Vash main image
Vash the Stampede
Kanji ヴァッシュ・ザ・スタンピード
Rōmaji Vasshu za Sutanpīdo
Aliases The Humanoid Typhoon
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Manga Trigun Volume #1: Chapter #1
Anime Trigun Episode #1
Japanese Masaya Onosaka
English Johnny Yong Bosch

Vash the Stampede also known as "The Humanoid Typhoon" due to the path of destruction he leaves behind. Vash is the most wanted felon in Gunsmoke; bearing a $$60,000,000,000 sixty billion double dollars bounty. As a result of this bounty the Bernardelli Insurance Society starts following him, two agents were designated for this: Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson. An important characteristic of Vash is that he, as well as his brother, Knives aren’t humans. They are sentient Plants, an energy source created by humans.



Vash acts wacky and exaggerates foolish characteristics to avoid any recognition and to make people feel secure when he's around. He shows an almost obsessive love for donuts. Whenever someone around him are in danger he changes and becomes completely focus and serious. Vash refuses to kill any of his opponents; which leads him to suffer at the hands his enemies. The abuses made by his enemies are clearly evidenced by his body; a mess of large scars, chunks of missing flesh supported by metal mesh, and stitch marks.


Both Vash and Knives were born and raised on a human ship, Rem Saverem take the task of raising both of them as her sons. She teaches Vash the philosophy that every living being good or bad deserves to live; he takes it to the extreme by always trying to save everyone. Ultimately the ship crashes due to Knives' work, starting a conflict between him and Vash.

Story Arcs

Vash is first shown to be in a cafe getting served his food. Meanwhile a group of men are in the same area Vash is, the group proceed to fire shots at the cafe. Vash manages to dodge the fire. The cafe becomes filled with gun smoke, the men start to laugh believing to have killed Vash and to earn the 60 billion reward that comes with the kill. The men are suddenly shocked when they see Vash standing behind one of the men with his arm around him, a smirk on his face. The others also seemed to be shocked and scared, as Vash draws a gun. Vash then shoots the men but the gun is revealed to be nothing more then a toy. He tells the men not to shoot because of the love. Vash tells them that he is a hunter of peace. The next panel shows the men to be standing outside with Vash holding most of their clothes.

Vash in chapter 2 is shown to be screaming as he being chased. Running away from gunfire, he jumps down from a building. Vash is then shown to be hanging to a window ledge, the buildings around Vash are left in a terrible state, smashed windows. One building even hit by a rocket. Sneaking in through the window to the a building, Vash is held at gun point. Vash tells the women that aprons dont go with guns, and that the children should not see this. Vash is then had a gun pointed to his head, he to als draws a gun but things ake a turn when the room begins to shake, and bottles fall from the shelves. Vash and the others are met with a duo, one small riding in the pouch of the much larger man. Vash the engages the duo, opening fire with his gun. The others seem to be amazed with Vash's marksmanship, saying he was able to shoot in te exact same place and change its course. Saying jackpot Vash shoots the larger man down, after the fight is told to stop. The rward is then said to invalidated because you cant put a bounty on a typhoon, he is shown to be pleased with this. Two of the people then tell a shocked Vash that they will fllow him 24/7. The pair are called Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson. Vash asks for how long he will be followed, the reply is untill the pair are fired as there is no set time period. Trying to get away, Vash makes his way to a sand steamer.

Vash then is shown to be in a bar, surrounded by people, next he is seen laying on a bed. After that Vash is a bathroom, once he is about to leave he is hit in the face with the door. The person who hit him, was a young boy. A stoaway. An event then occurs that leaves Vash knocked out, dreaming about him and a woman. The sand steamer is shown to be under attack by a group of dangerous men. Vash then saves the young boy who he found earlier from being shot. The young boy then shows Vash a blue print of a ship. Vash is yet again engaged, taking out a man but missing the vital points so he does not die. Vash then helps the man and tells of a girl who because of her the people are allowed t live on the planet. Vash is then met with a group, who open fire on him. The wall around Vash is riddled with holes as all the shots barley miss him. The man who led the attack is about to shoot Vash, when Meryl intervenes and stops the attack. Meanwhile, the ship is moving at an alarming speed, and is said that it wont last much longer. Taking out a group of the men, Vash is asked about the July city, that was wiped out leaving no traces, no bodies. The man then asks Vash if he was the one responsible. Vash then has a duel with the man who is revealed to be called Diamond Neon, the fight takes place on the ower deck, should Vash win the ship will be stopped and saved. At the start Neon is shown to have the upperhand, as the ships boiler has reached a point were the ship is about to explode.

The sand steamer at the last minute is brought to a halt before it falls of a cliff. Neon tells Vash he will get him back for there earlier fight. Vash, Meryl and Milly are met wih an elderly couple who want Vash as a body guard, but due to the danger that surrounds him this is not the best option as he goes a different way from the others. Next Vash is shown to be in a shoe shop, next he is shown running with a ball, then he gives a young girl an ice cream. Vash is then met by a man who gives the child some of his food. The man then angers Vash when he says that if he wanted to he could kill the people around them.

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