Tatsumi main image
Tatsumi (Akame ga Kill!)
Kanji タツミ
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 165 cm [1]
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Affiliations Revolutionary Army
The Empire (Former)
Teams Night Raid
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #1: Chapter #1
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #1
Japanese Sōma Saitō
English Corey Hartzog


Tatsumi hails from a small, impoverished town somewhere on the outskirts of the Empire. He and his childhood friends, Sayo and Ieyasu, developed and honed their fighting skills in the hope that they might use them to secure a position in the military that would allow them to help their village. The three were blissfully unaware of the corruption and decadent cruelty that plagued the Empire and particularly the capital. Tatsumi became separated from his friends on the way to the capital and was swindled in the first day there. He was picked up by a seemingly benign family of nobles. However, these aristocrats had been taking in and torturing wayward travellers, and Sayo and Ieyasu had already fallen victim to their cruelties. Tatsumi was spared a similar fate when the family was attacked by a team of assassins called Night Raid. Learning of his friends' fates, Tatsumi struck down the mistress of the house. Impressed by his killer instinct, Night Raid explained that their goal was to erase the corruption in the Empire and recruited Tatsumi into their midst.


According to his concept artwork in the official Akame ga Kill Guidebook, he has a different attire: a right shoulder pad, two gauntlets, and a sweater instead of a vest. His ahoge is more pronounced in his pre-conceptual artwork as it can express emotions.



Tatsumi is a short, light-skinned young-man, with light, wavy brown hair and green eyes. He tends to appear slightly-built, but is actually quite well-toned.


Tatsumi is generally quite straightforward and optimistic. Young, and from a somewhat-sheltered background in the countryside, he is often quite naive and can be soft-hearted and somewhat arrogant. However, he does have a ruthless streak, and over the course of his time with Night Raid, he has become quite a proficient killer. He is still often quite immature, though, and can be short-tempered or rash.

Powers & Abilities

Tatsumi is a skilled swordsman, having developed his abilities together with his friends Sayo & Ieyasu in hopes of pursuing a successful career with the military. His skills were further developed when he joined Night Raid, as he received further guidance from other members Akame & Bulat. He is capable of eviscerating large, thick-skinned animals with just a few slices, and despite his small frame has been shown to carry a bear over one shoulder with no apparent strain.

Imperial Arm - Demon Armour Incursio

When his sword was broken in battle, Bulat, before dying, gave Tatsumi his Imperial Arms, Incursio. Incursio is a suit of armour which normally resides in another dimension. When Tatsumi calls upon it, it completely envelops his body. The armour not only provides protection, but also enhances his physical attributes, as well, giving him greater strength and speed. The Armour has two auxiliary features in addition to this. A polearm weapon called Neuntöte can be called upon in a similar way to the armour, and the armour can turn itself and its user invisible.

Incursio isn't without its limitations, however. Sufficient force can penetrate the armour, and enough damage will cause it to shut down. The invisibility ability is physically draining for the user, and can only be used for a limited time. Incuriso's "key" is a sword, which must be used to summon the armour, but can also be used like a regular sword.

Incuriso was created from the body of a dangerous monster called Tyrant 1000 years ago. This fearsome monster was infamous for its ability to adapt to its environment. It has been observed that the creature's core is not dead, and still resides in the armour, which might mean that it could adapt further in future.


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