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Shaman King
Kanji シャーマンキング
Rōmaji Shaaman Kingu
Light Novel
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Anime Staff

Yoh Asakura may look like an average student, but he's also a shaman, a human who can see and communicate with spirits. Will he win in battle to become the Shaman King?


Shaman King is a franchise created by the manga artist Hiroyuki Takei. It's a shonen series that incorporates adventure, comedy, action, and the supernatural elements. The series begin its serialization in 1998 in Shuiesha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine as a manga. Its second adaptation is the anime which starts its run in July 2001. The anime is produced by Xebec and runs on the network TV Tokyo.


Manta Oyamada is a short and meek student. On his walk home from school, Manta encounters a boy in the local graveyard. The boy is Yoh Asakura, a shaman with the ability to see ghosts. Yoh also possesses the ability to integrate with spirits, gaining their own powers and enhancing his own strength. Though shocked by Yoh's power as a shaman, Manta befriends Yoh.

Yoh also becomes friends with the samurai spirit Amidamaru, and the two become partners in battle. Yoh soon encounters a rival shaman, Ren Tao, a vicious boy who plans to take Amidamaru for himself. But, every 500 years, a battle begins to determine the fate of the entire world. The battle is the Shaman Fight, where shaman all over the world battle to see who will communicate with the Great Spirit, God, and Ren is after the prize. Later on, Yoh's fiancee Anna Kyouyama appears, with her goal being to help Yoh become Shaman King so she, as well as Yoh, can live comfortable lives.

Yoh gathers a select group of shaman from all over the world to assist him, all the while discovering a new enemy, Hao Asakura. An extremely powerful shaman, Hao's goal is to destroy humanity, leaving only powerful shaman to live in the new world he plans to create. Yoh, with his friends, must stop Hao from achieving his ultimate goal.

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