Hoshin Engi Volume 1 Kindle
General Information
Series Hoshin Engi
Volume 1
Release Dates November 1, 1996 (Japan)
June 5, 2007 (English)
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List of Chapters

Chapter 1. The Hoshin List

Taikobo is tasked with the Hoshin List from his master to seal away the evil Sennin and Doshi such as Dakki. After reporting to Dakki about Taikobo's goals, Shinkouhyou, who is neither on anyone's side, approaches Taikobo after being curious about Taikobo's strength.

Taikobo is struck down by Shinkouhyou during a confrontation. Shinkouhyou chooses not to finish off Taikobo after acknowledging his powers. Upon landing in his mother and father's village, he swore his goal in front of his parents' grave.

Chapter 2. The First Hoshin

Dakki shows off her dress in front of Chuuoh. Then, she orders a contractor to build her a new pagoda.

Heading towards to the Chouka-su capital, Taikobo plans to take out Dakki first as she is the leader. After getting food poisoning, he departs to another village for medicine and finds Dakki's army heading to the same place. As thanks for the medicine, Taikobo turns the river into sake.

Chintou captures all the villagers without resistance since they are all drunk and fast asleep. Taikobo's spirit beast rescues Taikobo. A fight ensues between Chintou whose form is reveal as a yokai Sennin. Taikobo defeats Chintou who reverts to a praying mantis. Upon being crushed by Taikobo, he is sealed into the Houshindai. The doctor and the rest of the villagers are free. The doctor assumes that Taikobo did this to ensure the villagers won't be killed when Chintou's men would kidnap them.

Meanwhile, Oukijin who hears Shinkouhyou's report about Chintou's defeat. She heads off to confront Taikobou.

Chapter 3. The Horaku

Dakki has set up a Houraku to punish a man for insulting her and her husband. In the capital of Chouka's western marketplace, Taikobo makes money off of fortune telling. Due to the success of his business, Oukijin meets Taikobo to get her fortune read.

Chapter 4. Okijin

During the battle, Okijin tries to poison Taikobo with her moth powder. Her attacks poison the citizens in their surroundings. Nearby, Shinkouhyou is watching the battle for entertainment. Taikobo whips up a typhoon to blow away the poisonous powder.

Upon hearing Okijin mentioning her connection to Dakki as a sister, Taikobo immediately gives up and regrets not joining Dakki. As Okijin allows Taikobo to do fortune telling for Dakki, he uses the fire logs to blast Okijin. Instead of destroying the stone lute which is Okijin's true form, Taikobo decides to use Okijin as a hostage.

Chapter 5. No Allies

Taikobo meets the captain of the national guard, Kouhiko and reveals his purpose of defeating Dakki. Kouhiko learns from Taikobo that Dakki is a Sennyo. When Taikobo reveals his plans, Kouhiko only laughs at him. Taikobo strolls through the gate posing as a merchant to play the lute. However, Dakki finds him.

In the royal court, Taikobo manages to trick his way by threatening to hurt the stone lute much to Dakki's anger.

Chapter 6. Temptation Jutsu

Taikobo is acccepted at the court's musician and uses his position to investigate Dakki and how she uses her Paopei. On the 3rd day, Dakki confronts Taikobo. Taikobo blows up his room to bury Dakki. During that time, he will kidnap Chuuou. 

Chapter 7. The Taibon

In the royal court, Chuuou is back to his normal self as observed by Kouhiko. Taikobo lies to the young emperor about a celebration with 300 beautiful women that takes place tomorrow. He has the emperor ride on his spirit beast. Before they could leave the capital, Dakki arrives. Taikobo realizes they just buried her shadow.

Going back to the rubble, Taikobo tries to unearth the fake only unearth the real one. The fake Dakki is with Chuuou who turns out to be Kibi. After Taikobo is arrested, Dakki constructs a taibon and has her citizens gather up venomous snakes. She reveals that she will execute Kyou slaves because Taikobo is a Kyou native.

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