Volume 1
Seven Deadly Sins Volume 1
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Series The Seven Deadly Sins
Volume 1
Release Dates February 15, 2013 (Japan)
March 25, 2014 (USA)
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The Seven Deadly Sins Volume List

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: The Seven Deadly Sins (七つの大罪 Nanatsu no Taizai)

Melioda serves food and drinks to his customers at the Boar Hat, his own establishment. A black knight arrives outside of the diner. After the men barf the food, Meliodas calls his pet pig, Hork to clean the mess. Then, a bunch of soldiers talk about the Rust Knight rumors before moving on to the wanted posters of the Seven Deadly Sins. The Rust Knight barges in the diner and scares everyone. When the Rust Knight falls down, Meliodas finds out it's a woman. He strips the young lady of her armor and takes her to the bedroom. Curious, he feels the lady's bosom just to make sure she is a woman. Startled, the young lady wakes up. Meliodas tells her that her heartbeat is okay, just to dodge the issue that he fondled her chest. When the young lady, Elizabeth, asks about Meliodas's sword, Meliodas unsheathe his sword and shows that it's broken. Then, Elizabeth spots Hork and plays with the pig. When Meliodas asks Elizabeth if she's hungry, he tells her that he will her have some pork. While Elizabeth eats Meliodas's bad cooking, she states that she is looking for the Seven Deadly Sins.

Then, knights from the garrison at the base of the mountain arrive at the Boar Hat, looking for Rust Knight. Meliodas answers one of the knights' calls and has Hork come out as the Rust Knight. Meanwhile, Elizabeth sneak out from the back. However, the knights spot her and chases her in the woods. Meliodas saves her while Hork pushes one of the knights off the cliff. Elizabeth explains that she is searching for the Seven Deadly Sins to stop the Holy Knights. She states that her Holy Knights have capture a kingdom and has force the villagers to construct the castle walls.

Suddenly, Twigo slices off a piece of the cliff, sending Meliodas and Elizabeth to their death. Meliodas saves Elizabeth and the knight. Twigo yells at Meliodas for changing his death toll. When Elizabeth tries to run into the woods, Twigo creates a shock wave from his sword to slice off the forest. While Hork runs off to his mother, Elizabeth surrenders to Twigo, so Meliodas would be spared. Yet, Twigo will not accept her alive. Meliodas saves Elizabeth from Twigo. Once Meliodas introduces himself, Elizabeth realizes he is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. His Dragon tattoo confirms it. Meliodas defeats Twigo and sends him in the sky with his broken sword. Meliodas explains that he is running a bar to gather information, so he can find his comrades. Meliodas accept Elizabeth into his team. Hork's mother, a giant pig takes Meliodas's gang and makes a run for it.

Chapter 2: The Holy Knight's Sword (聖騎士の剣)

In the Boar Hat, Meliodas gives Elizabeth a maid out and peeks under her skirt to make sure the size fits. Hork bites Meliodas for being a pervert. Elizabeth asks Meliodas if he is a villain like everyone says. She wonders what crime he committed. Meliodas lies that he stole women's underwear and groped a thousand woman. He confirms that he had committed a crime that he cannot talk about. Hork's mother arrive in the Village of Bernia.

Meliodas share that he comes here to Bernia to stock up on alcohol. Meliodas, Elizabeth, and Hork walk in the village and saw that everyone is trying to pull a sword from the ground. The Holy Knight stuck a sword into the ground to seal the underground water source with magic. Then, a young boy, Mead, announces that his friend from the Seven Deadly Sin will pull out the sword. The villagers refuse to believe and start throwing rocks at him. Meliodas saves Mead and takes in the Boar Hat. He asks Mead if he knew someone from the Seven Deadly Sin. Elizebeth shares that her father had scold her pulling pranks. Her father tried to climb a tree to go after Elizabeth but fell. Mead shares that his parents died from an epidemic and pull pranks on others because of his jealously towards others who had family. He is proud of his village putting all that effort in producing the best ale. When one of the Holy Knights (Gilthunder) remark that the villager's ale was nasty, Mead put a worm Gilthunder's glass.

Outside in the town square, the knights announce that they will raise taxes if the villagers cannot pull the sword by sunset. After seeing Mead and villagers try their hardest to pull out the sword, Meliodas steals beer from the knights before taking out the sword from the ground. The villagers apologize to Mead who accepts their apology with tears.

Chapter 3: What One Must Do (自分でやるべきこと)

At the bar, Elizabeth is nervous about her job as a waitress. Meliodas assures her that gathering intel on the Holy Knights would be easy. However, Elizabeth is overwhelmed with taking customer's orders. Meanwhile, Gilthunder receives news of a boy pulling his sword out of the ground. By imbuing the spear with magic, he throws the spear towards Bernia. At the Boar Hat, Elizabeth runs off after dropping food on the ground. Instead of consoling Elizabeth, Meliodas tells Hawk that he is going out to use the restroom. Outside, Elizabeth chats with Meliodas, and when she puts herself down, Meliodas cheers her up by reminding her that she found him, one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Suddenly, the spear flies towards Meliodas who grabs the spear. After stopping the spear, it did remarkable damage to some parts of the village. Meliodas throws the spear back at Gilthunder's headquarters. Despite the heavy damage inflicted, Gilthunder is amused that the Seven Deadly Sins are alive after only tilting his head to dodge the spear. Meliodas tells Elizabeth that they have to leave because the village will be in danger.

Chapter 4: The Sin In The Sleeping Forest (眠れる森の罪)

In the Forest of White Dreams, Meliodas, Elizabeth, and Hawk explore the terrain in search for the Seven Deadly Sins based on Meliodas's assumptions that this forest covered in fog is an ideal hiding place. Then, illusions of Hawk appear. Meliodas quickly pummels the Hawk clones and even Hawk himself without any hesitation. When there are doppelgangers of Elizabeth, Meliodas has them do dirty things like massage their breasts. He has the girls jump up knowing that the real Elizabeth cannot. He quickly takes down the fakes. It turns out the enemies are prankster imps.

Before the gang chases the imps, Meliodas hands back Elizabeth's panty back. The imps run back to a giant girl who is asleep on the ground. The imps begged Diane for forgiveness in allowing an enemy breach the forest.

Chapter 5: Dark Memories (暗闇の記憶)

When Diane wakes up, she grabs Meliodas and rubs her his face against her cheek in an affectionate manner. Then, she notices Elizabeth who is Meliodas's traveling companion, and slams Meliodas into the ground out of jealously. After beating Meliodas down, she calms down as Meliodas explains why Elizabeth is here. Meliodas asks Diane what had happened on that day 10 years ago when they were summoned by the Holy Knights because he has no memory of that day.

On that fateful day, Meliodas and his knights come across a Holy Knight who was killed after being skewered to death. Outside, hundreds of knights surround the building before attacking. Meliodas orders his group to split and regroup later. Then, he is hit from behind. He suspects there is a traitor in his group after waking up in a hole and meeting Hork. He notes he and Seven Deadly Sins were framed for murder.

Suddenly, a giant thundercloud appears in the sky, striking thunder at Diane and Meliodas. As Diane and Meliodas are unable to move, Gilthunder arrives on scene to meet the two.

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