The Return of Faust
Shaman King Volume 13
General Information
Series Shaman King
Volume 13
Release Dates March 2, 2001 (Japanese
September 4, 2007 (English)
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Plot Summary

Yoh and his companions have arrived to Patch Village after receiving a vision from the Great Spirit. When they meet Chocolove for the first time, Yoh and Ren have to make teams of three shamans for the tournament in Tokyo. Ren takes Horohoro and Chocolove while Yoh takes Ryu and Faust (with Anna and Manta's request).

The first round of the tournament begins with Ren's team fighting Team Tsuchi Gumi (Hao's team consisting of Peyote and the BoZ brothers). In this round, Chocolove's origin/flashback story begins.


Japanese Release Date: March 2, 2001

American Release Date:

September 4, 2007

Reincarnation 108 - 5.6 Billions Years of Memories

Reincarnation 109 - The Competitors' Village

Reincarnation 110 - The Teams Established

Reincarnation 111 - The Return of Faust

Reincarnation 112 - In Tokyo

Reincarnation 113 - Fights

Reincarnation 114 - Jaguars

Reincarnation 115 - Man and Tecolote

Reincarnation 116 - Joco's Christmas
Bonus: Ponchi and Conchi

Special Bonus: Tales of Funbari Hill: Rokujizo Night


Character Profiles

Character files #59, 60 are taken at March 2001.

Character Birthday/ Age Astrological Sign Blood Type
Chocolove (Joco) Oct. 2, 1985 (15) Libra O
Mic ? ? ?
Radim Feb. 25, 1976 (25) Pisces B
(Uncensored name: Peyote Diaz)
September 11 (?) Virgo A
Caravela Dolls (Peyote's 5 spirit mediums) ? ? ?

New Characters: Chocolove, Radim, Mic, Chocolove's old man

Full Plot Summary

Reincarnation 108 - 5.6 Billions Years of Memories

Yoh has a vision of twins, history, whales, ships, masks, skeletons, and finally a view of the sea. Yoh finally awakes from his visions, and Silva, who was waiting by Yoh's bed, greets him. Silva explains to Yoh that he is in Patch village and his vision is the memory of the world when he reveals to Yoh, the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit gives blessing to the chosen shamans and it is the wellspring of souls plus it has the memories of Earth's 5.6 billion years. The Great Spirit only appears for a three month period every 500 years when planet Rago's gravity affects the world. Yoh has pass the first trial of the Shaman King tournment. Yoh hears Horohoro's voice where he sees Horohoro giving a high five Kalim. Ryu, who woke up earlier than Yoh and Horohoro, is crying because he lost Lyserg. Ren Tao who is staring at the Great Spirit with Bason is the only one in Yoh's group who did not faint. Lyserg is crying because of his vision while a scene of Mikihisa is reveal.

Reincarnation 109 - The Competitors' VillageSilva tells Yoh and friends that they have two months to rest and wait for the rest of the shamans to appear and he informs them that the next part of the tournament takes place in Tokyo, Japan.

Yoh checks out a souvenier shop which Kalim mans. Ren asks Kalim how come the Patch tribe man the shops. Kalim replies that they cannot risk their tribe when there are evil or cruel shamans here. Anna appears and demands to buy the Silver Patch-Man for $3.80 even though Kalim says it is $380. Yoh rushes out and tries to convince Anna to think of the Patch children. Suddenly, Anna tells Yoh that she will train him. Otherwise, Anna says, with a solemn look on her face, that someone will take her. Everyone looks at Anna.

Chocolove (Joco) makes his first debut and insults Yoh for bringing his date to the tournament. Yoh's friends ignore Chocolove, but Chocolove tries to tell them about the event's new rules. Although Chocolove's puns irritate Ren and Horohoro, Anna and Yoh tells the others to listen to Chocolove's information. Chocolove explains that the tournament requires a three-member teams and anyone who cannot form a team is disqualified. Also, Chocolove shows Yoh and friends that Hao and his followers have shown up.

Reincarnation 110 - The Teams Established

Chocolove explains about the top three shaman groups/ (Forces) that have a kami class shaman, Hao's followers, X-Laws, and Gandhara (Buddhist shamans). Chocolove informs that 70% of the shaman are under one of the three shaman groups. Chocolove's special task is gathering information as he explains information is the key to survival and he thanks his spirit ally, Mic the Jaguar, for his sharp nose. Chocolove's goal is to become the world's greatest comedian, and Ren refuses to believe it. Chocolove replies that he will not "clam" up. Anna thinks about her strategy and tells Chocolove he is not funny. Ren takes Chocolove on his team and lets Horohoro and Ryu decide if they want to join his team. When Ryu says that he will join Ren if Lyserg is on his team, Ren recruits Horohoro because Ren does not care about Lyserg. When Yoh calls Ren cute, Anna gets jealous while Horohoro gets excited. Ryu thinks Chocolove is okay because he looks like Muscle Punch and he joins Horohoro and shouts that he will find Lyserg. Running Gag: Tokagero tells Amidamaru that Yoh forgot about forging Harusame.

Manta and Tamao, who are waiting for Anna and Mikihisa, gets harass by Ponchi and Conchi. Ponchi and Conchi tells Tamao to get it on with Manta, and Manta walks away. As Manta reaches the river, he sees Faust the VIII by himself singing.

Reincarnation 111 - The Return of Faust

As soon as Manta sees Faust, he quickly runs away but he trips which alerts Faust. Meanwhile, Horohoro and Chocolove argue because Horohoro will not pronounce his name right. Anna, who is annoyed by their fight, tells Yoh that Manta arrives with her, but Yoh tells Anna that Manta is on Faust's lap. Chocolove spats on Horohoro when he cries out "skeleton doggie!" Anna asks Faust if he is still looking for revenge on Yoh, but Faust replies that if it brings back Eliza, he will do it. Yet, Faust asks Yoh if he can join his team because Yoh and his friends are the only shamans he knows. Out of nowhere, Ryu pops out and rejects Faust's proposal because their slots are full due to Lyserg. Faust, who has a sad look, drives his wheelchair away while taking away Manta.

After taking Manta away from Faust, Yoh, Anna, Ryu, Manta, Horohoro, and Chocolove discuss at a diner. Anna and Manta persuades Yoh to recruit Faust. Manta's reasons are that Faust is not a bad guy due to his obsession with medicine and his passion for Eliza while Anna's reasons are that having a doctor on the team is beneficial because Faust's necromantic powers are strong. If Anna succeeds in perfecting Faust's resurrection of Eliza, she will have Faoust's eternal loyalty. Anna's real reason (coined by Manta) is to have Faust work in her future hot springs inn.

Meanwhile, Lyserg, who is crying in the arms of Marco, asks Marco if his team is strong enough to defeat Hao. Marco reassures Lyserg that the X-Laws' master has more power than Hao, and he tells Lyserg to thing about his decision to join the X-Laws' team.

Reincarnation 112 - In Tokyo

Anna gives Silva the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu, and Silva asks if Anna has give the powers of the book to Yoh. Anna answers Silva by showing her ogres, Koki and Zenki, and she tells Silva that she has already master it enough to teach Yoh. She also answers with confidence that she, the goddess, will lead Yoh to victory. When Ren's team on Kalim's oversoul helicopter arrives to an uninhabited island of Tokyo, Ren sees his family cheering him in a helicopter. Manta looks at the roster and sees "Team Funabari Hot Springs" versus the "Ice Men"

Rules of the tournament

According to Anna, Yoh has to be one of the top four teams to advance to the next part of the tournament.

Yoh knows that he will fight Ren's team.

Reincarnation 113 - Fights

Radim makes his first debut in this chapter and he is the commentator and the referee.

The Rules of Tournament 1

  • This event is 3-on-3 battles with no time limit.
  • Spirit allies are allowed.
  • A team loses when none of its members can engage their oversouls, a member leaves the fighting area (I.E., goes outside the totem poles), or the team decides not to continue.

Radim also tells that a special oversoul force field has activate so no spectators can interfere.

Team Ren and Team Earth (Tsuchi Gumi)'s match begins

Team Earth has Peyote (Tecolote) and the BoZ monks. Goldva, who says there are 63 shamans left, announces the first match to begin. BoZ immediately attacks Chocolove with their Chimi-chimi-moryo. Chocolove easily dodges the first wave of attack and destroys BoZ's Chimi-chimi-moryo.

Reincarnation 114 - Jaguars

Chocolove explains that he learn this technique from a Brazilian man in New York and tells BoZ about the jaguar. Chocolove easily defeats BoZ with lightning speed and "Slice." Anna explains to Manta that Chocolove integrates his spirit using his body as a medium and this is a special kind of integration where the shaman lets the ghost take over the limbs and the head. Chocolove is a shaman who transforms into a jaguar via oversoul. Hao watches the match with his followers and comments on how entertaining it is. When Luchist asks if Peyote can still win, Hao replies he does not care. Peyote, who kicks BoZ's unconscious bodies, shows his true powers by using his team mates as a spirit medium.

Reincarnation 115 - Man and Tecolote

Peyote answers in Spanish that Ren es el correcto and he introduces his spirit allies, Carlos and Juan who are Mariachis from Mexico. Peyote explains why his friends Carlos and Juan are dead because of an argument with the customers became fatal. When Chocolove strikes Peyote, Antonio (Peyote's skeleton doll) strikes Chocolove. Peyote introduces Antonio, Pancho, Jose, Zapata, and Miguel. Anna explains about Calavera dolls which are symbols of the dead and are decorations for the Mexican holiday "Day of the Dead." Anna tells Yoh that the "Day of the Dead" is like the Japanese holiday, Obon. Peyote also uses bones for his spirit medium if BoZ are killed which offends Faust. Chocolove, who is angry, tells Peyote that he will not stand by and watch someone get killed again.

Reincarnation 115 - Joco's Christmas

Chocolove's flashback takes place in New York 1998. It was Christmas, Chocolove murders a man in cold blood to steal his money even though the man begs him because he has a family. The reason why Chocolove hates Christmas because all the worst scum comes out on Christmas. Nine years ago, Chocolove's parent are killed by a robber and he lost everything. Now, Chocolove is with a gang. The old man makes Chocolove laugh because the old man says he will save the world with laughter. Chocolove surprise the old man when he points to Mic the Jaguar.


Bonus: Ponchi & Conchi

Special Bonus: Tales of Funbari Hill: Rokujizo Night

Yoh and Anna talk about the Rokujizo who save people until the Maitreya Bodhisattva appears on Earth. When Yoh asks Anna wouldn't be cool if Rokujizo could save them, Anna, with a sad look, replies rocks don't move.

Chocolove's puns

What he says first The pun
tournament permanent
The three Forces The Three Horses
Kami Class Cami-Sole

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