Sheele main image
Kanji シェーレ
Rōmaji Shēre
Aliases Schere
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 160 cm [1]
Measurements 86-55-88[1]
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Purple
Occupations Assassin
Affiliations Revolutionary Army
Teams Night Raid
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #1: Chapter #1
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #1
Japanese Mamiko Noto
English Jessica Boone


Born in the Empire's capital, Sheele's hopelessly-clumsy nature warmed few people to her. However, she did have make at least one friend. When her friend was being attacked by an abusive ex-boyfriend, Sheele slew him with a knife, and noticed that she felt unusually collected and calm while making a kill. This act lost her her friend, and not long after, she was attacked by a group of men from the same gang as the man she killed. Again finding herself oddly calm again, Sheele slaughtered them effortlessly, and decided that she had found her calling in life, killing the worst of society. Shortly afterwards, she was recruited by the Revolutionary Army and joined the assassination team known as Night Raid.


Sheele is originally created by Takahiro and designed by Tetsuya Tashiro as a supporting character in Akame ga Kill franchise. In the anime, she is designed by Kazuhisa Nakamura. Her alternative translation of her name, "Schere" means scissors in German, suiting her motif. She has a profile in the Akame ga Kill Guide Book which hasn't been officially licensed and translated for audiences outside of Japan. Her profile is located on page 44 and ends on page 47. (Her notes on character design is available. It will be updated on the wiki)


"No matter how many good deeds you perform, your past sins cannot be erased."
- Kill the Blackness Pg. 45


Sheele is a tall, young woman with long, purple hair and who typically sports glasses and a purple dress. Since she grew up in downtown district of the capital, the district has a strong Chinese influence which reflects on her outfits. Her purple dress is a variation of the qípáo (chipao). She has a full-figured body and bears a scar on her right cheek. Her measurements are 86-55-88.


Having always been absent-minded and prone to blundering, Sheele is quite self-conscious about her klutzy nature, and has over time developed a strong desire to prove herself useful. She is also very kind-hearted, and typically friendly, having quite a gentle disposition outside of battle. However, when the time comes to fight or make a kill, she instantly achieves a state of cold, clear-mindedness making snap-decisions and proficient, but ruthless tactical choices.

Joining Night Raid has made Sheele happy as the group has provided her with a purpose in life, but also a place where she feels accepted. Amongst the group she is closest to Mine, who she is often partnered with, and Tatsumi, who she tries to look after.


While Sheele is very intimate with the Night Raid group, these are her most significant relationships because of how she impact their character development.

  • Mine - Often, the two are partners in missions, and the two operate flawlessly. While Mine gets herself in danger to up the power in Pumpkin, Sheele takes down enemies who get too close to Mine. Mine will provide cover fire. During their last mission together, Sheele sacrifices her life to protect Mine from Seryu. Interestingly, Mine gets jealous when Sheele lets Nea sleep with her.
  • Tatsumi - Being the first to warm to Tatsumi, Sheele helps train Tatsumi as well as being the one to console him when Tatsumi mourns his deceased friends. Sheele often didn't find something she was helpful with. With Tatsumi, she gains another purpose, to be Tatsumi's pillar of support. Her death and Bulat's profoundly influences Tatsumi's character in his struggle.

Story Arcs


Sheele is first seen during the mission to assassinate Aria and her family. She is the first to infiltrate the mansion, and she bisects Aria's mother without any hesitation. Once Leone picks up Tatsumi, she and rest of the Night Raid return to their hideout. While Tatsumi is being inducted, Leone gives Tatsumi a tour, starting with Sheele. Sheele tells Tatsumi that if he doesn't join, they would kill him. She may have scared him unintentionally. Afterwards, a group of bandits locate Night Raid's hideout. Sheele and Mine help exterminate them before they leave with intel. In a mission to assassinate Zank, Sheele and the others search for Zank which the target was taken care by Akame. During Tatsumi's training, Sheele makes Tatsumi perform strange things such as swimming in the river with heavy armor on. She shares with Tatsumi on how she joined Night Raid. By Ieyasu and Sayo's grave, Sheele finds Tatsumi crying, and she helped comfort Tatsumi.

Kill the Blackness

Nea and Sheele Kill the Darkness
Continuing Tatsumi's training, Sheele decides to give Tatsumi a lunch break. On the way home, Sheele and Tatsumi hear a young girl screamed for help. After Tatsumi beats up the men who tried to rape the young girl, Sheele and Tatsumi bring the girl to their home base. While Tatsumi is being punished by Najenda for revealing their hideout, Sheele confirms that the young girl, Nea, is truly blind. She states that they had plugged her ears as extra precautions. Listening to Nea's situation about her struggle to reunite with her father, Sheele volunteers to take care of Nea. During their bath, she learns about Nea's mother being killed in a robbery and the attack left Nea blind.

After Lubbock finds the whereabouts of Nea's father, Nea invites Sheele to visit them. Sheele declines while Bulat covers it up by addressing that they move a lot, being hunters. After Leone beats up three thugs hired by Tonto to murder Nea and her father (in order to bury evidence), Sheele and Mine depart to execute Tonto. Sheele personally blinds Tonto, to make him suffer as much as Nea did. Then, Sheele cuts off Tonto's torso. Sheele mentions that no matter how good deeds one performs, one's past sins cannot be erased. Her execution leaves Tatsumi astonished since Tatsumi is used to her kind side. After the mission is complete, Sheele along with Tatsumi and Mine watch Nea fish with her father. Touched by Tatsumi and Mine's words, Sheele lovingly embraces the two.

Kill the Absolute Justice

Sheele's Last Moments (Akame ga Kill Ep06)
After completing their mission, Mine and Sheele hurry to return to their home base, but they get ambushed by Seryu who sought vengeance against Night Raid for the murder of her father and her mentor, Ogre. As Mine blasts Coro, Sheele attempts to slice Coro by the neck only to find Coro can regenerate. During the battle, Sheele moves to attack Seryu while Coro is occupied with Mine. She blinds Seryu with her Extase's hidden ability, a blinding light. Despite Seryu blocking Sheele's first attacks, Sheele manage to cut off Seryu's arms and hidden guns after Seryu attempts to shoot at Sheele.

When Seryu has Coro go into Berserker mode, Mine gets caught in the beast's powerful grip. Once Sheele cuts off Coro's arms to save Mine, Seryu snipes Sheele from behind. Unable to move for a moment, Sheele gets ripped in half by the torso when Coro bites her. With her last strength, Sheele urges Mine to run away. She buys Mine time with her blinding light. Seryu orders Coro to finish off Sheele by eating her. In her last moments of life, Sheele recalls her happy memories of finding her place in the world, being with Night Raid. She apologizes to Tatsumi for not being to hold him any longer.

Powers & Abilities

Despite a lack of formal training, Sheele is a very skilled and efficient killer, having easily dispatched five violent gang members by herself before beginning her career as an assassin. Her ability comes from her unusual state of mind, which becomes tranquil during combat, allowing her to assess and make decisions quickly, clearly and without hesitation.

Imperial Arm - Cutter of Creation: Extase

Like the rest of Night Raid, Sheele wields a Imperial Arm, one of 48 super weapons created by the empire a thousand years ago. In her case, a huge pair of scissors, almost as large as she is, called "Extase". Extase is said to be capable of cutting through anything, and despite being a potentially unwieldy weapon, Sheele uses it with remarkable skill. The Imperial Arm is also very durable, allowing Sheele to use it as a shield, and it possesses an additional ability where it emits bright light, which can be used to blind opponents.

Sheele using Extase defensively

Sheele using Extase defensively.

Other Media

She also makes a debut in Akame ga Kill! Theater, a collection of shorts that features chibi characters.