Volume 2
Seven Deadly Sins Volume 2
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Series The Seven Deadly Sins
Volume 2
Release Dates April 17, 2013 (Japanese)
May 13, 2014 (English)
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Table Of Contents

Chapter 6: Holy Knight Gilthunder (聖騎士ギルサンダー)

Elizabeth wonders why Gilthunder is doing this, and she is in disbelief because of how he took care of her back then as a little girl. The brotherly image of Gilthunder is no longer there. Gilthunder orders Diane to leave after showing no regard for her life. He informs Meliodas that he wants to kill Meliodas as an act that demonstrates that he has surpassed his father. He blames Meliodas for killing his father, Zaratras, on that day. Meliodas realizes that Gilthunder is the young lad, little Gil, who always followed him and his group.

Meliodas and Diane break easily from Gilthunder's lightning magic. Meliodas and Gilthunder engage in a duel. When Gilthunder attacks, Meliodas deflects his electric attack right back at Gilthunder. From behind, Gilthunder slashes Meliodas's back. On the ground, Meliodas asks Gilthunder about the rest of his group. Gilthunder replies that they knew the whereabouts of the other two. While the Fox's Sin of Greed is imprisoned in Baste Dungeon, Grizzly's Sin of Sloth has perished in the Captial of the Dead. Meliodas thanks Gilthunder for his answers and jumps on his ground as if he wasn't hurt that severely.

Chapter 7: Dark Prisoner (暗闇の虜囚)

When Meliodas tells Gilthunder that they will continue their fight later, Gilthunder attacks Meliodas only to attack his afterimage. Diane grabs Gilthunder and throws him high as she can. One of her gauntlets got melted when Gilthunder tries to shock Diane to get free. Gilthunder crashes in a church, unscathed and intact, without a care for the folks who are injured in the process.

Meanwhile, Meliodas decides to pick up Ban first because it's closer. Hawk warns them that it could be a trap. Even though Meliodas tells Diane that he will be fine after a nap, Diane finds Meliodas lying down unconscious in the Boar Hat. Over at Baste Dungeon, the guards gossip about the Weird Fangs who had imprisoned Ban, who is tortured and imprisoned for five years.

Chapter 8: A Girl's Dream (少女の夢)

In town, Diane has a doctor check up Meliodas's wounds. The doctor states that Meliodas will be unconscious for a while. Some insects belonging to the Weird Fangs have located Meliodas. Friesia volunteers to hunt Meliodas. Diane decides to rescue Ban herself. When Elizabeth asks her to reconsider, Diane calls her a hindrance. Diane recalls how Meliodas stood up for her when a group of knights drew their swords on her because she is a monster. It seems like Meliodas was a boy her size. Diane states she cannot take care of her captain, and the only thing she can do is fight. She wishes to be small. Suddenly, a swarm of wasp-like insects attack the town. It turns out that Diane is afraid of insects. Despite her fear of insects, she smashes the ground, so the giant chunks of rock crushes the swarm. While the Wild Fangs bid on Diane's fight, Ban frees himself.

Chapter 9: No Touching (触れてはならない)

Diane rushes towards Baste Dungeon after leaving Meliodas to Elizabeth and Hawk. Over at the dungeon, Jericho confronts Ban and asks him to return to his cell. As Jericho attacks Ban, Ban dodges nonchalantly and has Jericho cut his hair and shave his beard. When Jericho wonders about the stake wounds on Ban that have disappeared, Ban reveals that he only has a scar on his neck. Meanwhile in the infirmary room, Golgius reveals himself after the doctor had stated he had used poison when treating Meliodas. The Holy Knight tells Elizabeth that he is here to pick her up. Before he does, he attempts to take Meliodas's sword.

A flashback of Ban asking Meliodas why he carries that broken sword with him at all times. When Ban takes Meliodas's sword despite being warned, Ban gets cut after seeing Meliodas angry for the first time. He licks his blood after being amused at the captain's secret.

Meliodas wakes up and declares that he will not let go of his sword even if he dies. It's the only way he can atone for his sin.

Chapter 10: An Unseen Malice (見えざる悪意)

With the strange mark appearing on Meliodas's forehead, Golgius retreats after being intimidated by Meliodas's eyes. Meliodas is back to old self as he teases Elizabeth for being assertive. He notes that his wounds had healed. With Hawk's acute sense of smell, Meliodas tracks down Golgius. When Golgius raises his hand to surrender, he fires blades at Elizabeth. However, Meliodas blocks them. When the doctor reminds Golgius to return his daughter, Golgius back stabs the doctor to avoid having him stain the reputation of the Holy Knights. Elizabeth rushes to the doctor's side, but she gets attack by Golgius. Meliodas blocks the attack and finds out the enemy is using teleporation.

By rushing inside an old building, Meliodas cuts the middle of the floor to set a trap for Golgius. When Golgius tries to attack Meliodas from behind, he falls down the trap. Meliodas deduces that Golgius's rela powers are transparency since it takes a moment for him reappear. He defeats off Golgius.

Chapter 11: Even If You Died (たとえあなたが死んでも)

Meliodas asks Golgius why is he after him and his sword. When Elizabeth arrives, Meliodas is distracted for a moment and loses sight of Golgius. He finds Golgius riding a horse to get away. Elizabeth runs to Doctor Dana's side and cries for his pain. Confused at why Elizabeth is crying for him, Doctor Dana apologizes and explains that he wanted his daughter, Cenette, back. After the doctor has passed away, Elizabeth blames herself. Meliodas tells Elizabeth that he will fulfill her promise even if she was killed. A flashback hits. Meliodas remembers Liz's promise, not forgetting the principles you stand by and to protect what that person stands for. That is what knight is about.

Elizabeth tags along with Meliodas and Hawk as their pillar of support. They come across Diane who is dazed and had forgotten what she had done.

Chapter 12: A Chaotic Party (混沌の宴)

Meliodas state that they will rescue Cenette because Ban will bust himself out of prison. Suddenly, Diane attacks Meliodas when she is under the spell of the Holy Knight of Ruin, thinking Meliodas is the enemy. After fleeing from Diane, Meliodas has a father and a young boy run with them. With Elizabeth watching the two under a small hillside, Meliodas attacks Diane due to being under Ruin's spell.

Over at the Baste Dungeon, Jericho whose gender is revealed to be a woman orders her men to search for Ban as well as clothes due to Ban stripping Jericho's armor earlier. Ban finds a guard leering at Cenette who is imprisoned. After Ban slams the guard's face against the jail cell, he breaks down the door and makes a move on Cenette, claiming her as his woman.

Chapter 13: Ready To Sacrifice (捧げる覚悟)

Ban takes Cenette's dagger that is hidden in her breast pocket, and he frees Cenette using that dagger. When Cenette asks for her father's dagger, Ban refuses to give it back. Jude, the Holy Knight, confronts Ban and informs him that he was merely bait to lure Meliodas while deeming Ban's usefulness has ended. While Diane and Meliodas continue their fight, Friesia attacks the young boy. Elizabeth walks through the tornado of insects to save the young boy. However, it turns out the boy is an illusion made by Ruin. Ruin beats Elizabeth and Hawk with his staff. Before Ruin could explain his magic, he realizes Elizabeth had bit off the bell part of his staff. In the nick of time, Meliodas stops Ruin from attacking.

Chapter 14: Explosion (エクスプロージョン)

Meliodas accepts Elizabeth's resolution. After Ruin sends Meliodas flying, Meliodas counters Ruin with his fists. Ruin is sent flying towards Baste Dungeon and crashes against the wall. Ruin asks Meliodas to draw his sword, but he could not convince Meliodas to do that. Ruin pummels Meliodas into the ground making a large crater. Despite Ruin's attacks, Meliodas is unscathed and delivers a punch that shatter Ruin's armor that is imbued with magic.

Inside the prison, Jude impales Ban with his stake. Even though Jude thinks he has defeated Ban, Ban simply pulls out the stake after stating he is bored of Jude's pain. Ban stabs the Holy Knight who explained that all of the Holy Knights will wage an all out war with the Seven Deadly Sins.

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