Sharrkan main image
Sharrkan Amun-Ra
Kanji シャルルカン
Rōmaji Sharurukan
Aliases Sharr
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 180 cm
Weight 70 kg
Eye Color Green
Hair Color White
Occupations General
Affiliations Sindria
Heliohapt (Former)
Teams Sindria's Eight Generals
Relatives Patra Amun-Ra (Mother)
Armakan Amun-Ra (Half-Brother)
Manga Magi of Labyrinth: Volume #8: Chapter #77
Anime Magi Episode #18
Japanese Showtaro Morikubo
English Ray Chase (Season 1)
Danny Boston (Season 2)

Sharrkan Amun-Ra is a master swordsman who is a member of Sinbad's Eight Generals.


Sharrkan is the former Prince of Heliohapt. He was exiled for unknown reasons and now serves as a General to King Sinbad of Sindria.


Sharrkan is created by Shinobu Ohtaka as a supporting character in the Magi franchise. His name is based on Sharrkan (شَرّكان) from the Tale of King Omar and his Sons, a tale from One Thousand and One Nights. He first appears in volume 8: chapter 77 and episode 18. He is voiced by Showtaro Morikubo.


Not much has changed about Sharrkan's character since his introduction. His style, personality, power scheme and allegiance remain the same.


Sharrkan is a young man of fair height and an athletic build. He has rather dark skin and shoulder length white hair. His eyes are green. Sharrkan's attire is of the Sindria style but is rather ornate. He wears gold earrings, one of which is attached to a golden chain that wraps around his neck, making a sort of necklace/earring.


Sharrkan is a pleasant individual but can be a bit immature at times and a little cocky. He prioritizes pleasure over training fairly often despite his great skill and he has a childish rivalry with Yamraiha as to who is superior.


  • Sinbad - Sharrkan's King and direct leader.
  • Yamraiha - Both Sharrkan and Yamraiha are Generals under Sinbad. The two have a childish ongoing rivalry but are actually friends.
  • Alibaba - Sharrkan's pupil. He improved Alibaba's swordsmanship and became a friend to him, rescuing him from death at the hands of Al-Sarmen.

Story Arcs

Sindria Arc

Sharrkan arrives with Sinbad and Spartos from their mission at the Kou Empire. Shortly after arriving, a Southern Creature attacked Sindria and Sinbad called the 8 Generals to deal with it, but then decided that Sharrkan alone handle the creature. Sharkan complied and used his Household Vessel Foraz Saiga to literally dissect the giant creature mid-air and did so with such skill that the massive pieces of the creature landed as though it were a plated on a giant platter. Everyone in the city was invited to feast on the creature. Alibaba witnessed Sharrkan's skill in admiration.

Afterwards, Sinbad introduces Sharrkan and Alibaba to one another then ordered that Alibaba learn swordplay from Sharkkan. Yamraiha a fellow General under Sinbad and now Aladdin's instructor, advised Alibaba not to stay around Sharrkan too much. Itwas merely Yamraiha instigating an argument since the two had an ongoing rivalry as to who's art was superior, Sharrkan's swordsmanship or Yamraiha's magic. They were going to begin training that evening but Sinbad told them to have fun at the feast instead and to begin training the following day.

Over the next several days, Sharrkan trained with Alibaba. Alibaba attempted to summon Amon with his new sword since he had lost his old one. Sharrkan instructed Alibaba to come at him with everything he had and to use his Djinn equip. Alibaba did as he was asked but lost badly to Sharrkan who did not even use the power of a Djinn. Alibaba wanted to continue training despite his exhaustion but Sharrkan declined and said that they were done for the day. Instead he invited Alibaba to go drink with him.

Sharrkan and the other Generals accompanied Sinbad to the harbor of Sindria to invite their newly arrived guests Prince Hakuryuu and Princess Kougyoku from the Kou Empire. The meeting quickly turns unpleasant when Princess Kougyoku accused Sinbad of sleeping with her while she was asleep during his recent visit to the Kou Empire. Sinbad was disappointed and professed his innocence in the manner. He turned to his generals seeking their support of his honor but none of them believed in Sinbad's innocence given his womanizing reputation. Even more upset, Sinbad commanded Yamraiha to use her magic to show what took place that day. It was proven that Sinbad was indeed innocent of of the accusations and that Kougyoku's right hand man Kobun Ka had framed Sinbad. But he is surprisingly forgiven by Kougyoku and Sinbad let it go. Sharrkan and the other Generals apologized for not believing in their King.

Some time later, Sinbad called Sharrkan, Yamraiha and Masrur, the teachers of Alibaba, Aladdin and Morgiana respectively. After being informed of the young trio's positive progress, Sinbad decided that they were ready to capture their second dungeon.

Zagan Arc

After sending of Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana and reluctantly Prince Hakuryuu, Sinbad's gut feeling told him to take precautions. He ordered Sharrkan, Yamraiha and Masrur to secretly follow their pupils to Zagan's dungeon. He suspected that Al-Sarmen would take advantage of the inexperienced and battle worn quartet of warriors and steal Zagan after killing them. Sinbad's concerns were well placed for indeed the young group were ambushed after their tough ordeal in Zagan's Dungeon and were helpless against the more powerful members of Al-Sarmen. But as they were about to be murdered, their masters jumped in. Sharrkan forced Al-Sarmen to release their pupils. Alibaba apologized for his incompetence but Sharrkan reassured him that he did well and that they would handle Al-Sarmen.

Sharrkan took on the swordsman Byoln. Byoln was formidable and could multiply himself. Against his wishes, Sharrkan was forced to use his Household Vessel and he defeated Byoln. After returning from the battle, Sharrkan scolded Alibaba for losing to such an opponent, but Masrur pointed out that even Sharrkan did not beat Byoln unscathed, causing Sharrkan to hit Masrur.

Powers & Abilities


Sharrkan is an incredible sword master. He was able to defeat Alibaba with relative ease using only his swordsmanship while the latter used a Djinn equip.


Sharrkan uses the power of Focalor, a Djinn possessed by Sinbad.

Household Vessel:

Foraz Saiga-

Sharrkan's Household vessel is a sword. When Foraz Saiga is released, it's ability allows Sharrkan's slashes of his sword to remain for a short time, making it a sort of blade whip with great cutting power. He is not a master at magoi nor does he have a great amount of it. He relies on his masterful swordsmanship and physical prowess most of the time. When he does use the power of Foraz Saiga, he can only do so for a short period of time.

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