Wave main image
Kanji ウェイブ
Rōmaji Weibu
Race Humans
Gender Male
Height 180 cm [1]
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
Occupations Navy Officer (Former)
Affiliations Empire
Teams Jägers
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #4: Chapter #15
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #9
Japanese Yoshimasa Hosoya
English David Matranga


A young man from a small town, Wave developed exceptional fighting strength under the tutelage of a great teacher, and entered his country's navy thanks to a benefactor(possibly, but not necessarily the same person). He came to wield an Imperial Arm, one of 48 treasured superweapons created millennia ago. To combat a team of Imperial Arm-wielding assassins in the capital, the general Esdeath formed her own special police squad of Arm-users, of which Wave became part.


Wave is a character in the Akame ga Kill manga created by TAKAHIRO & Tashiro Tetsuya, and first appears in volume 4. He seems to parallel Tatsumi, and Tetsuya has stated that he and Seryu are his favourite characters.[2]



A youth of roughly Twenty, he possesses average-to-tall height, a trim build and lightly-spiked, bushy hair which is alternatively depicted as either black or blue. Wave usually wears a light blue coat with a furry collar and tail-end, as well as a scarf with an anchor-design on it.


An earnest and straightforward young man, Wave takes his duties seriously and always tries to perform them to the best of his ability. He is proud of his naval service, and quite keen to put the best foot forward. This made joining the Jägers, the Imperial Arm-using police force of which Wave became part, quite trying for him due to the eccentricities of the other members and he often finds himself as a hapless straightman.

Having spent most of his life either in the countryside or the navy, Wave isn't particularly aware of the corruption plaguing his country, as its influence is strongest at the capital. Nevertheless, he has become more aware of it over time, and though it troubles him, he feels he can do little about it, and instead needs to focus on his duties as a soldier, and his debt to his mentor.

Despite sometimes finding the group troubling, both in minor and serious ways, Wave, has acclimated to the Jägers, and as a man with a strong sense of camaraderie, values his teammates. While quite frightened of her, Wave has faith in his captain Esdeath, and amongst the team he is closest to Bors and Kurome the latter of whom he has grown protective of over time.

Having briefly interacted with Tatsumi when Esdese abducted him, Wave saw something of himself in the young assassin, and was quite sympathetic towards him.

Powers & Abilities

Wave possess considerable ability as a combatant, having been described as perfect by General Esdeath, his country's strongest warrior. His ability is credited to an as-yet unrevealed mentor who trained him.

Imperial Arm - Grand Chariot

In its dormant state, Wave's Teigu appears as a sword with a large hand-guard. Once activated, a suit of armor manifests and envelopes him. Grand Chariot greatly enhances Wave's strength, speed and other physical prowess, while also encasing him in durable armour with no openings. The armour also possess a floating mantle which can be rotated to block attacks. The Imperial Arm Incursio is stated to be the prototype for Grand Chariot.


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