Northern Pride
Shaman King Volume 15
General Information
Series Shaman King
Volume 15
Release Dates July 4, 2001 (Japanese
March 4, 2008 (English)
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Plot Summary

Japanese Release Date: July 4, 2001

American Release Date:

March 4, 2008

Character Profiles #70-78

Taken in July 2001

Characters Birthday (Age) Astrological
Blood Type
7-30-1979 (21) Leo O
(Pino's spirit Ally)
1-13-1982 (19) Capricorn AB
(Zria's spirit Ally)
4-26-1971 (30) Taurus A
Deht the Viking
(Cardimahide's Spirit Ally)
10-26-1972 (Dead at 35) Scorpio O
Oversoul: Mephisto Eliza
Yamata No Orochi Go
Spirit of the Sword

Multicultural Diversity

  • Pino is a druid from Ireland. His spirit medium is a mistletoe staff.
  • Zria is a Master of Slavic Arts from Russia. Her spirit medium is a Russian shield.
  • Cardimahide is a Runemaster of Eddic Arts from Iceland. His spirit medium is a Viking helmet.

[1][2][3]Spirit Allies of Team Ice Men [4][5][6]Techniques of Team Ice Men

  • Ice Launcher - Cardimahide's oversoul Viking Ship and Pino's attacks
  • Aurora Borealis - Gigantic Ice berg that is generated by the total mana of Team Ice Men

Chapter List:

Reincarnation 126 - Stand Up, Team Funbari Hot Springs

Great spirit looms. Manta awakens to find Faust. Faust and Manta share what has happen in last match. Team X-I has killed Team Nile, and Faust tells Manta that their match against Team Ice Men is the last one today. At first, Manta tells Faust that the stakes are high in this tournament, and Faust reassures Manta that we not lose. He tells Manta to have faith in them. Meanwhile at the cafeteria, Ryu starts picking on people while Anna yells at him for being weak and nervous. Yoh calms down Anna, but Anna yells at him for being too lax. Ren, Horohoro, and Chocolove appear, and Ren mocks them on how they prepare for their next fight. Horohoro and Chocolove asks Yoh what is his strategy. Yoh replies that he will beat them with one shot, and he explains those two months ago, they train from Anna’s Ultra Senji Ryakketsu and got stronger. Unknown to Yoh, his comments made everyone look at him.

Reincarnation 127 - Northern Pride

Pino of Team Ice Men wants to teach Yoh a lesson due to his comment. Horohoro tells Pino to simmer down. Yet, Pino mocks his team by calling their match earlier, boring. Pino goes on and explains what qualities make up a good team, and he calls Chocolove’s jokes bad. As soon as Horohoro and Chocolove show signs of aggression, team Ice Men reveal their combo attack on them to show what a good team looks like. Zria, a Russian shaman, uses her oversoul, Vodianoi, to trap Chocolove in a block of water while Pino, an Irish shaman, freezes the water to trap Chocolove. When Cardimahide, an Icelandic shaman, prepares to break the ice block, Horohoro attacks the Ice Men with Kororo Ikupasuy. Pino asks Horohoro how cold does it get there, and when Horohoro answers Pino’s question, Pino freezes Horohoro Ikupasuy. Pino stops attacking and explains that his team takes pride in living under harshest conditions of nature. Ren, who has his Bason oversoul, tells Pino not to underestimate Yoh.

Reincarnation 128 - Amidamaru's Album

Before the match begins, Yoh and his team arrive to stadium grounds. Pino of Team Ice Men calls them braggarts and he states that they will teach them a lesson in humility. Amidamaru and Anna explains to Yoh that his comment was an insult. Ren asks Anna about the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu, but Anna says it is a secret for Yoh’s allies. Pino tells that Yoh that he knows his spirit Amidamaru was spying on them, but Yoh says he will not use his information. Team Funabari Hot Springs reveal their ghosts, and Yoh reveal his new oversoul, Spirit of the Sword.

Note: Amidamaru shows his flashback and his past and this demonstrates his growth in the series.

Reincarnation 129 - I'll Go Anywhere with You

In the audience section, Opacho asks Hao about Yoh’s new oversoul. Hao explains that Yoh has perform a compound oversoul by integrating Amidamaru into Harusame, and integrating that with Futsu-no-Mitama. This results in using two spirit mediums. Also, Futsu-no-Mitama is an ancient stone sword of a Japanese God. At the same time, Anna explains about Serei Spirits to Horohoro and chocolove. Serei spirits are spirits that linger on earth for more than 500 years ago due to unresolved conflicts, and these spirits lose their form. This causes them to transcend to essence of their familiar objects. (IE: Amidamaru becomes the essence of a sword while Tokagero becomes a snake with multiple heads.) Ren leaves the audience stands after Anna finishes her explanation, and Ren thinks about his strategy to beat Yoh. Team Ice Men attack Faust first, but Faust easily dodges them. As Faust lands on his feets, Manta, Horohoro, and Chocolove look surprise at Faust. Faust’s new legs are the transplants of Faust’s skeleton dog, Frankensteiny. Faust talks to his beloved Eliza, and she says, “As you wish, mein Liebling.”

Reincarnation 130 - Faust's Album

Team Icemen thinks Yoh’s team is strange when they observe the lovey-dovey relationship between Faust and his spirit alley, Eliza. Manta says Faust is different because Eliza spoke for the first time, but Horohoro tells Manta that it is the same Faust. Faust does not dodge this move, but uses his body to shield Eliza. He asks Eliza if she’s okay. Team Ice Men freaks out at Faust’s decisions, and Pino call his motives stupid. Yoh replies that Faust has a good heart and says that it is not nice to insult Faust’s motives. Pino who is enraged announces that he beat Yoh up, but Faust tells Pino that he will not lay a hand on Yoh. With Faust’s comment, the scene goes into Faust’s flashback with Anna two months ago. Faust states that Anna summon Eliza which causes Faust to lose his purpose since his dream to revive Eliza has come true. Faust explains that he has a new life at Anna’s yet-to-be constructed Funbari Hot Springs Resort. As Team Ice Men tries to attack, Faust releases the skeleton of Eliza from its chains and summons his new oversoul, Mephisto E.

Reincarnation 131 - Bedeviled

The audience gazes at Mephisto E in astonishment. Faust explains his family history about his ancestor Johann Faust who has committed the ultimate sin. The ultimate sin was trading his soul to Mephistopheles for the all the knowledge of the world. Also, Faust explains how the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu has increased his mana and transforms Eliza in “ultimate love” and how she is created. Faust goes in a rant and laughs manacially. Zria and Cardimahide feel Faust’s mana is tremendous. Pino tries not to intimidated and proceeds to attack Yoh. Ryu protects Yoh and his body freezes. However, Ryu melts this ice because of his mana “burns with passion.”

Reincarnation 132 - The Splendor of Ryu

In the stands, Horohoro and Chocolove stares at Ryu’s oversoul which has become more solid. Pino and Cardimahide unleashes another Ice Launcher on Ryu, but Ryu is not faze by their attack. Ryu mocks them by lighting a cigarette in front of them and breaking their attack with the multiple snake heads. Suddenly, Pino gets behind Ryu and has his mistletoe staff on Ryu’s neck. Yet, Ryu flips Pino with a shoulder throw. Ryu explains to Pino that they underestimated Yoh despite their constant insults on Yoh’s team. When Radim asks Ryu why he has not attack them with his oversoul, Ryu states that he does not want to steal the chief’s thunder. This is why Faust and Ryu have not attack Team Ice Men with their oversouls. Pino gets more enraged, but Ryu reveals his devotion to Yoh and Anna by changing Tokagero oversoul into Yamata No Orochi.

Reincarnation 133 - The Power of Yoh

Pino tells his team that he does not know what to do anymore. The scene shifts into Team Ice men’s past of enduring hardships. Pino yells out why their pride is shattered by Yoh’s team. When Yoh let the Pino, Zria, and Cardimahide attack him, he emerges unharm. Furthermore, Anna explains why Yoh is untouched. Yoh’s mana acts like a reed and it bent before the storm. Specifically, Yoh’s mana is flexible and overpowers the Team Ice Men’s total mana.

Reincarnation 134 - Another Go: Giant Halo

Yoh asks Pino’s team for another go. In the stands, Horohoro explains to Chocolove why Yoh is doing this. Yoh is doing this so his opponents will not feel terrible if Yoh lets his opponents fight with the fullest potential. Pino finally admits he will lose, but he will go all out against Yoh’s Spirit of the Sword. Zria and Cardimahide back up Pino by channeling all their mana to create a colossal iceberg. As Team Ice men unleashes their gigantic ice berg (called Aurora Borealis) on Yoh, Yoh quickly destroys it with Amida- Style Halo Giant Blade.

New Oversouls for Team Yoh [7][8][9]

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