Vegeta (character) main image
Kanji ベジータ
Rōmaji Bejīta
Aliases Prince Vegeta
Race Saiyans
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Dark Brown/Black
Affiliations Planet Trade Organization (Former)
Z Warriors
Romantic Partners Bulma (wife)
Relatives King Vegeta (father)
Trunks (son)
Bra (daughter)
Manga Dragon Ball Volume 17: Chapter 204
Anime Dragon Ball Z Episode #2 (Cameo)
Dragon Ball Z Episode #5
Japanese Ryō Horikawa
English Chris Sabat (FUNimation dub)
Brian Drummond (Ocean Group Dub)

Vegeta is a character in the Dragon Ball franchise.


Vegeta is King Vegeta's firstborn son. Even at a young age, Vegeta could easily defeat Saibamen, which have the same, basic power levels of the "commoner" Saiyans.

Due to the "truce" between his father and Frieza, the young Sayian prince was sent away to be trained and serve Frieza alongside with his own servant, Nappa. While his father attempted to rescue him with some of his elite warriors, they all fail due to the intergalactic tyrant. When he heard that his planet exploded, it did little to phase the young prince.

Story Arcs

Captain Ginyu & Frieza Saga

In the beginning Vegeta is a villain. He and Nappa come to Earth to find the Dragon Balls. He wants to become immortal after he collects all of the Dragon Balls. On the way Vegeta sends Nappa to defeat the other fighters. After a quick battle Nappa destroys almost all of them. But, Goku then arrives and finds Krillin and Gohan about to be killed. But, Goku quickly takes out Nappa making Nappa retreat back to Vegeta. Once he made it to Vegeta he thought he was safe. But, Vegeta blasts Nappa killing him. Vegeta then confronts Goku and starts to fight. Vegeta putting up a way bigger fight than Nappa did. Vegeta fights hard and uses the Galic gun many times. Also, he turns into the Oozaru but, that didn't last very long as Yajirobe cut his tail off. Goku then created a spirit bomb and sends it to Krillin who then sends it at Vegeta beating him. Krillin almost killed Vegeta but, Goku just told him to leave him alone. After this Vegeta returns to a planet ruled by Frieza and got his wounds healed.

His power then became even greater after healing up and with this, he went off to Namek, after being told by Cui that Frieza and his men left to get the Dragon Balls there. When the two reached the planet, Vegeta takes out Cui with ease. Shortly afterwards, Vegeta sees Dodoria who is one of Frieza's best soldiers. Vegeta went into battle with Dodoria and beats him after a while. Vegeta then came across a Namekian village, where he killed them all, took their dragonball, and hide it from Frieza and his men. He then senses another one of Frieza's men named Zarbon. Vegeta finds Zarbon and starts to beat on him. But, when Zarbon transformed to his true-self, Vegeta was eadily defeated. In order to learn where Vegeta hid the dragonball, Zarbon takes him back to Frieza's where he was healed. After a quick recovery, Vegeta escaped, as well as taking all of Frieza's Dragon Balls. When Zarbon tries to follow Vegeta, the Sayian prince just easily punched and blasts Zarbon out of view. He then took Krillin and Bulma's dragonball, meaning that he had all 7. That is, until Gohan stole the one he hid. Ironically, the two encounter each other, but Vegeta let Gohan go, not knowing that he had the dragonball or that the "watch" he had was the radar to find them. But when he reached the place where he hid the ball, Vegeta then figured out what happen and went into a great rage, vowing that Gohan would "not escape his wrath."

When Vegeta catches up with Krilin and Gohan, he finds out that Frieza had got the Ginyu force to come, making the proud prince to team up with Gohan and Krillin. They take down Guldo and hurt Recoome but, they are defeated in the end. Then Goku appears and defeats Recoome then Burter. Goku then looks toward Captain Ginyu for battle. While Goku was busy with the Captian, Vegeta went and killed Burter and Recoome. He then battles Jeice and wins. After a long battle with the Captian Goku becomes injured. Frieza then appears and levels up defeating Vegeta. Goku heals himself up and tries to come back and fight Frieza. Only to see that Frieza shoots a beam right through the chest of Vegeta. With his last breath, Vegeta pleaded to Goku to avenge his fellow Sayians, for all the suffering they had to suffer from Frieza, from being his personal lap-dogs to their genocide and destruction of their home planet. As he was preparing Vegeta a proper burial, Goku theorized that Vegeta was the way he was because of how he was raised by Frieza, as he was the source of Vegeta's anger.

Shortly after the return of Piccolo/Kami, the Earth Dragon Balls were gathered and then used to bring back all the dead Nemekians that were killed by Frieza and his men, which also included Vegeta. Newly restored, Vegeta was eager to get his chance to fight Frieza again, only to see the now Super Saiyan Goku fighting the tyrant right before being wished away to Earth after Goku gave Dende to wish that everyone on Nemek be there, saved for himself and Frieza.

After the battle between Frieza and Goku, Vegeta brought up the idea for Z-Fighters to wish Goku and Krillin back to the Check-In Station when the wish to bring them back would result in them reappear in space where Namek once was. Bulma was even willing to let Vegeta board with the refugee Nameks at the Capsule Corp grounds (because Bulma thought he was cute),. At the end of the Frieza saga in the anime, Vegeta took off in Prof. Briefs 2nd Spaceship, in the hopes to catch up to Goku's level and spent most of the Garlic Jr Saga training and destroying the remnants of Frieza's army.

Android Saga

Vegeta lives on Earth now with the others and is still a jerk but, not a villain. While with the others they find out the Frieza is back from his fight with Goku. Frieza had now become half cyborg to survive from the fight. Now his father King Cold has come back to fight Goku. But, as King Cold and Frieza came out to find Goku a young man appears. The mysterious man transforms into a Super Saiyan and defeats Frieza and King Cold. It is revealed though that the young boy is actually Vegeta's son from the future. He tells Goku and the others about the future and that Goku will die from a heart disease. He then hands Goku a vile that holds an antidote from the future. He also tells them androids from Dr. Gero kill all the fighters in the future. He then leaves and tells them he will come back. After seeing that his own son was a Super Saiyan Vegeta goes off to train. A year later Dr. Gero and the androids appear on Earth. Goku fights Android 19 and was about to win when his heart disease affected his fighting skills. Android 19 then begins to absorb his power when Vegeta comes in and helps Goku. Vegeta has now become a Super Saiyan too. He easily defeats the android by ripping it's arms off and finishing it off with his new "Big Bang Attack". Dr. Gero ran away and activated two more androids. But, the androids 17 and 18 killed him and released a third android, Android 16. They returned and fought Vegeta. But, when the android had a unlimited energy supply Vegeta was defeated. During this time Cell had arrived. He was a villain who wanted to absorb the power of the androids. So to become powerful enough to take down Cell, Vegeta and Trunks go to train. After a day which was a year of training into the Hyperbolic time chamber Vegeta and Trunks go find Cell. Vegeta started to beat on Cell when Cell tricked him into letting him go absorb another android. Cell then became "Perfect Cell" and start beating Vegeta. But Vegeta did one last attack that destroyed half of Cell but, he healed and beat Vegeta. Trunks tried to beat cell but, was defeated. Cell told them to meet him at the Cell Games for another fight. Vegeta and Trunks went off again to train.

Cell Saga

The Cell games then began and Goku was up first. During a short fight Goku stopped and told Cell he couldn't win. So he put Gohan in instead of him and told Cell that if Gohan gets mad then his true power will come out. So Cell created little Cell versions of himself to go and take out the other fighters. Vegeta and Trunks were out fighting the other little cells. But, then Cell grabbed the head of android 16 and smashed it. Gohan lost it and transformed into a Super Saiyan 2. When he did this he defeated all the little Cells and started to beat up Cell. He then punched him in the stomach causing Cell to spit up android 18 and he loses his perfect form. But, then Cell went self destruct mode and was going to destroy the whole entire earth. But, Goku came it and teleported Cell and him to King Kai's and there Cell blew up killing Goku and the planet. Cell regenerates though and comes back as a Super Perfect Cell. He then returned to earth and battled Trunks. He easily defeated and killed Trunks. Vegeta tried taking revenge but, Cell was too much. Cell threw a blast towards Vegeta but, Gohan jumped in the way saving Vegeta. The blast had blown off Gohans arm though. Cell then started to create a Kamehameha blast and so Gohan started to do one to. They both blast the blasts at each other. They blasts go into a battle but, as this happened Vegeta blasts Cell and so Gohan got his attack off killing Cell.

Buu Saga

Years past without too much trouble until Goku was warned about a wizard trying to revive a evil being named Buu. The wizard was Babidi. He had manipulated other fighters in the martial arts tournament to take out other fighters. Eventually babidi took control over Vegeta. So Vegeta became Majin Vegeta and started to kill the people in the stadium. So Goku and Vegeta started to fight but, the match was too even. But the energy from the battle was enough to release Buu from his prison. So Vegeta and Goku went to go fight Majin Buu. But, on the way Vegeta knocked out Goku so he could go fight him alone. So he went and fought Buu. Vegeta was looking like he was going to beat him but, Buu just kept regenerating. So Vegeta then sacrifices himself for one last blast and disintegrates Buu but, also killed himself. The blast seemed to have killed Buu but, he once again regenerated. Vegeta was once again brought back to life to fight Super Buu. But, Buu was still too much for him and Goku. So they decided to fuse and create Vegetto. Vegetto started to beat Buu but, Buu then absorbed him. Once inside of Buu the fuse broke and Vegeta and Goku started to free everyone inside of Buu including Fat Buu. This causes Buu to become Kid Buu. Kid Buu became mad and destroyed earth. But, Goku and Vegeta made it to another planet. But, Buu came back and found Goku and Vegeta. They couldn't beat Buu but, Vegeta distracted Buu long enough so that Goku could form a spirit bomb. Goku then releases the bomb killing Buu. Putting his evil rampage to a stop.

Dragon Ball GT

Emperor Pilaf is seen summoning the dragon of the Black Star Dragon Balls. But, by accident Goku is wished a kid. The dragon balls are then spread out across the galaxy and he must now collect them in a year or the earth will explode. So goku who is now a kid is traveling the galaxy when he finds a alien named Baby. Apparently the aprasite alien was created by Tsufurujin to kill saiyans. The parasite they learn can take control of other peoples bodies if they enter through a cut of some sort. So the alien makes his way to Goten and gain control of him. He then makes his way to Gohan and controls him. So the possed Gohan and Goten now face off against Vegeta. But, during the fight Vegeta is cut and becomes one of them. He now leads as the main host and plans to create a new world for the Tsufurujin. Uubu which is the fusion of Uub and Fat Buu tries to defeat Vegeta by turning him into candy but, Vegeta sends the attack back turning him into a candy that Vegeta eats. Then Goku arrives and fights Vegeta. Goku went SS 3 but, still couldn't beat Vegeta. Right when Vegeta was about to kill Goku he teleported away making the killing blow miss. So now Goku meets up with Kibitoshin and Elder Kai. They stretch out Goku's tail. When they did this it allowed Goku to come back as a Golden Ozaru. With a little help Goku finally controlled the Ozaru and overpowered Vegeta. But, then Vegeta uses a Brutz wave machin to turn himself into a golden ozaru but, he had better control over it and defeated Goku. Uubu had made it inside of baby Vegeta though and distracted him so Goku could come back. So he did and he defeated baby Vegeta killing the alien parasite returning Vegeta to normal.

Super 17 Saga

Dr. Miyu teams up with doctor Gero to create the ultimate android 17. They combine the regular Andriod 17 with the Hellfigeter 17. Vegeta confronts Super 17 and is at first seemingly as fast as the android but he absorbs his Final Shine attack and overpowers the fighters. He is later defeated by Super Saiyan 4 Goku.

Shadow Dragons Saga

Vegeta becomes Super Saiyan 4 after Bulma focuses Blutz waves on him to force his Great Ape transformation, after which he achieves the Super Saiyan 4 transformation. He then fuses with Super Saiyan 4 Goku to become Gogeta and fights Omega Shenron, the most powerful of the Shadow Dragons.

Powers & Abilities

Superhuman Strength

Vegeta's Saiyan physiology grants him a great level of physical superhuman strength which has shown to be sufficient to easily punch through a moving truck, shatter boulders and large rocky objects with single blows, lift heavy objects and moving extremely fast and acrobatically and performing fighting movements while training in 100x, 300x and even 400x Earth's gravity. During his first appearance his strength overwhelmed that of Goku during several moments in their battle and nearly killed him however as time passed Goku surpassed his strength however Vegeta has equaled and passed Goku's strength several times. At the end of Dragon Ball GT, Vegeta like Goku achieves the final Super Saiyan form the Super Saiyan 4 and is well matched to Goku in terms of power.

Superhuman Speed

Vegeta's Saiyan body grants him superhuman speed greater than that of any human in the universe. He moves and reacts at superhuman speed and as has been shown to move excessively faster than cars and is capable of moving well over many times the speed of sound, and arguably surpassing light speed as he is shown to routinely dodge ki beams which have previously been clocked at or beyond the speed of light.

Superhuman Durability

Like all Saiyans, Vegeta's body has superhuman durability however has been shown to not be as durable as Goku from time to time however at the end of Dragon Ball GT it is highly likely that he had become physically as durable as Goku. Vegeta can withstand high caliber bullets, powerful explosions and destructive energy blasts without sustaining damage and has several feats of durability such as withstanding energy blasts capable of destroying entire cities, and easily surpassing the durability of Frieza, who survived the planet Namek's explosion while already half dead. In the anime Vegeta is seen withstanding the destruction of several planets at once by his father, when he was still a small child. Vegeta is also capable of withstanding heavy blows from very powerful enemies such as Super Buu, Omega Shenron, Super 17 and more. Vegeta was also shown as the most durable of the posse that was present with him when facing Super 17 and the most difficult to deal with with the exception of Goku.

Energy Manipulation

Vegeta has complete mastery over his energy manipulation and can use it for things such as energy blasts, energy waves, energy balls, energy spheres, energy shields and more. Vegeta is able to create colossal energy blasts powerful enough to easily destroy entire planets without using his full power, his favorite blasts throughout the series and his most powerful ones are Galick Gun, Final Flash and Final Shine Attack. It is noted during his battle with Android 18 that he has the ability to destroy the planet if serious, and is again noted that during Vegeta's battle with Perfect Cell when he launched a very powerful Final Flash that the Earth would have been destroyed on impact if he had not condensed the beam at the final second. Even during his first encounter with Goku he attempted to destroy the Earth with his Galick Gun attack but his attack was countered with Goku's Kamehameha blast and that could hint that Vegeta has destroyed planets before with single energy blasts. In the anime Vegeta easily destroys the planet Arlia with a casual blast from his fingertips. Aside from energy blasts Vegeta can create large energy balls his most powerful being The Big Bang Attack which he used to destroy Android 19 during his battle with him when he was a Super Saiyan. Vegeta can manipulate different types of energy the most common being ki for it is highly likely that before Vegeta arrived on Earth he did not how to sense and change ki at will.

Vegeta can use the energy around him to enhance or and increase his power (including physical attributes) he does this by gathering the energy in his environment and a sign that the energy is being gathered is when a flame-like aura is formed around his body and when he increases his energy by gathering more energy when the aura is around him it begins to flicker as the energy begins to shift further increasing his power. He can also channel the energy through his body to increase his physical strength and can concentrate ki or any energy into single areas of his body such as fists to use energy enhanced strikes as spheres of dense energy form around his fists. Vegeta can also sense the energy of other beings and can use this ability to follow their energy signatures and locate the beings.


Great Ape

Vegeta retains all aspects of his personality whilst in his Great Ape form and while wearing his Saiyan armor, the armor stretches to accommodate his great size. His appearance in this transformation changes drastically as he becomes gigantic, he has dark brown fur, his pupils vanish and his eyes become completely red, and his voice becomes extremely deep and loud, he also gains a great amount of weight due to his great size as the ground quakes when he walks. Vegeta's tail is cut off by Yajirobe during the fight on Earth and it never regrows.

Super Saiyan

In this form his appearance changes as his hair turns blonde, grows slightly longer and becomes spikier, he has a slight increase in muscle, his irises turn green and he gains a flame-like golden aura. Vegeta gains this form through intense physical training and his unlimited desire to surpass Goku in power however it was his anger and rage that allowed him to transform into a Super Saiyan when he was physically ready.

Ascended Super Saiyan

In this form Vegeta has the same golden features as his Super Saiyan form and his green eyes are maintained however he gains a great increase in muscle and is bulkier, his hair is longer and sharper and his personality changes as he acts and looks more dominantly and frequently states his physical superiority.

Super Saiyan 2

In this form he has a slight increase in muscle, he has all of the golden features of a Super Saiyan however his hair does become slightly longer, sharper and spikier and blue electrical arcs become simultaneous around the golden aura. This is his final transformation in the manga series.

Majin Vegeta

This form is first seen when Dabura discovers the inner evil possessed by Vegeta and informs Babidi of this and Babidi manipulates the inner evil in Vegeta and his fueled desire to surpass Goku in power. Vegeta feels that his power is slipping as he was saved by Gohan during the Cell Saga and when he realizes he was surpassed by a child (Super Saiyan 2 Gohan) which fuels Vegeta's desire to surpass everyone in power and he allows himself to be controlled by Babidi because he offered to give him more power however when Vegeta was given the power he took control of his Majin form and disobeyed Babidi's spell by sheer will alone. In this form his personality drastically changes as he is pure evil and is willing to kill innocent lives simply to prompt Goku to fight him so that he may prove that he is the strongest and he even threatens his own son however does not harm him but simply knocks him unconscious when he attempts to stop Vegeta from confronting Majin Buu however he did mercilessly punch Goten (a child) in the stomach knocking him unconscious for yelling at him. Vegeta is functionally deranged and nearly psychotic in this form as he is shown frequently shouting and displaying bizarre facial ticks and is virtually psychotic in this form and incredibly violent. Vegeta's appearance changes as well as his hair grows slightly longer and is spikier and sharper, his eyelids become black and are lined, his forehead has an "M" mark indicating that he is a Majin and a servant of Babidi and his muscles increase from his Super Saiyan form and most of his veins pop out, he has a golden flame-like aura and blue electrical arcs appear in the golden aura. Vegeta is extremely aggressive in this form exhibiting great aggressiveness when fighting Goku and is immensely ruthless.

Golden Great Ape

Vegeta achieves this form after absorbing Blutz Wave Energy from Bulma's machine in an effort to aid Goku against Omega Shenron. Vegeta had to be in his Super Saiyan form and used Bulma's machine because although he was powerful enough he did not have his tail, however it is debatable how this form can be reached as one simply needs to absorb Blutz Wave Energy as a Super Saiyan. This form's appearance, with the exception of its golden colored fur, is identical to the regular Great Ape form. Unlike Goku, Vegeta retains his rationality in this form.

Super Saiyan 4

Vegeta achieves this form after calming down as a Golden Great Ape. Vegeta's appearance changes drastically in this form as his eyelids have a red shadow and are lined, his hair is longer extending to his shoulders and is more wild and becomes a lighter brown color, he is more muscular and bulkier than his previous forms (excluding Ascended Super Saiyan and Great Ape forms), he has red fur covering most of his body except his chest, head/face and fists, his clothing disappears and only his lower clothing such as boots and pants are retained and the only upper clothing that is retained are his gloves. His eyes are aqua-colored and his tail is retained from his Great Ape form. This is Vegeta's most powerful form and he is equal to Goku in power whilst in this form. He used this form in the battle against Omega Shenron in an attempt to help Goku defeat the villain. This is Vegeta's final transformation in Dragon Ball GT and his final transformation period as well as his most powerful.

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