Rokugoh (Akame ga Kill Ep 16)
Kanji ロクゴウ
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Red
Occupations General
Affiliations The Empire (Defected)
Teams Kurome's Corpse Puppets
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #7: Chapter #30
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #16
Japanese Kento Fujinuma


Formerly a general of the corrupt Empire, Rokugoh had planned to defect from his position and join the revolutionary army, who sought to overthrow the government and change the country. His intentions became known however, and he was slain by the assassin Kurome. He was not allowed to rest in peace at this point, as Kurome's sword Yatsufusa allowed her to retain several of her victims as zombie servants, thus Rokugoh's corpse was revived to serve her.

Rokugoh was an acquaintance of Najenda, another general who wished to defect to the Revolutionary Army. Her attempt was successful however and later she led the rebel's assassination cell Night Raid. The two trained together in the past, so that Najenda eventually became really familiar with his attacks.

Powers and Abilities

Akame Ga Kill's setting is one where people can achieve superhuman power through training, and a General is not only a person of high military rank, but someone who has attained this type of superhuman body. Thus, his strength, speed and durability all exceed normal human limits. In battle Rokugoh employs a whip, which he uses with incredible speed and skill. He has demonstrated an attack called "Earth Shaker" where he sends his whip through the earth and attack enemies from below when it emerges.

As a puppet corpse, Rokugoh does not feel pain, or suffer from fatigue. He is also capable of moving and fighting after sustaining what would otherwise be fatal injuries.

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