Susanoo main image
Kanji 電光石火 スサノオ
Rōmaji Denkō Sekka: Susanoō
Race Biological Imperial Arms
Gender Male
Height 220 cm [1]
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
Occupations Imperial Arms
Affiliations Revolutionary Army
Teams Night Raid
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #5: Chapter #21
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #11
Japanese Shintarō Asanuma
English Ty Mahany


1000 years ago, when the Empire was at the height of its power, the Emperor saw fit to create 48 objects of great power that he felt would secure his kingdom's future. Susanoo is one of these 48 creations, though he is a living being. Having underwent a period of dormancy, he was re-awakened in the present by the Revolutionary Army that fights against the now corrupt and decaying Empire. Susanoo came into the service of Najenda, who leads an assassination cell called Night Raid.



He resembles a tall and thin human being, with thick blue hair, a small patch of hair on his chin and cow-like horns growing from his head. He wears baggy white clothes with especially loose sleeves and carries a large pugil stick.


Susanoo was created to serve as a bodyguard and valet for VIPs in the Empire, and thus he has considerable physical and domestic abilities, as well as a fairly passive, responsive personality. He is loyal, easy-going and unbendingly selfless, seeking little for himself and mostly hoping to please his master. Despite this, he is not purely robotic in personality, he does display the ability to think for himself and comes to regard his teammates in Night Raid as friends. He also tends to appear quite pleased with himself when complimented.

A side effect of his focus on attention to detail that comes the nature of his purpose is that he is an unmitigated neat-freak, and will try to adjust any small details that appear amiss to him, and becomes quite agitated if he cannot.

Powers & Abilities

Susanoo is a living Imperial Arm, created to protect important individuals and cater to their wishes. His strength, durability and speed are far beyond that of a normal human being. He also has an incredible sense of perception and attention to detail, allowing him to quickly spot faults and weaknesses in targets. Alike other organic Imperial Arms, Susanoo has amazing regenerative abilities, and can regrow lost tissues and limbs at an incredible rate. The only way to permanently kill him is to destroy his core, a red disc located on his chest. In battle, he uses a large pugil stick with retractable blades,

As a personal servant, Susanoo has expert knowledge of cooking, construction, cleaning and various other domestic fields. Due to his living Arm status, he has a symbiotic relationship with his master, he must be compatible with them or he will become dormant, but he will always follow orders when a compatible user appears.

Secondary Skill/Trump card ~ Magatama Manifestation

By draining a third of his master's life force, Susanoo can enter an enhanced mode. Once activated Susanoo's top clothing normally disappears, his hair turns white and his muscles take on a hard-edged look, giving the impression of armor. While this ability also enhances his existing abilities greatly, it also grants him two extra abilities. Three uses of the trump card will usually result in the death of Susanoo's master.

  • Mirror of Yata - Susanoo creates a massive, circular mirror that can block or reflect any projectile that makes contact with it.
  • Ame no Murakamo - Susanoo summons an absolutely gigantic sword, the length of which is superior to the height of many buildings. Naturally, the sword has a tremendous reach and can cleave virtually anything in two.


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