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Series Hoshin Engi
Volume 2
Release Dates January 10, 1997 (Japan)
August 7, 2007 (English)
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List of Chapters

Chapter 8. The End of the Beginning

Dakki has Taikobo watch his home village's people fall to their death in a pit of venomous snakes. When Captain Kouhiko remarks about the massacre, Dakki reminds Kouhiko that they still have his little sister. Suddenly, someone causes an explosion which the captain saves Taikobo. The captain tells Taikobo that he saved him because he believed that Taikobo can save the world. Later, Shinkouhyou meets with Taikobo where he has Kokutenko returns Taikobo his friend, Suuppushan. Shinkouhyou tells Taikobo that he owes him. When Suuppushan wakes up, Taikobo tells him that their next move is to find companions.

Chapter 9. Nataku!

Captain Kouhiko recalls seeing the empress eating the human corpses in the snake pit. Outside of the capital, a man calls Taikobo for help when his son attacks him. Nataku fires his Paopei Ken Konken. The man explains his name is Risei and that he trained on Kongrong Mountain in the Sennin World before returning to this world. Risei states that Nataku is an artificial human made by the union of a pregnant woman and Raiju, a Paopei. Nataku was born from Risei's wife. Though, Nataku was born heartless.

Chapter 10. The Birth of Nataku

Returning home in the Chintou Pass (connects the northern Yin Provinces with Chouka), Risei brings Taikobo and Kokutenko to his wife, Inshi. 10 years ago, Inshi was worried that her baby inside her was dead since she couldn't give birth for more than 3 years and 6 months. In Inshi's dream, a person offers her the Raiju which merges with her unborn child. That night, she gave birth to a ball of flesh.

Not wanting his wife to see this monstrosity, Risei attempts to cut the ball. However, a child was born and equipped with Paopeis. Then, Inshi takes over to explain her story. One day, she took her son to the river for some fun. She notices the red glowing Paopei around his waist had a lot of dead fish. A dragon emerges and attacks Inshi and Nataku for killing his comrades. Inshi begs the dragon to forgive Nataku who was inexperienced. Nataku immediately kills the dragon Gohei because he was trying to kill his mother. That night, Gohei's family visits the home to demand the death of the boy who killed Gohei. Nataku's head was blown off. Despite dying, Nataku mysteriously reappeared years later.

Chapter 11. Taikobo vs. Nataku!

Taikobo tells Suuppushan that he has a plan and rides him into battle. During the battle, Taikobo manages to make Nataku not able to fire because he would his his mother. He asks Nataku why he hates his father. Nataku explains that his core was regenerating while he laid dormant in the tomb his mother had built for him. One day, Risei destroys the tomb and throws Nataku's core into the river. Risei explains that he did to appease to the Reijyuu. Then a Sennin appeared, Taiitsu Shinjin, who resurrected Nataku. He was reborn in a surrounding of lotus blossoms.

Upon hearing his story, Taikobo allows Nataku to kill his worthless father.

Chapter 12. The End of Nataku's Tale

Nataku stops attacking his father after his mother explains she would sad losing either her husband or her son. Taiitsu Shinjin appears to congratulate Taikobo for solving this dispute. Taiitsu captures Nataku and informs both Taikobo and Nataku's parents that he will train and teach Nataku. He will send Nataku to be Taikobo's right hand man.

Chapter 13. Yozen!

Shinkouhyou and Kokutenko converse about the refugees leaving Chouka due to Dakki's cruel acts. Dakki had left Chouka and had Kibi take her place as a fake. Meanwhile, Dakki finds Suupuushan and Taikobo on the road in order to kill them with her new Paopei, Sansentou.

Taikobo exposes the fake who is actually Youzen, a siciple of Gyokutei Shinjin. Youzen explains he is under Genshi Tenson's orders to help Taikobo to complete the Hoshin project. Youzen states he is obligated to test Taikobo to see if he's worthy. If not, Youzen will take over the project.

Chapter 14. Yozen's Test

In the Sennin world, Youzen reports to Genshi Tenson. Upon hearing Genshi's request, one person remarks it would be rude to have Youzen take orders from a Doushi who is weaker than Youzen. Youzen states he has 3 tests and that Taikobo had passes his first test, remaining calm in the face of Dakki. Youzen has his dog, a Paopei Koutenken" take away Suupuushan.

With the second test, Youzen wants to see Taikobo's power since most of the things Taikobo had solved was done mostly through wits. Taikobo takes on the brunt of Youzen's attack because the fight has no meaning. As the second test is passed, Youzen states he didn't think of a 3rd test to test out Taikobo's intelligence. Then, a woodcutter from Chouka arrives and reminds Taikobo that he was in chapters 3 and 4. He then asks Taikobo for help because he and rest of the refugees from Chouka cannot past Rintoukan to get to Seiki.

Youzen then declares this to Taikobo's 3rd test, escorting the civilians to safety.

Chapter 15. The End of the Test

While Taikobo heads to the gates, the woodcutter asks Youzen to help with the people. Youzen is unsure why Taikobo had abandoned the people after noting Taikobo is dealing with the guild from the Taibon.

Then, Taikobo scares off the refugees causing Youzen to transform into Buseiou to order the commander of the fortress to allow the refugees in. Taikobo calls out Youzen as a fake and has the commander choose whom to trust. The commander instead chooses the fake Buseiou to let the refugees in. Youzen realizes Taikobo did this to ensure no one was hurt and stop the woodcutter from kicking Taikobo.

Genshi Tenson tells Hakutsuru that to complete the Hoshin project, one needs wisdom to lead and value trust.  Youzen returns to Sennin World to continue training. Meanwhile, Dakki takes Kibi's suggestion on having a party.

Chapter 16. Dakki's Banquet

Dakki is busy constructing a Shuchi Nikurin. In an exposition, the Yin Dynasty consists of 800 nation states that is divided equally in 4 regions: north, south, east, and west. Dakki had sent an invitation to the 4 regional kings. In the city of Seiki, the king decides to accept the invitation to confirm the rumors are true or not. He has his eldest son who is suspicious about the letter to govern his absence.

Elsewhere, Shinkouhyou explains to Kokutenko that he inform Buseiou about Dakki's party in order to have Taikoubou meet Kishou through Buseiou. This will create an entertaining situation where the 3 will join forces against Dakki.

Kibi leads the kings to a giant lake of Sake where Dakki welcomes them to her party. The kings notice Dakki having tigers feed on slaves and convicts in a nearby forest. The emperor Chuuoh tells Dakki that it was necessary to kill the south and east kings who protested to Dakki's cruelty. The Senki King accepts Dakki's invitation while he cautiously notes that Dakki's plans were to usurp control of all regions in the Yin Dynasty. Buseiou arrives to plead with Dakki to spare the west king while the emperor agrees since Kishou had helped him. Dakki's original plans were to kill all 3 kings and restrain Kishou. Kishou was subjected to 7 year household arrest in the palace.

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