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Skinship Grope
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Skinship Grope is a trope typically seen in the romantic-comedy and ecchi genres.


Skinship Grope refers to situations where one character playfully gropes, caresses or tickles another, usually just to tease them. While suggestive, it's generally non-sexual, though it can become unintentionally sexual due to sensitivity to being touched. The Skinship Grope can occur between women or men, but is far more often seen between female characters.

This undoubtedly happens much less in real life than it does in anime and manga.

Anime & Manga

This trope is usually seen in ecchi, harem or really just about any anime or manga with a group of girls in it. When girls are together and are wearing next to nothing (when they're bathing or changing clothes for example) they get to see a lot more of each other than usual. Somewhat inevitably, they end up checking out each other's breasts and usually end up groping the largest pair. In some situations, one girl gropes another to tease a male onlooker.

The most common scenarios this takes place in include: bathing scenes, at the swimming pool, at the beach or while changing clothes. However, it's not limited to just those scenarios.

Sometimes a girl is courteous enough to ask first, usually saying something along the lines of "Wow, yours are so big! Would it be okay if I touched them?" More often though, they don't ask, instead opting for the surprise attack method for added shock value and comedic effect.

A common gag involves a male character eavesdropping on girls during these situations, which results in their imagination running wild, trying to take a peek, or both. In the case of trying to take a peek, they are usually found out (often due to their own excitement) and are faced with embarrassed, angry, violent girls.

Notable Examples

  • In Strike Witches, the girls often bathe together and grope each other to tease one another. Yoshika however appears to go beyond playfulness and crosses the line into full-on yuri.
  • In Highschool of the Dead, during a bathing scene, Rei gropes Shizuka's large breasts to her heart's content for several minutes before briefly moving on to Saeko's.

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