Ruri Gokou (1)
Ruri Gokou
Kanji 五更 瑠璃
Rōmaji Gokou Ruri
Aliases Kuroneko
Race Human
Gender Female
Birthday April 20, 1996
Height 160 cm [1]
Weight 43 kg [1]
Measurements B77-W53-H80 [1]
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Relatives Tamaki Gokou (Younger Sister)
Hinata Gokou (Younger Sister)
Light Novel Oreimo Volume #1: Chapter #3
Manga Oreimo Volume #1: Chapter #5
Anime Oreimo Episode #2
Japanese Kana Hanazawa

Ruri is one of Kirino's Otaku friends, she likes to cosplay.


Since Ruri's parents are busy working due to financial challenges, Ruri often takes care of her younger sisters. Back in Winter Comiket, she sold 10% of her doujinshi. Later on, she accepts Saori's invitation to join the meeting.


Kuroneko is created by Tsukasa Fushimi as a supporting character in the Oreimo franchise. She has no information regarding any inspiration used to create her. She first makes her debut in the light novel series, volume 1: chapter 3. Her manga debut is volume 1: chapter 5 while she makes her anime debut in episode 2. She is voiced by Kana Hanazawa.


Physical Appearance

  • Race: Human
    Kuroneko's White Dress
  • Age: 15
  • Height: 160cm
  • Weight: 43kg
  • B-W-H: 77-53-80
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue

Ruri is a young, short, slim girl with long black hair and fair skin. She has a beauty mark on the corner of her left eye.

Outfits & Costumes

School Uniform

  • School Uniform
  • Gym Uniform
  • School Swimsuit
  • Second School Uniform - After moving to a new home, Ruri transfers to a new shcool with a new uniform. This uniform is a black sailor-style uniform with a pleated skirt.


  • Maschera Outfit - She has a hair band that has two violet roses. She wears red contacts and a black and white dress. She has a white embroidered collar with a violet rose. She wears a black, long sleeved shirt over her white dress shirt. Her black skirt has white crosses and white frill. She wears black shoes and stockings.
  • White Angel - She wears a red contact for her left eye and a yellow contact for her right eye. She has the same hair band with two violet roses in her Maschera outfit except that the band is white. Her outfit has a white and pink color scheme. She has straps that expose her bare shoulders, and she has detached arm sleeves. She has a white mask with a yellow pattern that only covers her right eye. On the back of her dress are small, white wings. She has a long, white skirt with pink frills and yellow crosses at the bottom. She has white, tall boots.
  • Cat Maid Uniform - A brown maid uniform with a cream apron, worn with a pair of black cat ears and tail.

Casual Outfits

  • White Dress - Her dress has little straps and no sleeves that exposes her nape and shoulders. It has a little white ribbon on her chest and a layered frill around her waist. Her skirt reaches almost to her knees, exposing a bit of her thighs.
  • Burgundy Tracksuit - She wears her tracksuit open, exposing her salmon colored shirt. It has a black cat's face on the left side of her jacket while another black cat's face is located near the right pocket of her pants. Her pants has white stripes on the sides, and her jacket has white stripes extending from her shoulders to her wrists.

Other Outfits

  • Kimono - Her kimono is light purple with white stripes. It has several violet flowers near her chest, one on her right arm and one near her left knee. She wears a yellow sash with white dots that wraps around her waist.


Kuroneko is blunt in her criticisms while her Maschera persona is dramatic. At home, she is a caring, older sister. Though at school, she's a quiet, lonely girl, but she is too proud to admit it.


  • Kyousuke Kousaka - The two meet for the first time in Saori's offline meetings. They become close when Kyousuke would ask Kuroneko to help him with Kirino's problems. Kuroneko is surprised at how much Kyousuke sacrifice to help Kirino. After Kirino has moved out to America, Kuroneko transfers to Kyousuke's school. When Kyousuke tries to help Kuroneko find a clique to belong to, Kuroneko rejects Kyousuke's help. She tells Kyousuke that she is Kirino's substitute. After Kyousuke admits he is lonely, Kuroneko accepts Kyousue. She tells him that she loves him as much as Kirino. After Kirino comes home, Kyousuke and Kuroneko begin dating. Later on, Kuroneko dumps Kyousuke in her plot to reduce the strain in Kirino and Kyosuke's bond. Despite their break up, Kuroneko holds feelings for Kyousuke.
  • Kirino Kousaka - At first, Kuroneko and Kirino are hostile towards each other in Saori's offline meeting. Though, the two girls remain in contact, recommending their favorite shows to each other. The two reconcile after making some doujin stories and killing each other in gruesome ways. Like Kyousuke, Kuroneko does help out Kirino. In the first occasion, she wins Kirino a video game in Summer Comiket. The second time, she fights back with criticisms of her own when the director wants to make alterations to Kirino's anime adaptation of her light novel.
  • Ayase Aragaki - The two meet each other in Kyousuke's apartment. They fight over who is Kirino's best friend and for their feelings towards Kyousuke (indirectly).

Story Arcs

Season 1

Kuroneko is first seen in an offline meeting that is orchestrated by Saori. During the meeting, Saori notices that Kuroneko and Kirino did not have a chance to engage in conversation. When Saori has Kuroneko and Kirino meet each other, the two girls butt heads about each other's clothing and their favorite anime series (Kuroneko - Maschera; Kirino - Stardust☆Witch Meruru).

Season 1's True Route

Season 2

Other Media

Kuroneko is a playable character in the PlayStation Portable visual novel game, Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Portable. It was released on January 27, 2011 and produced by Bandai Namco Game.


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