The Wrath of Angels
Shaman King Volume 12
General Information
Series Shaman King
Volume 13
Release Dates December 22, 2000 (Japanese
May 1, 2007 (English)
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Plot Summary

Japanese Release Date: December 22, 2000
===American Release Date:=== May 1, 2007
==Contents== Reincarnation 99 - Legend of the Impaler
Reincarnation 100 - Spirit Ally Pandemonium
Reincarnation 101 - Blazing Tenacity
Reincarnation 102 - Even More Blazing Tenacity
Reincarnation 103 - Guns of the Angels
Reincarnation 104 -  Smiling Judgement
Reincarnation 105 - The Wrath of the Angels
Reincarnation 106 - The Bride of Asakura
Reincarnation 107 - Bill Pays His Debt
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Character Profiles


Note: 3rd column's X-Laws' names are from official dub manga volume. Yet, the names change in vol. 13 and up. See image below.

Arch Angel
(New Characters)
Dub manga name
Michael Marco    Marco
John Denbat
Meene Montgomery
Larch Dirac
 Porf Griffith
Cebin Mendel
Chris Venstar

[1]Dub manga vol.. 12==Full Plot Summary== Reincarnation 99 - Legend of the Impaler Yoh and friends figure out Boris's medium which is blood and he can manipulate it. Also, they learn that Lyserg is control by Blamuro, so Boris is actually not a vampire.
Boris Origin Story Boris's ancestor is Vald Tepes whose cruel strategy to repell the Turkish army of the Ottoman empire by impaling 20,000 Turkish. The Turkish army suffers a psychological defeat after their long heavy march when they see a grotesque display of impalement. However, this has cost Vlad's family their reputation. Even though Vlad is a hero to Wallachia, his decision has branded a vampire and his family has been persecuted. Boris explains that Hao Asakura has given them shamanic powers to get revenge. Boris also reveals that Blamuro is the one who persecuted his family and he explains how he tortured Blamuro into becoming his spirit ally.
Boris attacks the tourists and drains their blood to make stakes and point at Yoh's friends. Lyserg who was possessed by Blamuro grabs Yoh and points Yoh's sword toward Lyserg's neck.
Reincarnation 100 - Spirit Ally Pandemonium Yoh sitll believes he can win. Ryu uses Tokagero to stop the bloody stakes. Horohoro freezes the stakes while Ren smashes them to smithereens. Boris attempts to force Blamuro to kill Lyserg, but Amidamaru who kindled Blamuro's conscience helps Blamuro to stop obeying Boris. Bokuto no Ryu goes on a rant and explains how friendship works and shows how tenacious his spirit is.
Reincarnation 101 - Blazing Tenacity 1999 Izmo Mid-Summer
"After Yoh and others left" Flash back Ryu begs Yohmei to train him, but Yohmei knows why he is doing it (for the ladies) and refuses to train him because he does not think Ryu has the will to fight in the Asakura's war againt Hao. Ryu bumps into Tokagero and the two have a conversation where Ryu explains Tokagero that he is in normal state and tells Tokagero who is "homeless" that he will be Tokagero's home. Ryu and Tokagero share a lot of things in common since both of them search for a place they belong to.
Reincarnation 102 - Even More Blazing Tenacity Mikihisa talks to Yohmei and persuades Yohmei to accept Ryu who is waiting outside for a week. Next scene, Yohmei takes Ryu to the wilds of Oku-Izumo and gives him a test to climb to the summit of Mt. Sentsuzan without the use of roads. If Ryu passes, Yohmei will train him. Ryu and Tokagero encounters many odd spirits and survive in the wilds through instincts. Finally Ryu makes it to the top. Yomei explains the legends behind the mountain and the river.
Murakumo no Tsurugi is a sword that Susano o killed Yamata-No-Orochi the Snake god. Yamata-No-Orochi's severed tail and body becomes the eight valleys and eight hills. Yomei also explains that forces of nature are capricious when they do give life and take life (ie: the river floods and killed princess Inada which made everyone fear Orochi).
Yomei comments that Ryu is like Susano'o who is tenacious and defeated Yamata-No-Orochi.
Back to the fight, Ryu unleashes his technique, "Ame No Murakumo" which is the attack that slewed Yamata-No-Orochi.

Reincarnation 103 - Guns of the Angels After Ryu defeats Boris, he collapses and Lyserg saves him. Yoh rushes to help Boris, but sees Marco's archangel, Michael, who stabs and kills Boris. X-Laws explain their purpose is to cleanse evil.

Reincarnation 104 -  Smiling Judgement Mohamed and Zang encounters the X-laws and Yoh's friends. Big Guy Bill attacks X-Laws from behind with his Big Touchdown and the power of his 21 teammates. The X-Laws easily defeats Big Guy Bill. Mohamed stops Zang from helping Big Guy Bill because he senses a great power behind the X-Laws. The two leave to report to Hao Asakura. As Marco is about to shoot Big Guy Bill, Yoh steps in to stop him.

Reincarnation 105 - The Wrath of Angels Yoh challenges Marco who thinks Yoh is on Hao's side. As Yoh replies that he is not on anyone's side, Marco tells Yoh a neutral person cannot be a shaman king. The two clash and Michael breaks Yoh's harusame. Meanwhile, Anna and her team, Manta, Tamao (w/ spirits), and Tamurazaki approach the cave entrance to Patch Village. Hao and Opacho meets Anna and her team. Hollywood Reference: Anna mentions she was looking forward to meet Tom Cruise but Manta tells her he is not here.
Reincarnation 106 - The Bride of Asakura Hao Asakura calls them cute, but Opacho got jealous. Hao reassures Opacho that she is cute. Hao explains to Anna that he wants her to delver the book, Ultra Senji Ryakketsu, so Yoh can get strong and assist him. Anna objects and Hao gets closer while smiling and insists that Anna can help him. Anna who is angry tries to slap Hao, but Hao catches her hand and tells her she is the perfect wife for a shaman king. Anna quickly slaps Hao with her left hand (Phantom Left coined by Tamao and Manta). Yoh makes the decision to take Big Guy Bill to the Patch Village and forge Harusame over there as well.

Reincarnation 107 - Bill Pays His Debt As the gang heads down (one of them comments it looks like the underworld), Horohoro remembers all the things that happen to him in Amerca. Big Guy Bill tells them a clue that the true road open only to the chosen shamans and the Patch Tribe are the guardians  that protect the celestial holy ground of the Great Spirit.
Meanwhile, Goldva gets mad at Big Guy Bill for helping them. Goldva explains to Silva, Kalim, and Nicrom that the voice can only be heard by the ones who have pure souls.


First Popularity Poll

  1. Yoh Asakura - 6,603 votes
  2. Tao Ren - 5,106 votes
  3. Anna Kyoyama - 3, 209 votes
  4. Horohoro - 2,862 votes
  5. Faust VIII - 2,059
  6. Manta Oyamada - 1,642
  7. Lyserg Diethel - 1,567
  8. Amidamaru - 1,466
  9. Hao Asakura - 1,312
  10. Tao Jun - 1,310
  11. Hiroyuki Takei - 899
  12. Silva - 857
  13. "Wooden Sword" Ryu - 595
  14. Lee Bailong - 457
  15. Kororo - 344
  16. Tamao - 231
  17. Pirka (Pirika) -198
  18. Lilirara- 144
  19. Blue Chateau - 107
  20. Pumpkin girl - 97
  21. Eliza - 66
  22. BoZ - 58
  23. Bason - 53
  24. Mosuke - 52
  25. Morphea - 49
  26. Tamurazaki - 44
  27. Spirit of Fire - 38
  28. Tie: Lip & Rap with Doll Master - 29
  29. Tie (30th place): Opacho and Ponch & Conchi - 28 

Shaman Break -- Bonus Page

Explains about the Patch and Wooden Sword Ryu

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