Run main image
Run (Akame ga Kill!)
Kanji ラン
Aliases Ran
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 175cm [1]
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Occupations Teacher (Former)
Affiliations The Empire
Teams Jaegers
Kurome's Corpse Puppets
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #4: Chapter #15
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #9
Japanese Junji Majima
English Christopher Patton


To combat a group of assassins using ancient, superpowered weapons called Imperial Arms, the Empire's General Esdeath formed her own Teigu-using police force called the Jaegers. Members of this team were drafted from various backgrounds and positions within the Empire, including the young and erudite Run. What position he held before joining the team was not revealed, though it wasn't long before he began to hint at a hidden agenda.


Run is a minor antagonist created by TAKAHIRO & Tetsuya Tashiro for their manga series, Akame Ga Kill! His notes on character design is not currently translated from the official guidebook.



Run is a young and attractive man of average height. His features tend more towards beauty than a more traditionally masculine handsomeness, he is slender built, has a youthful face and light, wavy blond hair. He wears a feather in his hair and his clothes suggest a sense of lightness. When activating his Imperial Arms, he manifests wings. Together with his androgynous appearance, this gives him the look of an angel.


Usually formally spoken and polite, Run is typically amicable yet aloof. While he is usually friendly with his teammates, he tends to keep his cards close to his chest and has internally hinted as having a personal agenda that he is working towards.

Run is very intelligent, being perceptive and knowledgeable. This has seen him often taking on the role of an adjutant for his superior officer Esdese. While he initially believed Esdese, who revels in carnage, would be a person deserving of contempt, having met the woman herself he has found her to be more complicated and interesting a character than he had anticipated and has come to enjoy working with her. Also, although he usually keeps them at something of a distance, he has shown genuine concern for the other Jaegers at times.

He has a greater understanding of the Empire and its dark side, and the reality of his job than most of his teammates, however, he has accepted that he must get his hands dirty to achieve his goals.

Powers & Abilities

Due to the nature of his Teigu, Run typically fights at a distance. He is typically quite pragmatic in battle, and tends to think fully about what risks there are and when to take them, however, he usually doesn't come across as cowardly. He has rarely demonstrated close-range combat prowess, however, he has successfully dodged an attack from Esdese who is renowned as the Empire's greatest warrior.

Imperial Arms ~ "Soaring for Thousands of Miles" Mastema

The Teigu Mastema takes the form of a pair of discs that hover over the user's shoulders. When activated, the discs manifest large, feathered wings, allowing the wielder to fly and fire the feathers as projectiles. These feathers can easily pierce a human body, and Run has demonstrated considerable accuracy while using them.

Other Media

He also makes a debut in Akame ga Kill (ONA), a collection of shorts that features chibi characters.


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