Toru Acura main image
Toru Acura
Kanji トール・アキュラ
Rōmaji Tōru Akyura
Aliases Tōru Acura
Tooru Acura
Tohru Acura
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blue
Relatives Akari Acura (Adopted Sister)
Light Novel Chaika - The Coffin Princess Volume #1: Chapter #1
Anime Chaika - The Coffin Princess Episode #1
Japanese Junji Majima
Yuka Terasaki (Young)
English Leraldo Anzaldua
Cayla Coats (Young)

Toru Acura is a saboteur who was hired along with Akari by Chaika Travant to help find Gaz remains.


Raised in Acura village, he and Akari are trained as saboteurs. Toru's mentor was Shin Acura who was hard on Toru, telling him he wasn't suited to be one. While training, a caravan often visited their village to sell weapons and various commodities. In that caravan, Hasumin was a woman whom was adored by Toru. Toru often asks Hasumin to watch him train and shares with her his dream, leaving his mark on the world as a saboteur. Toru notes that Hasumin has never praise Toru in his training and her sad face seems to imply of her disapproval of Toru becoming a hired mercenary to kill people. Hasumin told Toru there were peaceful ways to leave his mark.

One day, Hasumin and her caravan were massacred by bandits. Against Shin's orders, Toru ran to the site to find Hasumin who was dying along with her newborn baby. She assures Toru that things will be okay before passing on.

Note: Toru and Hasumin (or Jasmine)'s backstory in the anime is different from the light novel version. There was no mention of a newborn infant.


Toru Acura is created by Ichirō Sakaki and originally designed by Namaniku ATK. He has no current information from his creators regarding any inspirations used in his character design. Being an original light novel character, he has appeared in 2 manga series and in both anime seasons.



He's a handsome young man who has dark green eyes and dark blue hair with bangs that crisscross on his forehead. His body tight outfit is predominantly black with belts and straps all over his long sleeve shirt. He has a white bandage on his right arm.


According to Akari, he's a lazy person, but he's determined to carry out his mission as a saboteur. This demonstrates his pride. Because of peacetime, he is bored that he cannot fight and use his skills. As noted by Chaika Bohdan, Toru is a type of person who eagerly seeks fights to test his strength and abilities.


  • Chaika Travant - He's loyal to Chaika, and he is willing to be the bait to make sure Chaika is safe. When he is asked by the Red Chaika to consider working for her, Toru chooses Chaika because she would be the one who needs his help the most.
  • Akari Acura - The two are close like brother and sister despite not being blood related. He puts her life before his when he asks Akari to stay behind while he finishes Chaika Travant mission himself. He did not want to endanger his sister's life.
  • Hasumin - Her tragic death left a significant impact on his life. Toru struggles to find out what he truly wants in life, war or peace.

Story Arcs

Intro Arc

Out in the forest, Toru is out searching for valuable things to sell in order to make a quick buck. He encounters Chaika who is lost and asked for directions to Delsorant Town. A Fayla, a unicorn, attacks both Toru and Chaika. Toru grabs Chaika and jumps over a cliff into a river. While Toru battles the Fayla and buys Chaika time, he hangs on to the beast in the air. Chaika quickly finishes the Fayla off.

Afterwards, Toru is out eating with Chaika, but he gets discovered by Akari who feels Toru is loafing around and with a girl. Akari punishes Toru. The siblings accept Chaika's request to retrieve the remains. Chaika explains that she is gathering the remains to give her father a proper burial. The first of the remains are located at Robert Abarth's residence. Breaking into Abarth's mansion, Toru and his group search for the remains. He is on his own while Chaika is with Akari. He encounters Abarth and tries to distract with traps. After Akari and Chaika locate the remains, it cuts off Abarth's source of magic, allowing Toru to tie up Abarth. As Toru's group escape, they get pursued by Alberic's group. Alberic tries to reason with Toru and explains the consequences of gathering the remains, the revival of Emperor Gaz. Refusing to believe Alberic, Toru accepts war and signals Akari and Chaika to throw a blinding light to make their escape.

Fredrika Arc

Using information from a mysterious informant named Guy, Toru's group venture in the forest in search of the next remains. Being saved from a pack of Orthrus by Dominica, Toru's group get invited to stay at the mansion. Upon arriving, Toru has his group search for the remains since Chaika did not want to resort to force since Dominica had politely given them lodgings. Toru decides to ask Dominica after not finding anything. When he does ask Dominica in the morning, Dominica challenges Toru to a match. During the battle, Toru realizes the true identity of Dominica. After Chaika uses her magic to reveal Dominica's true form, a dragoon, Toru delivers the final blow with the help of Akari and Chaika. The dragoon reverts to a young girl called Fredrika who joins Toru's group. Fredrika gives Chaika the remains. She bites Toru to heal his wounds and vows to defeat Toru one day.

Red Chaika Arc

Near the area of Perimeral, Toru's group run into another Chaika, Chaika Bohdan, otherwise known as Red Chaika. She and her group tried to steal White Chaika's remains. During the stand off, both groups has captured each others' Chaika after Alberic's group tries to stop the two Chaika groups.

Later that night, Toru and Akari interrogate Red Chaika to learn more about her and why there are other Chaikas. Toru learns Red Chaika has the same circumstances as White Chaika, both girls had no memory of the war. When Akari returns and confirms Red Chaika's group had taken the letter, Toru's group heads towards the base of the waterfall, the rendezvous point that was suggested in the letter. Both groups exchange Chaikas. However, they get interrupted when they all get attacked by cockatrices, flying bird-like Fayla. Afterwards, the group meet again in town the next day. Red Chaika asks Toru to join her and that she promises Toru that he will have a chance to fight a lot to test his skills. Toru declines Red Chaika's offer because he feels White Chaika needed his skills the most due to White Chaika being more vulnerable to close range combat.

Despite groups having their respective Chaikas back, Red Chaika and her group confront Toru's group on the road. David tries to offer them to join their side. This prompts Toru to ask about the fate of their Chaika. As soon as Red Chaika states having two Chaikas are unnecessary, the group engage into another battle. With the help of White Chaika's support magic, Toru overwhelms David and Red Chaika who were blinded by White Chaika's flashing lights. As a result, Red Chaika's group retreat. Toru notes that they will run into Red Chaika's group in the future.

Powers & Abilities


Toru Acura is a saboteur with peak human feats, and he excels in using tactics, agility, and weapons instead of brute force. He has no magical abilities. Like all saboteurs, he possesses an ability called Iron-Blood Transformation which increases his respiration, his heart beat, and pretty much his whole cardiovascular system, allowing him to fight, react, and run quicker. The drawbacks to his abilities are exhaustion and increased vulnerability to poison due to increased cardiovascular activity.

Dragoon Cavalier

With the contract formed with Fredrika, Toru gains access to Fredrika's powers. This form grants him higher durability, stamina, and agility as well as higher resistance to magic. He can extend his daggers like they are an extension of his body. This is demonstrated in his battle with Shin Acura. Toru takes Shin's attacks to his arms on purpose in order to extend his daggers into Shin's vital organs in that short moment of time.


S*hort Swords Comblades with retractable wires: His swords have wires at the hilts which he can pull to make traps or use as rope to catch and tie enemies

  • Smoke bombs: tools for escaping.

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