Volume 11
Terra Formars Vol 11
General Information
Series Terra Formars
Volume 11
Release Dates November 19, 2014
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List of Chapters

Chapter 99: Secret Object

With 2 Terra Formars faced Bao with pipes, Bao beats one of them and shoots them in the face. Before Bao could shoot the other one, the roach's mouth spits out a cone sail's harpoon which pierce through the jumpsuit, injecting a deadly nerve toxin into Bao. Hong leaves the control room to cut off the harpoon. Bao urges Hong to transform. However, Hong refuses since she doesn't want Bao to die. She reminds Bao of his dream to be a novelist, acknowledging this Bao as a unique person. Suddenly, Keiji crashes from above. During the distraction, the roach with the cone sail's MO attempts to attack Hong. Chunli intercepts the attack, protecting Hong.

Chapter 100: Crimson Red

After Keiji asks Chunli to put some clothes (due to his eyes can detect Chunli through her invisibility), Chunli takes Keiji's invitation to fight, calling him foolish for not hitting women. She remarks that Keiji won't get in the control room if he cannot kill either her or Hong. She urges Hong to get inside the control room.

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