Shaman King Volume 16
General Information
Series Shaman King
Volume 16
Release Dates October 4, 2001 (Japanese
May 6, 2008 (English)
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Plot Summary

Ren meets with Hao who asks Ren to join him and if Ren does, Hao will teach Ren about the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu. However, Ren declines and attacks Hao only to be stunned by Hao's powers. Meanwhile, Yoh pays a visit to Lyserg at the X Laws Ark for a little talk.
Day two of the tournament begins with Hana Gumi's team defeating their opponents. Team X - III (Venstar, Meene, and Cebin) faces Team Hoshi Gumi (Hao Asakura, Opacho, and Luchist). Hao takes on the whole team and kills them all. In addition, Hao's great spirit of fire consumes Team X-III's souls. 
Later on, Yoh confesses to his friends about his family secret. A flashback reveals Yoh and Hao's origin.


Japanese Release Date: October 4, 2001

American Release Date:

May 6, 2008

Reincarnation 135 - Ren's Point Pg. 7

Reincarnation 136 - Paradise Pg. 29

Reincarnation 137 - Burning Angel Pg. 53

Reincarnation 138 - Trust No One Pg. 75

Reincarnation 139 - Eternal Maiden Pg. 97

Reincarnation 140 - Logic Pg. 117

Reicarnation 141 - He's My Pg. 137

Reincarnation 142 - Oh, Brother!! Pg. 157

Reincarnation 143 - Grandchild Pg. 181


Character Profiles

Profiles #79-84 taken on January 2001.

Characters Birthday (Age) Astrological
Spirit of Fire
Meene January 26, 1981
(Killed at age 20)
Aquarius A
Cebin September 18, 1971
(Killed at age 30)
Virgo AB
Venstar May 6, 1961
(Killed at age 40)
Taurus O
Hao Asakura May 12, 1985 (15) Taurus A
Spirit of Fire
(Baby form
May 1985)

"I'm changing the cover design starting with this volume. The previous cover was so bright that I just couldn't turn back. It's kind of like inflation that way. I'm sorry I always talk about trivial stuff in this space. Please forgive me." Hiroyuki Takei's Foreword

Full Plot Summary

Reincarnation 135 - Ren's Point

Ren knows Yoh has won his match because of his overwhelming mana. Ren talks to Bason about the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu and its results. Suddenly, Hao appears and ask Ren to accept his offer. If Ren joins Hao, Hao will teach Ren the secrets about the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu. However, Ren almost hit Hao with his halberd, and he refuses his offer. Ren states that he will become strong by his own way. Hao mocks Ren when he tells Ren that he cannot defeat Yoh or himself. Immediately, Ren attacks Hao, but Hao wraps his robe around his halberd and incinerates it. Meanwhile at the cafeteria, Ryu, Zria, Horohoro, Pino, Cardimahide, Tamao, Faust, Chocolove, and Ponchi with Conchi are enjoying their time. Pino tells Horohoro that he can trust Yoh as the shaman king while Horohoro thinks about where Yoh is. Yoh is at the docks of X-Ark with Lyserg.

Reincarnation 136 - Paradise

As Yoh, Amidamaru, and Lyserg have a chat, Lyserg tells Yoh that he wanted to apologize for leaving his group. Lyserg explains that his will may have faltered if he remains in Yoh’s group. Amidamaru and Yoh reassures Lyserg that it is okay but at the same time, Yoh expresses worries for Lyserg when he looks at Lyserg’s scars on his chest. As Yoh prepares to leave and tells Lyserg that he can bring the others to visit him and his team, Marco has Yoh at gun point. When Marco tells Lyserg that good boys should be in bed before 8PM, he reprimands Lyserg by smacking him across the face. Yoh immediately reacts, but the two are surrounded by the X-Laws. After Marco explains that Yoh is a “colleague of Hao,” Iron Maiden Jeanne orders the X-Laws to stop and welcome Yoh as a fellow X-Law. While the X-Law members do their “X” stance, Marco asks Lady Jeanne why they should recruit the slacker. When Jeanne asks Yoh to join her, Yoh declines her offer because of Anna and Yoh’s dislike of Jeanne’s sense of justice. Jeanne sheds tears and closes her mask and sheds tears of blood while Marco attacks Yoh for declining Jeanne’s generosity. However, Yoh catches Marco with his sword close to his face, but Jeanne tells Marco to let go of Yoh. She explains that it is sad that she must pass judgment on Yoh. Yoh bids farewell to the X-Laws.

Reincarnation 137 - Burning Angel

Shaman King fight on round one of day two begins. Yet, the match between Hana Gumi (English: Flower) and T-Production ends quickly when Hao’s Team Hana Gumi claims victory with ease. Round two begins, and it is the match between Team Hoshi Gumi and Team X-III. As Radim does his commentator job, Goldva expresses her frustration when she must remain neutral due to Hao’s vast mana count and powerful abilities. When Radim mentions about team X-III’s dreams, Venstar, the captain, of X-III declares that he will bring Lady Jeanne’s judgment on Hao which is death. In the stands, Chocolove and Horohoro are nervous about their match. When Luchist Lasso and Opacho walk away from the match, Hao explains to Venstar that he is doing it for the crowd’s entertainment since team Hana Gumi’s match ended too quickly. Hao even asks Venstar to bring the whole team of X-Laws and “weird girl” (Jeanne) to fight him. As Radim announces the match to begin, the X-Laws use their weapons to summon their archangels and attack first. Hao Asakura, who looks at the oracle bell and reads the mana level of his opponents, calls them sissies, and his Spirit of Fire destroys Gabriel with unimaginable speed. The audience and Radim see the first casualty which is Meene who is lies lifeless in the Spirit of Fire’s claws.

Reincarnation 138 - Trust No One When Manta sees Meene's death, Manta tries to run to call the police. Ryu and Amidamaru tries to stop him from interfering, but Iron Maiden Jeanne's words stop Manta. Meanwhile, Cebin and Venstar tries to figure what is Hao's spirit medium, and Cebin decides to take on Hao himself since Hao calls him out. After Cebin reveals his face and explains that Hao left him dead for 10 years ago, Hao burns up Meene's body. When Cebin attacks with Remiel, Hao's spirit slams Remiel on Cebin which kills him. Back at the stands, Ren states that Hao's spirit medium is the air, and Yoh explains that the X-Laws already knew that they could not defeat him.


After Marco slaps Lyserg for arguing against their strategy to defeat Hao, Venstar, Cebin, and Meene stops Marco. When Marco explains that Lyserg's attitude is belittling their sacrifices, Venstar and his team states that Lyserg's kindness is the most important thing. Venstar and his team tell Lyserg that their sacrifices are for the good of the team and to watch their battle carefully.

Reincarnation 139 - Eternal Maiden However, Hao already knew the X-Laws purpose in this match and tells them that their sacrifices are in vain. Manta cannot believe what Hao and the X-Laws are doing. Hao states that the Oxygen in the air is his medium while Marco tells his team that Hao is mocking them and does not care either way. As Venstar asks Radim about the strength of the force field around the battle field, Radim replies it is impregnable. Venstar reveals his special grenade that extinguishes the Oxygen in the air. Venstar's spirit ally Metatron grabs Hao, and Venstar detonates the grenade. Venstar's last words are "Long Live Lady Jeanne."

Yoh tells his group that Hao is alive and his last name, Asakura. Yoh who has tears streaming out asks Hao the Onmyoji how long will he play with people's lives.

Reincarnation 140 - Logic

As the smokes clears, the audience gaze in awe at the Spirit of Fire's body of water. Mikihisa explains how Hao changes his spirit ally into water. One must master the pentagram, master the five elements, and understand how energy is created, manipulated, and transformed. When everyone realizes Hao's last name is the same as Yoh's, Yoh tries to explain but Anna intervenes and calls Hao an ancestor. Ren states that onmyoji have strong links to China and that Hao has reincarnated every 500 years ago (three times) to become the shaman king. The X-Laws doubt their abilities after learning Hao is invincible due to his mana and onmyoji's skills. However, Marco refuses to give up and will find a new plan. The spirits of team X-III appear. 

Reincarnation 141 - He's My...

Hao explains that team X-III has display great determination since they have the will to keep fighting to the end. Hao rewards them by living inside him as sustenance forever. The great Spirit of Fire consumes the souls of Meene, Cebin, and Venstar. After the match is over, Goldva explains that the Spirit of Fire is a part of the Great Spirit and it can grow with each soul absorbed. Kalim wants Goldva to stop Hao, but Goldva tells him that it is their duty to officiate the fight.

Meanwhile, Silva asks Radim if he has the footage of Hao's fights. Silva thanks Radim, but Radim tells Silva that Hao is too dangerous. Silva steals Radim's footage from the microphone and tells him it is his honor to stop Hao once and for all since Patch Hao killed their people 500 years ago. Nickrome and Magna go report to Hao about Silva while Yoh explains to his friends that Hao is his twin brother.

Reincarnation 142 - Oh, Brother!!

Horohoro tackles Yoh and ask if he is dead serious. Yoh confirms and Anna explains that they found out the truth from Mikihisa. However, Anna tells the group that they are still at war with Hao. Meanwhile, Yohmei and Kino are remembering their divinations prior Hao's birth. Kino tells Yohmei that Keiko has twins and that prevents them from distinguishing which baby is Hao's reincarnation.

Reincarnation 143 - Grandchild

Although Keiko and Mikihisa understands the risks, they agreed to have the babies killed. When Hao is born, Yohmei tries to kill it, but the spirit of fire overwhelms Yohmei and his shikigamis. Mikihisa tries to help but got his face burn by Hao's spirits. As Hao thanks Keiko for giving birth to him, he tells the Asakuras to take care of his twin because Hao needs him to become complete.

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