Wendy Marvell (character) main image FT OP 17
Wendy Marvell
Kanji ウェンディ・マーベル
Rōmaji Wendi Māberu
Aliases Sky Sorceress
Race Human
Gender Female
Birthday X772
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blue
Affiliations Fairy Tail
Cait Shelter
Relatives Grandeeney (Foster Mother)
Manga Fairy Tail Volume #16 Chapter #132
Anime Episode 49
Film Fairy Tail the Movie: The Phoenix Priestess
Game Fairy Tail Portable Guild 2
Japanese Satomi Satō
English Brittney Karbowski


Wendy was raised by the Sky Dragon Grandine, who disappeared one day without warning, and left her all alone at the age of five. As she wandered in search of her foster parent, she ran into a young boy by the name of Jellal. He allowed her to accompany him on his travels and both, while still hopelessly lost, traveled together for a month. But once Jellal mentioned Anima, he deemed their journey together as far too dangerous and so he left Wendy in the care of the Cait Shelter guild.


Wendy, a character created by Hiro Mashima, is the among the youngest members of Fairy Tail and currently the youngest Dragon Slayer. In her original concept, she was initially supposed to have a wand but for what purpose is unknown (i.e. whether it served as a mere fashion object or as a object that would help her channel her dragon slayer powers, etc.). In addition, her Cait Shelter tattoo was supposed to be located on her left shoulder but was switched to her right similarly to where Natsu and Gajeel's tattoos are located. Lastly, in the anime, Wendy had her cameo in episodes before her actual debut in the manga whereby she was seen shopping in the town of Magnolia and aboard the same train as Lucy, Natsu and Happy rather than making her first appearance in the Oracion Seis Arc.

In Hiro Mashima's notes (volume 27), he states that Wendy was originally a water dragon. Suiyobi is the middle day of the week which means "water day." He got Wendy from Wednesday which was Suiyobi.


Powers & Abilities

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