The Shamanic Oracle
Shaman King Volume 17
General Information
Series Shaman King
Volume 17
Release Dates December 24, 2001 (Japanese
July 1, 2008 (English)
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Plot Summary

After Yoh has explained to his friends that he is Hao's twin brother and that Hao will win no matter what due to his immense mana count. Ren and his team take a trip and bump into Mikihisa who wants to teach them about the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu. During the battle, Ren learns that he must not falter, but he gets defeated by Mikihisa in the end. Ren wakes up to see his team enjoying Mikihisa's barbeque special.

Suddenly, Nichrom and his group appear and tells Mikihisa that they are also hunting his team. After Mikihisa leaves Ren's team to protect his team, Ren displays his shamanic oracle and has the upper advantage until Nichrom reminds Ren of Chrom's murder. Peyote impales and kills Ren; Horohoro and Chocolove fight Nichrom's friends.


American Release Date: July 1, 2008

Reincarnation 144: Initiation - "Denju kyoka ken" (伝授許可権) Pg. 7

Reincarnation 145: Mikihisa Typhoon - "Mikihisa taifūn" (幹久タイフーン) Pg. 27

Reincarnation 146: Warlord - "Sūpā bushō" (スーパー武将) Pg. 45

Reincarnation 147: Ascetic - "Shugen" (修験) Pg. 65

Reincarnation 148: Barbecue Party - "B B Q pātī" (B·B·Qパーティー) Pg. 85

Reincarnation 149: Death Clash - "Die gekitotsu" (Die☆激突) Pg. 105

Reincarnation 150: The Shamanic Oracle - "Fumon tonkō" (巫門遁甲) Pg. 125

Reincarnation 151: Farewell Forever - "Eien ni sayonara" (永遠にサヨナラ) Pg. 145

Reincarnation 152: Secret Mana Value - "Furyokuchi shīkuretto" (巫力値シークレット) Pg. 165


Character Profiles

Character Profiles #85-90 taken in May 1985

Characters Birthday (Age) Astrological Sign Blood Type
Keiko Asakura February 18, 1960 (25) Aquarius A
Mikihisa Asakura October 9, 1958 Libra A
Oversoul: God of War N/A N/A N/A
Zang-Ching March 16, 1966 (34) Pisces O
Xiong Xiong
(Zang's spirit ally)
Oversoul: Gong Xiong-Mao Dorakuma Neko N/A N/A N/A

Hiroyuki Takei's Foreword

"It just hit me - why didn't Team Ren make fun of Mikihisa's mask? Were they too scared? Did they simply choose not to mention that they thought it looked stupid?? Or...did they actually like it?! In any case, it was nice of them."

Full Plot Summary

Reincarnation 144 - Initiation

At the visitors’ area, Ching Tao believes that Hao and Yoh are really twins and how strong Hao is after witnessing Hao’s battle. Even though the Tao family’s divination abilities predict that the battles will end in Hao’s favor, they must still send their children to fight. At the beach, Yoh finishes explaining his story of Hao to his friends. Ryu, Horohoro, and Ryu have sweat drops on their faces as they talk about Hao. Manta asks Yoh about Hao’s statement when Hao says Yoh is his other half. Yoh replies that he does not understand, but Ren thinks about how Yoh lacks certain emotions and that Yoh is indifferent to good or evil. Ren tells Yoh to explain the problems and that the truth always reveals itself through results. Tamao asks Anna if further explanation of the problem is necessary. Anna tells Tamao it is okay, and Yoh explains that Hao’s mana is currently at 1,250,000. Yoh tells his friends that Hao is going to win the tournament no matter what they do, but Yoh tells them that they should not give up.

At the hot springs of Japan, Nickrome and Magna talk about the volcano and how it gives life and becomes a deadly weapon. The volcano is like nature because it gives life and takes life. Hao thanks Nickrome and Magna for reporting Silva’s actions, but Hao lets the Patch do what they want. Hao explains that they should let nature take its course, and a shaman reads the flow of nature and chooses a path. Hao tells his group that he will have the power of the Great Spirit, and he needs his group to reach that goal.

At the visitor area, Ching Tao already knows the truth that Hao will win due to their divinations. Although Hao will win, Ching Tao feels relieved that his grandson’s training was worth it. Despite Keiko Asakura’s request, Ching tells her that the Tao fights for its own reasons which are usually revenge; he accepts the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu. Mikihisa promise that it will make Ren strong.

Reincarnation 145 - Mikihisa Typhoon

Tao Yuan will not accept Mikihisa’s help because they have spend so much time on training his son. Tao Yuan challenges Mikihisa to see the power of the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu.

At the bridge, Chocolove asks Horohoro if Hao is destined to win. Horohoro replies that he does not know, but Hao is very powerful. Chocolove asks why the Patch hold the shaman tournament if they know who is going to win, and he ask if destiny something they can make for themselves. Suddenly, Mikihisa answers that destiny still requires strength, and that Hao has the greatest strength. Ren shows no fear of Mikihisa and tells him that he has sensed his mana several times. Mikihisa attacks Ren, but Ren blocks his hit. When Chocolove and Horohoro tries to fight back, Mikihisa appears behind them and lectures them to grasp the situation. Mikihisa states that his age (42 years old) and that he will teach them the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu. Ren gets angry and tells Mikihisa not to underestimate him. Also, Ren who whips out his jewel thunder mocks Mikihisa for failing to prevent a newborn Hao from escaping. Ren challenges Mikihisa after summoning his spirit ally, Bason. Interestingly, a scene of Tao Yuan lying in a bloody heap appears. Mikihisa summons his spirit allies, mountain spirits.

Reincarnation 146 - Warlord

Despite Ren’s team’s warnings, Ren still engages Mikihisa, and he slashes him in half and stabs his other illusion. Ren asks Mikihisa to fight like a man, but Mikihisa tells Ren that he is surrounded by his oversoul. Ren is not intimidated by Mikihisa’s illusions, and he strikes the ground with his sword. He unleashes Blade Paradise which has multiple weapons stabbing Mikihisa’s two animal oversouls. Ren explains how Bason has lived 500 years ago and faced every weapon and martial art, and Ren states that Bason was the ultimate warlord. Ren rants about how his lightning sword hones all spirits and the sword changes into a new oversoul, God of War. After Ren finishes his rant, Mikihisa appears with his two oversoul animals and tells Ren not to jump to conclusions. Mikihisa congratulates on Ren’s change when he learns that ghosts have feelings, defy his family, and swore to never waver again. However, Mikihisa states that Ren’s oath is a weakness to control his wavering heart. Ren charges at Mikihisa in anger, and Mikihisa grabs his face and slams into the ground. Ren thinks about why is he losing to Mikihisa. Immediately, Ren unleashes a fury of attacks, Four-Flash Blade Paradise: spears, swords, halberds, and multiple blades. Mikihisa easily evade all of his attack and states that an oversoul casts no shadow.

Reincarnation 147 - Ascetic

Meanwhile, Yoh talks to Manta about Hao’s mana. When Manta tells Yoh that he is not worried, Yoh tells Manta that his mana is 10,000. Yoh explains that the Patch uses the Oracle Pager to measure mana. When Manta asks Yoh what if all the shamans band together to defeat Hao, Yoh replies that it may not work. After Yoh talks about how the Spirit of Fire absorbing souls to get stronger, he says it is not his style; that he will do the best he can do. When Anna asks Yoh if he is going to help Ren due to Mikihisa’s forceful training of the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu, Yoh says it cannot be help since Mikihisa and Ren are both stubborn. Furthermore, Yoh explains how Mikihisa trains to be an Acetics by abandoning the secular world and come back to nature. Mikihisa climbs the highest peak in the world, Chomolungma (Mt. Everest).

Back to Ren’s battle, Mkihisa continues to beat Ren while pinning him to the wall. Horohoro and Chocolove decides to fight, but Ren mumbles “I will not waver” and kicks Mikihisa in the chin.

Reincarnation 148 - BBQ Party

When Mikihisa asks Ren if he is going to accept the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu, Ren answers that he will take it by charging him.

Ren wakes up on a tarp by the river, and his friends, Horohoro and Chocolove, eat Mikihisa’s special mountain barbecue. Mikihisa emerges from the river and offer his barbecue to Ren. Ren refuses, and Mikihisa reminds him that Ren is stubborn like his father. When Ren asks Mikihisa why powerful adults leave the fate of the world to children. Mikihisa replies that adults know their ceiling, and when people age, they find their limit. He states that it is better for Ren and the children to not see their ceilings yet, so they can grow as strong as they want to be. Ren vows that he will never waver and to believe in his strength. When Horohoro and Chocolove ask Mikihisa to teach the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu, he replies that he can only teach them through combat. The two’s faces grew blank. Ren announces that they have visitors. Magna tells Nikrome he is brave, but Nickhrome says he is obnoxious. As the two announce the soul hunting, Ren quickly eats Mickey’s meals. Meanwhile, Redseb and Salerm wait for Mickey. At the tournament, the match for team Kabbalahers versus Mariachi.

Reincarnation 149 - Death Clash

Silva appears above Yoh, Manta, and Anna. At the bridge over the river, When Mickey’s oracle pager rings, he replies that his real objective is to defeat Hao. After the two Patch tell them that they will not be fighting, Peyote appears and attacks Horohoro and Chocolove. Peyote announces that he will feed their soul to Lord hao, and he will do anything to aid him. Zang Ching and Mohamed appear behind Peyote. When Peyote asks Magna if he has some business else where, Magna announces that the souls of Mickey’s team are good as caught. Mickey tells them him that they are just children. Magna infuriates him further when he tells Mickey that age does not matter. Mikihisa gets angry, but Ren tells him to go aid his team. Ren decides to fight Peyote, Zang Ching, and Mohamed himself. Before Mikihisa leaves, he tells Ren to not assume anything. Magna leaves Nikrome to go to Mickey’s team.

Back to Mickey’s team’s location, team Hana Gumi appears in front of them. When Redseb asks who are they, Kanna beats him with Ashcroft’s fist. Immediately, Marion unleashes her doll Chuck on Redseb, but Pailong deflects Chuck with a kick.

Reincarnation 150 - The Shamanic Oracle

Zang Ching reveals his Xiong Xiong, a panda spirit, and attacks them with his oversoul, Xiong-Mao. Ren attacks Zang Ching then Zang Ching tries to attack Ren with Black Panda Paw. However, Ren cuts Zang Ching’s oversoul in half, so Mohamed appears behind Ren and attacks him with Beam. Somehow, Ren dodges and parries Mohamed before knocking Mohamed to Peyote. As Mohamed heads towards Peyote, Peyote’s doll, Antonio, smacks Mohamed aside. When Chocolove and Horohoro are puzzle by Ren’s movements, Nickrome clears up their confusion and explains about the Shamanic Oracle. Nikrome explains that the shaman sense changes in the enemy’s mana in order to counterattack them. Peyote, Mohamed, and Zang Ching tells Ren that Hao teaches them Shamanic Oracle as the first technique which everyone can do. Yet, Mohamed tells Ren that Hao knew his talent when Ren defeated Peyote. With that comment, Peyote says he has not lost because Ren did not kill him. The group mocks Ren, but when Hao’s followers tell Ren that he killed Chrom, Nickrome’s brother, Nickrome calls his brother a pathetic loser. Suddenly, Peyote unleashes his Fantasma Grande and plunges its knife through Ren’s chest.

Reincarnation 151 - Farewell Forever

Hao’s followers explain to Ren’s team that Ren was stabbed because he was disturbed by his evil deed. Nickrome explains the shaman oracle is useless against some who knows it, and he tells them that Ren will die. Ren’s team smacks Mohamed and Zang Ching with their bare fists then unleashes their oversoul. As Nickrome reads Ren’s team’s mana, Hao’s followers quickly defeats Horohoro and Chocolove. Among the smokes, Horohoro’s ice protects his team while Chocolove grabs Ren who has an ice bandage over his chest.

Reincarnation 152 - Secret Mana Value

Zang Ching is beating Horohoro and Chocolove with his oversoul, Xiong-Mao, and delivers Panda Bomb for the final attack. Zang Ching mocks Ren’s team with statements about Ren dying, and Horohoro tries to punch him. After Chocolove charges at Zang Ching, he crushes him and then Horohoro. During the battle, Hao’s followers explain about numbers and mana and how they limit a shaman’s potential. Specifically, numbers make people lose their confidence and encountering a limit can stop one’s progress. Furthermore, Nickrome explains why they host the shaman fight because the weak have unseen potential. The patch acknowledge unknown probabilities to the end. After Nickrome tells Horohoro and Chocolove that their mana is only 2,000, Zang Ching and the others prepare to deliver the final blow. However, Yoh appears behind them and unleashes his spirit of the sword on Hao’s followers. Yoh easily defeats them with a single strike.

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