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Trafalgar Law
Kanji トラファルガー・D・ワーテル・ロー
Rōmaji Torafarugā Dī Wāteru Rō
Aliases Surgeon of Death
Race Human
Gender Male
Birthday October 6
Height 191 cm
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Occupations Pirate
Affiliations Heart Pirates
Shichibukai (tentative)
Donquixote Pirates (former)
Teams Straw Hat Pirate Alliance
Manga Volume #51: Chapter 498
Anime Episode #392
Japanese Hiroshi Kamiya

Trafalgar Law is a Modification Man who ate the Op-Op Fruit, and the captain of the Heart Pirates. He was one of The Eleven Supernovas who later joined the Seven Warlords.


Trafalgar Law was born in the North Blue in a city called Flevance. He grew up in a family of doctors, aspiring to be one like his parents. Because Flevance specializes in selling white lead (which was used in various commodities), the townspeople succumb to lead poisoning. The World Government had spread propaganda and eradicated the inhabitants like it was a disease. Law had lost his family and his friends during the massacre.

Years later, Law became a member of the pirate crew of Donquixote Doflamingo, vowing to destroy everything without a regard for his life. One day, he reveals to Baby 5 and Buffalo his name. Nearby, Corazon overheards Law and grabs him quickly, and he explains people with the D as their middle name are enemies to Doflamingo. Against Law's wishes, Corazon takes him to find a hospital to cure Law. However, Law was rejected and feared by many doctors who refused to treat Law. Corazon then proposes they find the Op-Op Fruit to cure Law.

On a trip to Minion island upon hearing intel from Sengoku about Diez Barrels holding the Devil Fruit, Law waits for Corazon to steal it. In the process, Corazon is wounded by Barrels's men. He forces Law to consume the Devil Fruit. Then, Law takes on Corazon's request to deliver a letter to one of the Marines. Things took a tragic turn when Vergo ends up being the recipient. Vergo attacks both Law and Corazon while making a call to Doflamingo. During that brief moment, Law and Corazon escapes. Knowing the situation has worsen when Doflamingo uses the Birdcage technique, Corazon then hides Law in a treasure chest while Doflamingo and his men make their way towards their location. Because of Corazon's ability to cancel sound, Law bangs the chest in horror as Doflamingo shoots Corazon several times. As Doflamingo's men take the treasure and leave Corazon, Law opens the chest to catch one last look of Corazon. During the attack by Tsuru's naval battleship, Law escapes Doflamingo with cries of sorrow muffled by cannonball attacks. [1]

At some point he left Doflamingo's crew and created the Heart Pirates.

Major Story Arcs

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Law was in Sabaody Archipelago when various other famous rookie crews, known as the Eleven Supernovas, were ashore and waiting for their ship coatings to travel to the New World. He attended the human auctions that were being run from the shadows by Doflamingo. The pirate Monkey D. Luffy can bursting in with much of his crew to save Camie, a mermaid, who had just recently been bought by one of the Celestial Dragons. Law was shocked when Luffy attacked Saint Charloss for shooting one of his friends, but even more surprised to see Silvers Rayleigh, the first mate of Gold Roger, had been in the auction house. When the Marines began overtaking the island, Law joined Luffy and Eustass Kid in fighting off the blockade outside the auction house.

Before he left, he freed the pirate Jean Bart from his slave collar to join his crew. Their escape was ultimately blocked by who they thought was Bartholomew Kuma, but was actually a humanoid copy called a PX cyborg. It took the combined efforts of Law and Kid's crew to defeated the cyborg and escape on their own.

Marineford Arc

Law was on his ship watching the war between the Whitebeard Pirates and the Marines from a safe distance in the sea along with the other Eleven Supernovas. After Whitebeard and Portgas D. Ace died, Luffy had been critically injured by Admiral Akainu and was emotionally broken. At great personal risk, Law led his crew into the battle to offer his abilities as a doctor to save Luffy. They were barely able to escape due to the intervention of the Red-Haired Pirates leader Shanks' arrival to personally end the war. Shanks had passed Luffy's straw hat to Law to take with them.

Dawn Island Arc

Aboard the Heart Pirates' sub, Law performed surgery on both Luffy and Jimbei. While surfaced, they were found at sea by Boa Hancock and Emporio Ivankov. They were there to talk about Luffy's condition, and Hancock offered that they come to Amazon Lily. Law's crew was isolated to a distant edge of the island. Luffy woke up in a rampage of grief over the death of his bother Ace. He broke out of the submarine offshore and ran into the jungle. After Silvers Rayleigh arrived at Amazon Lily in search of Luffy, Law took his men to leave the island.

Rather than head straight into the New World, Law had his crew wait as part of a larger plan he had.

Punk Hazard Arc

In the two years since the Paramount War at Marineford, Law had been given the title of Shichibukai after he sent the World Government the hearts of a hundred pirates as proof of his loyalty. Now without his crew, he traveled to Punk Hazard Island in the New World. On the ice covered side, he found Caesar Clown was continuing his experiments in secret. He made a deal with Caesar to stay on Punk Hazard. While staying on the island, Law met with Vice-Admiral Smoker and his G-5 unit to get them to leave, but when he saw members of the Straw Hats running out of the labs, Law had to battle the Marines. He used his powers to switch the minds and bodies of both the Straw Hats and Smoker with Tashigi.

Law later met up with Luffy and saved his crew member from one of Yeti Cool Bros., and he offered Luffy an alliance to take down Kaido of the Four Emperors. Luffy agreed and he switch back the minds and bodies of the crew that were present. They planned to capture Caesar while Law sneaked Chopper into the labs to research the drug Caesar had given to the children in the labs. While Law got Monet out of the lab, he was met by Vergo and thrown into a cage with Luffy, Smoker, and their allies. Law escaped the cage and free the other. After breaking back into the facility, Law went to the SAD room to destroy it.

Law was blocked by Vergo, who still had Law's heart. Smoker appeared to help in the fight to get Law's heart back. He was then able to use his powers to full effectiveness. With a single strike, Law sliced through Vergo's armament, the labs, and the entire mountain they were in with a single strike. Law and Smoker met up with the others and escaped the exploding facility. While outside were two of Don Quixote's men, the Straw Hats defeated them and captured Caesar Clown.

During the celebrations of victory, Law sliced off the heads of Baby 5 and Buffalo. He put them on a raft along with a transponder snail as a message for Doflaningo. Law told Doflamingo that he would only give Caesar back if he would resign from the Seven Warlords be the time the next paper was released.

Dressrosa Arc

With Doflamingo resigned, they agreed to drop Caesar off on Green Bit, just north of Dressrosa. This was just part of a plot to get Doflamingo away to search for and destroy the SMILE factory hidden on Dressrosa. Law, the Straw Hats, and Kin'emon separated into three groups. Law went with Nico Robin and Usopp to Green Bit to drop off Caesar.


  1. One Piece Episodes 701 - 706

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