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# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
1 Shimoneta End Card 01 Whom Does Public Order and Morality Serve?
Kōjoryōzoku wa Ta ga Tame ni
July 4, 2015
2 Shimoneta End Card 02 The Mysteries of Pregnancy
Ninshin no nazo
July 11, 2015
3 Shimoneta End Card 03 How to Love Someone
Hito no aishi-kata
July 18, 2015
4 Shimoneta End Card 04 The Saying Goes... Love Is Justice
Sekai iwaku, ai wa seigi
July 25, 2015
5 Shimoneta End Card 05 For Whom the Dirty Terrorism Benefits?
Shimoneta tero wa ta ga tame ni?
August 1, 2015
6 Shimoneta End Card 06 Handmade Warmth!
Tezukuri no nuku mori!
August 8, 2015
7 Shimoneta End Card 07 What SOX Created
SOX ga tsukuri shi mono
August 15, 2015
8 Shimoneta End Card 08 The Devil Blows His Own Trumpet
Akuma ga ki tari te hora o fuku
August 22, 2015
9 Shimoneta End Card 09 Do Androids Dream of Electric Masseurs?
Andoroido wa denki anma no yume o miru ka
August 29, 2015
10 Shimoneta End Card 10 G-Rated Quest
Jī-kyū kuesuto
September 6, 2015
11 Shimoneta End Card 11 Techno Break
Tekuno bureiku
September 12, 2015
12 Shimoneta End Card 12 Dirty Jokes Forever!
Shimoneta yo eien ni
September 19, 2015

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