Sayo main image
Sayo (Akame ga Kill!)
Kanji サヤ
Rōmaji Sayo
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #1: Chapter #1
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #1
Japanese Mikako Komatsu
English Margaret McDonald

Sayo is Tatsumi and Ieyasu's childhood friend.


Sayo is originally created by Takahiro and designed by Tetsuya Tashiro as a minor character in Akame ga Kill franchise. In the anime, she is designed by Kazuhisa Nakamura. She currently has no information regarding any inspiration, early art work, or name changes used in her character design.



Sayo is a young girl in her late teens or early 20's. Her exact age has not been revealed at the time of her death. She has black eyes, long, straight hair and fair, white skin much to the ire of Aria. Because she, Tatsumi, and Ieyasu set off from their village in the winter, she has black winter coat with a white fur shoulders and no collar. Her coat extends up to her knees with a white fur bottom. She wears knee high, white socks with sandals.

Underneath her winter coat, she wears a variation of the yukata, which is normally long sleeved and the dress extends all the way to the feet. Her lavender yukata is a mini dress version where it has short sleeves and short skirt that reaches to her thighs. It has slits cut into the shoulder parts of the yukata. Lastly, she wears a pink, flower hairpin with four petals with two stamens.


Not much is known about Sayo. According to Ieyasu, Sayo has an iron will. When she is tortured to death by Aria, she never submitted or gave in to Aria. Also, Tatsumi mentions she is not so picky about her outfits. However, she states in Tatsumi's imagination that she has nothing else to wear.


  • Tatsumi: Sayo's relationship with Tatsumi is also unknown. It's arguable that the two have romantic implications or not during the mission on Zank from how Tatsumi chase Sayo from the alley and to embrace her lovingly. Tatsumi did not know that this illusion was Zank himself.

Story Arcs

When Tatsumi, Ieyasu, and Sayo embark from their village, they are attack by bandits. Ieyasu and Sayo are separated from Tatsumi and winds up being taken into Aria's family in the Imperial Capital. Tatsumi later finds Sayo's dead body in the storage shed where Ieyasu explains that Sayo never submitted to Aria before he passes away in Tatsumi's arms. Both her and Ieyasu body were brought to the Night Raid hideout and were buried by Tatsumi.

Powers & Abilities

Even though Sayo is killed early in the Akame ga Kill franchise by Aria, she is seen with a quiver and bow strapped to her back in Tatsumi's flashback. It's assumed she is a top class archer since Tatsumi had talked highly of his deceased friends' warrior spirits and skills.