Seryu main image
Seryu Ubiquitous
Kanji セリュー・ユビキタス
Rōmaji Seryū Yubikitas
Aliases Serieux
Race Human
Gender Female
Height 164cm [1]
Measurements 82-54-84[1]
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Auburn
Occupations Imperial Police Officer
Affiliations The Empire
Teams Jägers
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #1: Chapter #3
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #2 (Cameo)
Episode 5
Japanese Kana Hanazawa
English Kira Vincent-Davis


The daughter of a soldier of the Empire, Seryu had a deep admiration for her father since childhood, and aimed to follow in his footsteps. Having joined the Imperial Guards, she came under the wing of the corrupt captain Ogre, who introduced her to a doctor that augmented her body with hidden weaponry. The greatest asset to her arsenal came, however, when she was found to be compatible with one of the Empire's 48 treasured superweapons, Imperial Arms, in her case, a monstrous dog that she calls "Koro."


Seryu was created by Tashiro Tetsuya & Takahiro for the Akame Ga Kill manga, and her notes regarding character design is in the untranslated Akame ga Kill guidebook.



She is a short, thin young woman with orange hair, which she normally ties back. She originally wore the standard Imperial Guards' women's uniform, and had body-length hair, but later regularly wears a green military tunic and has cropped her hair to shoulder-length. At this later stage, she sports metal prosthetic forearms. Her official height is 164cm, and her measurements 82-54-84.


Seryu views the world in very black and white terms, seeing the authority of the Empire, despite its rampant corruption, as absolutely right, and its enemies as pure evil. She is utterly committed to the Empire and her duty, and relishes fighting for them, and in destroying what she considers evil. This tends to result in her taking great pleasure in killing enemies in battle, or prisoners convicted of crimes.

She has a quite energetic, possibly sweet side, as she also enjoys helping others provided she think they're guiltless and treats her living Imperial Arms as a beloved pet. Seryu has also demonstrated a tendency to hero worship others, such as Captain Ogre, her late father, Dr. Stylish and later Esdeath.

Her simplistic view of the world, hero worship, and sometimes childish behaviour suggest that she has quite an immature personality with a streak of emotional instability.

Powers & Abilities

An especially dedicated and hardworking soldier, Seryu has undergone particularly rigorous training, and has considerable ability in hand-to-hand combat and the use of firearms. To further enhance her repertoire, she agreed to surgery to have hidden weaponry like fire-arms embedded in her body, this process was said to be maddeningly painful, which suggests that Seryu also has exceptional endurance.

Her prosthetic arsenal is later enhanced by a more extensive set of weaponry called the Judgement of the Ten Kings, which includes guns, flails, bladed weaponry, and explosives, making Seryu a one-woman arsenal. Most of these weapons are stored in her Imperial Arm Koro, and equipped by having him bite off her current prosthetic and swapping them in his mouth.

Imperial Arm - Hecatonchires

The living Imperial Arm "Hecatonchires" is Seryu's greatest weapon. Nicknamed Koro by her, the Arm usually takes the form of a small, cartoonish dog, which shapeshifts into a huge monstrous version of itself, including a large mouth filled with sharp teeth. His larger form has super-human strength, incredible endurance and can heal quickly from most damage. Like most living Arms, he possesses a "core" which must be destroyed to kill him.

Koro is generally quite docile, and sometimes quite timid out of battle, but seems just as bloodthirsty as his master when he does fight. He displays affection for Seryu, and has a taste for human flesh.