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Tiger & Bunny
Kanji タイガー&バニー
Rōmaji Taigā Ando Banī
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Tiger & Bunny

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Tiger & Bunny


Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning
Tiger & Bunny: The Rising

In future city of Sternbild, heroes fights against criminals everyday. However they don't hide behind the shadow and fight, rather their actions are being broadcast in TV show named Hero TV.



The future city of Sternbild, which is similar to New York City has everything, and also people with superpower named NEXT. Some of the NEXT use their power for evil deed, while the other decided to fight against them but in more flashy way, by becoming superheroes of Hero TV. Broadcasting at live most of time, Hero TV is one of the highest rating TV shows in Sternbild, and its content is to show heroes in actions such as rescuing civilians or catching criminals. Hero TV awards each heroes with points depending on their actions, and hero with the most points gets crowned as the King of Heroes at the end of season. The other reason for these points is that each heroes are being sponsored by various companies, so whoever gets the most points gets more airtime and more advertising for companies, which actually exist in real life. The show concentrated on Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, also known as Wild Tiger in his hero costume. Even though he's been in the business for longest time and first one to jump when somebody needs to be rescued, he is still lower ranked hero because of his accidents making him and his company to pay damages. At the beginning of the show Kotetsu's company goes bankrupt, and forces Kotetsu to be hired to be another company but under one condition, to work with another hero, Barnaby Brooks Jr.. Kotetsu agrees to it but that turned out to be the worst idea for both of them.



  • Kotetsu T. Kaburagi

One of the main protagonist, he is known as Wild Tiger in his hero costume. Among the heroes he is the most active member, jumping into danger without having second thought to save the people in need. Despite his wish to help other people he ends up bringing more trouble such as breaking objects unnecessarily causing him and his company to pay huge fine. In the end his company that had been with goes bankrupt and forces Kotetsu to get hired by different company. His new company was reluctant to hire him at first, but decided to hire him with one condition, he must work with Barnaby Brooks Jr.. Kotetsu's hero costume advertise S.H. Figuarts and SoftBank.

  • Barnaby Brooks Jr.

Other main protagonist of the show, he is however does not have nickname. Unlike Kotetsu Barnaby is fixated on getting more points thinking that there is no merit in saving people when he is not going to gains points for it. In a way Barnaby is polar opposite of Kotetsu, often creating conflict between each other. When Barnaby was little kid, his parents were murdered by a man with tattoo on back of his man, Barnaby has been pursuing for clues who was responsible for his parent's death ever since. Barnaby is called Bunny by Kotetsu because the helmet of his suit has sharp ears which is similar to bunny ears. Barnaby's costume advertises advertises and Bandai.


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