Kanji テクノライズ
Rōmaji Tekunoraizu
Light Novel
Manga Staff
Anime Staff
Director Hiroshi Hamasaki
Series Composition Chiaki J. Konaka (Story Composition), Shin Yoshida, Noboru Takagi, Kenji Konuta
Music Keishi Urata, Hajime Mizoguchi

Set in a dystopian, underground city where lost limbs are replaced by artificial ones called Texhnolyze.


Centuries after mankind first burrowed underground to live in "experimental" cities, the descendants of the original colonists are fighting for control of the near-derelict city of Lux. Orphan Ichise is a prizefighter who gets involved with a corrupt promoter and literally loses an arm and a leg. He becomes the guinea pig of a female scientist working on the Texhnolyze project, and receives new limbs and enhanced fighting powers. This in turn makes him the favored protégé of Onishi, leader of an organization with a mysterious power over Lux. Girl prophet Ran offers him the chance to find out who he really is and what his destiny holds.

Created by Yoshitoshi Abe, whose fascination for labyrinths and processes of evolution led to the modern anime classics Serial Experiments Lain and Haibane Renmei, this is a beautifully designed dystopia, although built on foundations set by many others-see Robocop, Megazone 23, AD Police, and even the previous year's Tokyo Underground.

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