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Thanks for the Mammary
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Thanks for the Mammary is a trope. A guy may have the best of intentions, but sometimes he may accidentally grab a boob. These things happen.


Sometimes you put an arm out to stop someone, or crash into someone, or they fall on top of you. Sometimes that someone is a girl, and sometimes, if the planets are aligned just right, you accidentally touch or grab her breasts. In some ways this is the opposite to the Skinship Grope, though this trope sometimes leads onto that one.

The name is a play on the phrase "Thanks for the memory".

Anime & Manga

Though occasionally done for comical purposes, this is largely regarded as a fan service trope, and thus is seen most often in harem or otherwise fan service-themed series. When they aren't crashing into them face-first, male characters (or sometimes female) who crash into cute girls often land in awkward positions. After the dust settles they find something soft has found it's way into one of their hands, sometimes even both, and after a squeeze or two it becomes obvious what that soft thing is. This will usually result in one of three responses from the girl:

  1. Rage - Now you've done it, you touched her where you shouldn't have. It doesn't matter if it was intentional or not, let go and run.
  2. Acceptance - She doesn't mind, it's no big deal. In fact, she may have even liked it.
  3. Ignorance - You're probably freaking out more than she is, and she has no idea what all the fuss is about.

Notable Examples

  • In Fairy Tail, during Gray's fight with Juvia, Gray freezes her into a block of ice without realizing he'd accidentally grabbed onto her chest, freezing his hand in place. Juvia is both embarrassed and happy, while Gray freaks out.
  • In Mayo Chiki!, Jiro finds out Konoe is a girl when he tackles her to dodge a falling object and lands with his hand on her chest. Later in the series he falls and accidentally grabs Usami's chest too.

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