Volume 4
Seven Deadly Sins Volume 4
General Information
Series The Seven Deadly Sins
Volume 4
Release Dates June 17, 2013 (Japanese)
September 9, 2014 (English)
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Table Of Contents

Chapter 23: Some Day, I Swear (いつか必ず)

While Hawk runs as fast as he can to bring Elizabeth to a safe spot, King stares at the petrified statue of Ban who smiles. As soon as King turns around, a mysterious light, Elaine, kisses Ban, restoring Ban back to normal. Only Ban can see Elaine's true form. Ban asks Elaine to show herself to King who desperately calls out to Elaine to see her. However, Elaine explains that one can only see if they have a strong connection between the dead and living. King is in dismay as he regrets leaving his sister back then. Before Ban leaves, he promises Elaine that he will make Elaine his. Meanwhile, Diane and Meliodas continue their battle against Guila. Guila manage to evade Diane's attacks, and before she could attack, Ban interrupts Guila.

Chapter 24: The Pursued Legends (追いつめられる伝説たち)

When Ban attempts to use his Snatch ability on Guila, Guila fires an explosion to incapacitate Ban. Meanwhile, Elaine explains to King how she was lonely for 700 years after King had left her. In only 7 days, Ban helped her. She asks King to help Ban and his friends. A brief moment, Hawk crashes nearby with Elizabeth on his back. Elizabeth informs King about Guila's attacks and tells King to run away while she attempts to pull Chastiefol from the ground. In Guila's battle, she is not impressed with Meliodas's group as she counters their moves easily. King arrives into battle after impaling Ban in an attempt to strike at Guila.

Chapter 25: Four-On-One, If it's All Right (よろしければ四対一で)

Guila emerges from the rubble and states that she knew King would betray them. King easily blocks Guila's attacks with his Chastiefol. When Guila asks all four of them to attack her at once, King declines and insists on a one-on-one fight. King overwhelms Guila with Chastiefol and has his spear chase her to the top of the crystal. Guila attempts to blast King with her Brilliant Detonation technique, but her attacks got intercepted by King's 5th form of his Chastiefol. Elaine mentions King's true name, Harlequinn, the king of all fairies.

Chapter 26: Farewell to the Deceased (死者たちとの別れ)

Despite being defeated, Guila continues to attack King. Meliodas uses Full Counter and defeats her. Elaine states that the shock might have sent Guila back to the living world. Then, the Seven Deadly Sins' bodies begin to dematerialized since the capital of the dead is rejecting them. Elaine thanks King for protecting Ban. King glances too late as he didn't catch Elaine's true form in time. Arriving back in the abandoned village, Meliodas and his group find Guila whose body lacks her spirit. When Meliodas and his group arrive back, they find Luigi and Ellen bidding them farewell. It turns out Luigi and Ellen are spirits who are returning to the Capital of the Dead.

While King gets introduced to Elizabeth, Helbram finds Guila tied to a tree and tells her that her face has been drawn on. King asks his teammates what happened to their Sacred Treasure items. Though, his teammates' response shock him as they lost it or sold it.

Chapter 27: Cruel Rain (無情の雨)

King explains to Hawk how strong Sacred Treasure items are. Meliodas asks King about the Holy Knights. King replies that the Holy Knights are preparing for war instead of protecting the people. Later that night, Elizabeth shares about her family with Meliodas. The next day and on the way to Byron, King informs Meliodas that Guila was one of the new generation Holy Knights and that she was merely an apprentice knight before.

Arriving in Byron, Elizabeth gets spotted due to her wanted posters. A Holy Knight, Griamor, captures Elizabeth. Then, Veronica arrives to the scene.

Chapter 28: A Dangerous Man (キケンなオトコ)

Hawk returns to King and Meliodas, informing them that Elizabeth has been taken to a place called Ceramic Tear. Over at Ceramic Tear, Veronica scolds Elizabeth for running away and making her worry. She asks Elizabeth to return with her to the castle. Once Veronica calls the Seven Deadly Sins monsters, the two sisters argue over who is right. When Elizabeth refuse to give the location of the Seven Deadly Sins, Veronica decides to give a necklace as a gift from their father. While Veronica is out, Meliodas sneaks in and knocks out Griamor and rescues Elizabeth. On the way home, Meliodas and Elizabeth gazes upon the fireworks in the skies. Not accepting Veronica's words, Elizabeth puts her trust into Meliodas. Unbeknownst to her, Meliodas casts a shadow in form of a demon.

Chapter 29: Dark Pulse (暗黒の脈動)

Over at the Lyonesse Kingdom, Dreyus gives a speech about how they will march into victory during the holy war. Meanwhile, Gilthunder and Hauser are dispatched to quell the savage, northern tribe's attack. The two Holy Knights easily wipe out the army of 3,000 men.

Upon their return, Hauser asks Dreyus how they don't know who their enemy is in the holy war. When Gilthunder mentions the Seven Deadly Sins, Dreyus notes that they must crush the group before they become a real threat. Dreyus brought up how Danafall was wiped off the map due to Meliodas' wrath. He asks Gilthunder about the New Generation Holy Knights. Gilthunder reports that some of these apprentice are bestowed great, magical strength while there are reports of missing apprentice knights. He notes that these apprentice knights had been summoned by Hendrickson.

Deep beneath the castle, Guila leads Twigo and Jericho who are bagged by the head. Hendrickson reveals the giant demon behind him and explains that the two will receive great power.

Side Story: Ban the Bandit (バンデット・バン)

Points of Interest


  • Hauser is spelled as Howzer in Crunchyroll.
  • Hendricksen is spelled as Hendrickson in Crunchyroll.

Abilities, Moves, & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

Character Abilities, Moves, & Items
Guila Moves Used
  • Brilliant Detonation

Abilities Used

  • Explosion
Ban Abilities Used
  • Snatch
King Abilities Used
  • Disaster
  • 5th Form: Increase

Items Used

  • Chastiefol
Meliodas Moves Used
  • Full Counter

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