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World of Buxom is a trope. When large is standard and the majority of female characters are big-breasted, usually with very few exceptions.


It should be noted that this trope is not simply about a group of buxom women in a series. Anime and manga adhering to this trope feature female casts with the vast majority having large breasts, including protagonists, antagonists and even background characters, making it appear as though that is the norm for female characters.

Anime & Manga

This trope is often used in Ecchi anime and manga as a major selling point. Sometimes, it's simply an artistic preference of the creator, Fairy Tail being a prime example. Some anime and manga fans even consider "big boobs" an entire genre of its own.

Even in a world of buxom women, there are sometimes exceptions, including the occasional Lolita or Pettanko character, as well as any female characters who have simply not yet developed. These characters in such an environment often stand out and may be teased by the other characters, leading to Breast Envy. However, sometimes a character's smaller size works to her advantage, particularly in harem-themed series in which the lead male prefers girls on the more petite side.

The Gainax Bounce trope often comes hand-in-hand with World of Buxom.

Notable Examples

  • Sekirei, with the exception of a small handful of characters, features women with very large breasts that are on display in most episodes of the anime. Breasts are so prominent in this anime that FUNimation used it as a selling point in advertisements for it's home disc releases.
  • Fairy Tail's cast of female characters are almost all very buxom, with Lucy, Erza, Mirajane, Cana, Juvia, Evergreen and many other characters having similarly large breasts while Wendy and Levy are the main exceptions. Being a shonen series however, breasts aren't given anywhere near as much focus as they are in ecchi series, and are used for comic relief almost as much as for fan service.
  • Highschool of the Dead depicts just about every girl past puberty with large breasts. Saeko, the smallest of the main cast, is a D-cup.

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