Thomas Wagner
Thomas Wagner
Kanji トーマス・ワグナー
Rōmaji Tōmasu Wagunā
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Blond
Affiliations 104th Trainees Squad (Former)
Survey Corps
Teams Eren Yeager's Team
Manga Attack on Titan Volume 1 Chapter 3
Anime Attack on Titan Episode 1
Japanese Shigeyuki Susaki
English Duncan Brannan


Thomas Wagner is created by Hajime Isayama.



Thomas Wagner is a young man with yellow eyes and short blonde hair.


  • Eren Jaeger - He is close with Eren, and he always tells Eren to be careful. This is demonstrated when he asks Eren why didn't go in the Military Police corp to lead a safer life.

Story Arcs

Trost District

Thomas and his group are stationed to fight in the Trost District after the Colossal Titan breaks the walls, letting Titans enter the district. During the mid flight, Thomas gets grabbed by a deviant, jumping Titan who swallows him whole.

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