the events and indeed Sinbad was innocent of any wrongdoing. It was in fact Kougyoku's servant Koubun Ka who was present, that was in fact responsible. But he was forgiven as he was a close friend to Kougyoku and Hakuryuu apologized for the embarrassing accusations against Sinbad, a King and their host.

In the near future, Sinbad called upon Yamraiha, Sharrkan and Masrur, the teachers of Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana respectively, asking about their pupil's progress. Yamraiha said that Aladdin was stronger than before. After hearing of their positive progress, Sinbad then ordered that the three pupils go and conquer their second dungeon.

Zagan Arc

Yamraiha, Sharrkan and Masrur are sent by Sinbad as a precaution in case Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana and Hakuryuu who accompanied the trio were attacked by Al Sarmen. Their suspicions were correct. They arrived in the nick of time to save their pupils from brutal death. Sharrkan forced them to release their pupils and Yamraiha caught Aladdin in her arms. After affectionately reassuring Aladdin that they would defeat Al- Sarmen, Yamraiha takes on Apollinus, also a mage. His light magic was powerful but he was in for an unpleasant experience. Yamraiha's bolg was shattered by the beams but they were weak against her water as it could easily reflect light. When Apollinus used his extreme magic, it was reflected right back at him, causing his death. Likewise, Sharrkan and Masrur brutally defeat their opponents and they carried their weak pupils and Hakuryuu back to Sindria.

Powers & Abilities

Yamraiha is skilled in water magic.

  • Bolg:

A defensive barrier used by mages. It can block out evil as well as attacks physical in nature. It does have a limit but is a sound defense nonetheless, especially since mages are usually weak physically.


  • Sharrar Rasqeda:

A technique that allows the user all sorts of clairvoyant vision. It allows Yamraiha to see places both too far for the eye to see, as well as events that took place in the past.

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