Mt Osore Le Voile
Shaman King Volume 19
General Information
Series Shaman King
Volume 19
Release Dates May 1, 2002 (Japanese
November 4, 2008 (English)
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Plot Summary

Japanese Release Date: May 1, 2002

American Release Date: November 4, 2008


Reincarnation 162 - Prologue Pg. 7

Reincarnation 163 - Mt Osore Le Voile Pg. 29

Reincarnation 164 - Mt Osore Le Voile II Pg. 49

Reincarnation 165 - Mt Osore Le Voile III Pg. 73

Reincarnation 166 - Mt Osore Le Voile IV Pg. 93

Reincarnation 167 - Mt Osore Le Voile V Pg. 113

Reincarnation 168 - Mt Osore Le Voile VI Pg. 133

Reincarnation 169 - Mt Osore Le Voile VII Pg. 153

Reincarnation 170 - Mt Osore Le Voile VIII Pg. 173

Character Profiles

Dec 1995 #98-103.

  • Characters after Demon are children who play with tops (Spinners) which is similar to Beyblade.
Characters Birthday (Age) Astrological Sign Blood
Komatta Nawamaki July 20, 1985 (10) Cancer O
Goku Riokudo June 6, 1985 (10) Gemini B
Daruma Himo January 7, 1985 (10) Capricorn A
Jiku Kaiten October 17, 1983 (12) Libra AB

Full Plot Summary

Reincarnation 162 - Prologue

As Yoh Asakura drops his oracle pager and announces that he is dropping out of the fight, Yoh tells Lady Jeanne to keep her promise. Lady Jeanne agrees to keep her promise, and she tells Yoh to go because she cannot converse with him due to his impurity. Suddenly, Marco asks Yoh if he is actually doing it since Marco is suspicious of Yoh. Ryu threatens Marco if he does not keep his promise because the chief is fighting for the things he cares about. Furthermore, Faust explains that Marco knows about sorrow but Marco does not know how to love. Manta agrees with both Ryu and Faust, and he is proud to have Yoh as a friends. As Amidamaru nods in agreement that Yoh has made a noble sacrifice, Bason wants Marco to hurry and revive Ren. As Manta narrates and ask if how many of us will have their dreams come true, Anna finds Yoh's oracle pager and buries it with rocks. Anna remembers that Yoh has been doing this stuff to her since the last five years she has met him.

A flashback starts in this chapter, and the setting is Izumo, Winter of 1995. As young Yoh comes home early from school due to winter break, Yohmei tells his grandson that he has to visit his grandmother in Aomori to meet his future or potential bride.

Reincarnation 163 - Mt Osore Le Voile

Still in Izumo, Ponchi and Conchi congratulates Yoh for getting a bride at a young age and tries to make Yoh admit he is happy. Young Tamao appears and tells Ponchi and Conchi to stop bothering Yoh. Despite Tamao's demands, Ponchi and Conchi continues to be rowdy. A voice appears out of nowhere. Yoh and Tamao sees Matamune for the first time in their life. The cat tells Ponchi and Conchi to quiet down, but Ponchi and Conchi thinks Matamune needs to show respect. As Ponchi and Conchi attack Matamune, the cat easily defeats them. Yoh comments about Matamune the split-tailed cat who likes to read books, has been around for a 1,000 years, and how he got Ponchi and Conchi to wear diapers. Yoh explains that Matamune is his first spirit ally. After Yoh's narrations, Yoh and Matamune are aboard a train. Matamune who observes Yoh's personal belongings asks Yoh if he has friends. Yoh replies he does not have any because of his shamanic powers that will not let him fit in with his normal friends. He tells Matamune that he is living a lie and wants to change the view of others that shamans exist if he becomes shaman king. Matamune smiles.

  • During Yoh's narration, Keiko Asakura does make a small appearance with Tamao in the kitchen.

Reincarnation 164 - Mt Osore Le Voile II

The train arrive in Aomori. Yoh asks Matamune if he has been to Aomori since Matamune has been to everywhere. Matamune replies that he has been to Aomori about eight times (this marks the ninth visit in this flash back). When Yoh asks Matamune if he has been to Mt. Osore, Matamune replies no with a striking look in his face. He explains that Mt. Osore is a place that heaven and hell boundaries are blur and a place where the living mourn the dead. Also, he says Mt. Osore is a bridge to the other world and a place for ghosts who have nowhere else to go. Matamune feels pity for the ghosts since he is a ghost without a home. On second thought, Matamune decides to visit Mt. Osore since he is a ghost who has no home. At Kino's inn, she notices the candles are fading away. Back at the mountains where Mikihisa and Tamao journeys for their training, Tamao asks her master about Kino's inn. Mikihisa explains that even though Kino's inn does not make much money, she needs it as a home for her itakos in training. Also, Mikihisa inform Tamao that itakos are traditionally blind, so they pretend to be itako. However, Anna is not blind which means her powers are very real.

At the restaurant, Matamune explains more about his relationship with Kino to Yoh. He says he has not visit her since 50 years. War has robbed Kino of her eyesight. He met Kino when Kino was first wed into the Asakura family. When Yoh asks Matamune about the wars, Matamune tells him to look in the history books but he tells Yoh that some things are best forgotten. He bids Yoh farewell as he heads to Kino's inn. Yoh gets left behind. When Yoh rushes out, he bumps into Anna for the first time. Anna tells him to move it or die.

Foreshadowing: When Matamune explains to Yoh to forget things, he tells Yoh that no two people are exactly alike. He tells Yoh to always follow his heart.

Reincarnation 165 - Mt Osore Le Voile III

When Yoh asks Anna to stop, Anna walks away and says Yoh's name. She scuffs at Yoh because she has to marry him even though Yoh does not understand what has happened. At Kino's inn, Matamune greets Kino. Kino and Matamune share some words and smiles. Kino remarks on how strong Matamune is while Matamuna asks Kino if Anna's condition is serious. Kino with a serious look on her face tells Matamune that Anna is cursed by her birth, by her powers, and by fate. Back to Yoh, Yoh try to figure out what has happened and why does Anna want to kill him. Yoh thinks his fiancee is cute but scary. Suddenly, Yoh gets stalk by a demon on the bridge. The demon tells Yoh to die; Yoh quickly flees the demon. Yoh summons his leaf sprites to attack the demon but fails when the demon just smacks them aside. Suddenly, Matamune appears and tells Yoh that demons are lost souls filled with frusttration, resentment, and regret. Matamune destroys the demon with his oversoul. Meanwhile, Anna spies on Yoh and Matamune during the battle.

Reincarnation 166 - Mt Osore Le Voile IV

As Yoh absorbs the thought of demons and oversouls, Matamune tells Yoh to get going to visit Kino. Interestingly, Matamune senses Anna's mana; he knows she is nearby. At Kino's inn, Yoh tries to laugh off his crummy day when he meets his fiancee and a demon right after. Kino talks about demons, strange ghosts, and strange people; she informs Yoh that he already met his fiancee. Yoh tries to ask Kino how she knew his name even though Kino has never revealed a picture of him or her to each other. At last, Anna appears and drops the groceries while she quickly hides from Yoh and the others. Yoh thinks Kino has spoiled Anna by not teaching her manners. During the bath scene of Yoh and Manta, Yoh ask Matamune if Anna likes him. Matamune calms Yoh down when he thinks Anna does not like him or marry him. When Yoh ask Matamune if that demon was involved with Anna, Matamune thinks to himself that Anna may off spawn that demon due to her personality. Matamune tells Yoh not to dwell on bad things, and he also wants to get over his regrets. As Anna tries to sleep, a demon is walking around and repeating "Die...Yoh...Asakura." Words of Matamune's poem appears at the end.

Reincarnation 167 - Mt Osore Le Voile V

Yoh wakes from a bad dream, and he still thinks about the demon and Anna. Today is New Year's Eve, Matamune and Kino talk about the shaman fight and Hao. Anna is chosen becuase powerful mana is required to awaken powerful man. At the shop, Yoh tries to decide which souvenir to buy for his grandpa, mom, and Tamao. When he sees sexy ear picks, he thinks Ponchi and Conchi might love these. Anna yells at Yoh for being a pervert. Since Anna can read minds, she peers into Yoh's mind and figures out that Ponchi and Conchi are disgusting animals. Yoh figures out that Anna may sent that Demon after him. Suddenly, Yoh grabs Anna then Anna slaps him. Anna cries and bids Yoh him goodbye, and she tells Yoh that there other itako out there. When Yoh tries to ask Anna for clarification, Anna has all these will-o'-wisps. (hundreds of them can form a demon) Anna tells Yoh to go home.

Reincarnation 168 - Mt Osore Le Voile VI

The demon attacks Yoh but hits the store after it misses. The store owner thinks Yoh is the hoodlum who attacks his store since he cannot see demons. Yoh saves the life of the store owner; the store owner realizes that an evil spirit is attacking the store. Yoh takes the man's sword and attacks the demon. He tells Anna to go to the house and get Matamune. Anna tells Yoh to run away. The demon vaporizes when Anna tells Yoh to get out of the way. Specifically, Anna open up herself and the lack of anger made the demon vaporized.

Back to Kino and Matamune, Kino notices Matamune's thoughts went to Hao. Kino explains that Matamune and Yohken kill Patch Hao 500 years ago. Kino asks Matamune if he will ever find peace from his regret. Matamune cries when he cannot forget what master Hao did for him.

Reincarnation 169 - Mt Osore Le Voile VII

A flashback of Matamune's origin story begins. In feudal Japan, two men are taking Hao's carriage across the bridge. They comment on how the poor cannot afford to burn their dead and that they dump them in the Kamo River. When the men think about ghosts and demons, they see a skull moving in the heap of skeletons down in the river. A cat emerges from the skull. The men try to attack the cat for making a home in a human skull. Hao stops them from attacking because life should never be taken unnecessarily. Hao talks to Matamune and knows that he has lost his siblings to pestilence. Also, Hao knows that Matamune can see demons but does not flee from them.

After the flashback, Matamune praise Hao for his contributions that help society. His heart was filled with compassion. When Kino says Hao turn evil, Matamune states that his kindness and his power made his soul susceptible to demons. Since Hao's power is uncontrollable, the rage of others flow inside him which poison his soul. Kino states that it was weakness that drove Hao to be evil. Matamune replies that he was forced to choose between justice and his master. Kino tells him that he is here to save the girl who has the same power of Hao.

Matamune notes that Anna's surname, Kyoyama, is another name for Mt. Osore. Mt. Osore is where Anna was abandoned by her family.

Reincarnation 170 - Mt Osore Le Voile VIII

When Kino and Matamune arrive to their inn, they are surprised to see Yoh and Anna watching TV together. Kino grabs Matamune, so they can take a bath together. Furthermore, Kino wants Anna and Yoh to spend time together. Anna wants to see Ringo Awaya while Yoh wants to see Bob in the New Year Eve's Music show. When Yoh calls Ringo Awaya scary, Anna replies that she dresses to hide her vulnerability and that her song has deep compassion. Suddenly, Yoh tells Anna that she and Awaya are alike since she can read minds. This stuns Anna, and she tells him to go home. Yoh tells Anna that he wants to help her. Anna rejects his help and does not want to get involved with anyone. When Yoh blushes, Anna reads his mind, and she screams out of embarrassment. After Anna hides behind a wall, he asks her if he and Anna can go tot the temple at midnight. He wants her to make a wish, and if the crowds get too wild, he tells her that they can run away together. He promises her that he will become Shaman King to fix her powers.

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