Volume 3
Seven Deadly Sins Volume 3
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Series The Seven Deadly Sins
Volume 3
Release Dates June 17, 2013 (Japanese)
July 8, 2014 (English)
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Table Of Contents

Chapter 15: Caught In the Reunion (再会のとばっちり)

In the aftermath of Diane's fight with Friesia, Diane apologizes to Elizabeth for not being stronger as she takes off her backpack. Elizabeth requests Diane to let her be with Meliodas which Diane complies. Diane carefully places the injured Elizabeth into her backpack. Before the young man could escape the scene, Hawk stops him. Diane threatens the man to get information on the whereabouts on the Baste Dungeon.

Arriving at Baste Dungeon and meeting with up Meliodas, the gang heads inside the dungeon only to find the place empty. Nearby, Jericho reports to Golgius about the status of Meliodas's group. Golgius activates a spell bead to seal Meliodas' group inside the dungeon. He boasts about the strength of the sealing magic, that ten tyrant dragons cannot break it. Inside, Ban and Cenette run into Meliodas's group. Diane warns Hawk to stay back. Then, Ban and Meliodas's greet each by pounding each other. The two arm wrestles which the force generated from the two shatters Golgius's spell. Ban is intent in beating Meliodas after remind him that he only had 361 wins out of 720 matches.

Chapter 16: The Poem of Beginnings (はじまりの詩)

With Baste Dungeon destroyed, Meliodas's group arrive back in town. Diane and Meliodas peek inside Diane's backpack to check up on Elizabeth as well as informing her about their completed objective. At Elizabeth's request, Meliodas and Hawk check up on Sennett who is reunited with her father. Dr. Dana reveals his injury had sealed up and was confused why. He explains to Sennett that Golgius had threatened to kill his daughter if he didn't poison Meliodas by holding Sennett hostage.

During dinner, Meliodas introduces Ban to Elizabeth. Ban had changed into new clothes since he didn't want to be half naked in front of the princess. When Ban mentions the four of them, Hawk corrects Ban to include him. Ban freaks out at Hawk, a talking pig, much to Hawk's surprise. The gang party all night long. Elizabeth shares with Diane, hoping this moment lasts forever. She tells Diane that the Seven Deadly Sins are the only ones who could stop the Holy Knights. Diane replies she doesn't mind fighting for Elizabeth's cause. Diane tells Elizabeth to call her without any honorifics as well calling Diane without hers, too. Dr. Dana wonders if the Seven Deadly Sins are really wanted criminals and about the miracle that saved his life. He wonders what are the Holy Knights are plotting.

A shooting star traverses the night sky, signaling that Britannica will undergo a harsh trial. Marking the onset of the holy war between good and evil.

Chapter 17: Storm's Brewing (嵐の予感)

Meliodas and Ban plan their route after checking over the places they have been to. Meliodas states that since they have destroyed both Fort Solgres and Baste Prison, they have to avoid getting attention from the Holy Knights. Meanwhile, Diane apologizes to Hawk's mother for leaving her alone for three days back in Dalmally. Then, two apprentices of Holy Knights arrive as a security check. Meliodas easily tricks them by introducing them to his bar, the Boarhat, and his two main attractions, Elizabeth and Diane. When Diane hugs Meliodas for acknowledging her, she accidentally blurts out Captain. Then, a Black Hound attacks the apprentices and eats one of them.

Ban hops off Hawk's mother and intimidates the Black Hound, causing the Black Hound to increase its body size due to the intimidation. Before Ban could kill the dog, Meliodas stops Ban, telling him that they invaded its territory. After Meliodas has frightened off the Black Hound, he announces that they will be heading towards the Capital of the Dead. Meanwhile, Gilthunder speaks with King about Meliodas' group and their progress to reunite the Seven Deadly Sins. Gilthunder requests King to not betray his trust. Then, the Black Hound returns to King. King tells Gilthunder to keep his soldiers away.

Chapter 18: A Touching Reunion (感動の再会)

Arriving into the Capital of the Dead, Meliodas's group set up shop in order to get intel on King or the Capital of the Dead. Meliodas assigns Ban as the chef and Diane as the waitress. Ban asks Meliodas what happened to the Talbas Dagger. Meliodas replies he had returned it to Sennett. While Ban explores the town, he spots a young girl who resembles Elaine. At the bar, Elizabeth asks Meliodas about what King is like. Meliodas explains King is like their mascot and mentions King liked to collect stuffed animals.

In a brief flashback, Ban stole all the stuffed animals from all over the kingdom, causing King to cry. While Ban slept, King worked hard to return all of stuffed animals.

Meliodas and Elizabeth share how Ban and King were a pair despite their contrasting personalities. Meanwhile, Ban tries to wake up a girl who fainted. The older brother tries to attack Ban due to misunderstandings of the situation. Once the young girl wakes up, she defends Ban. The young lad is shocked at Ban's wound healing in an instant. As Ban mentions true sins cannot be atoned, King suddenly stabs Ban through the chest as a form of greeting. Ban doesn't recognize this young stranger.

Chapter 19: The Sin of Greed (強欲の罪)

King has his spear dig through Ban's body, creating a massive gap. Much to the horror of the children, they watch Ban's wound heal right in front of them. King notes that Ban does not know his identity and reminds Ban of his sins. He mentions that Ban had given into his greed and took the life of Elaine, the protector of the fountain of youth, in order to gained immortality.

As Ban and King fight, King explains he wanted to show his sister, the man who had killed her, in the Capital of the Dead. Before Ban can unleash his full abilities, Meliodas interrupts Ban. When Diane arrives, she and Meliodas both addresses the young lad as King much to Ban's surprise. King rushes out of the scene as soon as Diane greets him. Afterwards, Ban cooks lunch for his gang. Luigi shares that King had asked them how to reach the Capital of the Dead.

Chapter 20: Two Paths (二つの道)

Luigi explains about the Capital of the Dead and that it's not a grave site rather an entire country inhabited by the dead. Then, Ellen mentions that to find the capital, one must share precious memories with the deceased. Ban thanks Ellen (calling her Elaine by accident) for the information. While the others look for King, King is flustered over running away from Diane. King vows to protect his comrades from Ban and his trickery.

As King follows Meliodas's group into a flower field, the flowers get whip by the wind, transporting the group into the Capital of the Dead. The group wonders whose memories trigger the event. Ban notices something and runs off with King following him. Ellen and Luigi saw the group disappear before their eyes. Behind the two siblings, Guila arrives.

Chapter 21: Revenge Knight (リベンジ • ナイト)

Guila attempts to strangle both Luigi and Ellen in order to learn how to enter the Capital of the Dead. Luigi ends up telling Guila who raises her arm. In the Capital of the Dead, King catches up to Ban who attempts to knock King away. King explains that he had return to his old hometown after 10 years during their disbanding of the Seven Deadly Sins. He had learned a bandit had killed the saint who protected the fountain of youth. He shouts at Ban for killing his dear sister. When Ban says he cannot be killed, King reveals his 3rd form for his Chastiefol, fossilization.

Meanwhile, Guila stabs herself and meets Meliodas' group.

Chapter 22: A Pursuer to Fear (恐るべき追跡者)

As Hawk wonders if Guila killed herself to meet their group, Meliodas has Hawk retreat with Elizabeth to a safe spot when Guila attacks them. Guila sends Meliodas and Diane flying. Before Diane falls on a crystal spike, Meliodas saves Diane. Guila notes about Diane's special ability, Creation, as nothing special. Diane demonstrates that she can turn minerals into sand as she has the sand swallow Guila.

Guila jumps from the sand pit and attempts to blast Diane, only to hit a crystal. Meliodas engage Guila with his bare fists until Guila asks him about his sword. Meliodas takes out his sword and reflect Guila's explosion. Impressed by Meliodas's strength, Guila asks both Diane and Meliodas to try harder.

Meanwhile, King asks Ban if he hasn't any last words. Ban simply grins as he turns into stone.

Bonus Chapter: Nothing Wasted (無駄なものなんて何一つ)

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