Rin Tohsaka main image (UBW Anime)
Rin Tohsaka
Kanji 遠坂 凛
Rōmaji Tōsaka Rin
Race Human
Gender Female
Birthday February 3rd[1]
Height 159 cm (Fate/stay night)[1]

124 cm (Fate/Zero)[2]

Weight 47 kg (Fate/stay night)[1]

29 kg (Fate/Zero)[2]

Measurements B77/W57/H80[1]
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Relatives Tokiomi Tohsaka (Father)
Aoi Tohsaka (Mother)
Sakura Matou (Sister)
Nagato Tohsaka (Ancestor)
Anime Fate/stay Night Episode #1
Film Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works
Japanese Kana Ueda
English Mela Lee


Rin is one of two daughters born to her parents, Aoi and Tokiomi, within the Tohsaka family bloodline of mages. Her younger sister Sakura was adopted by the Matou family because Tohsaka family tradition forbid siblings from acquiring the same lessons in magecraft within their family. Rin was brought up to be the successor of her family's bloodline of magic and received lessons from her father up to his death in the Fourth Holy Grail War. She continued improving on her skills in magecraft over the past ten years before the Fifth Holy Grail War with some guidance through her guardian and father's former confidante, Kirei Kotomine.


Rin Tohsaka was created for the Fate/Stay Night visual novel created by Type-Moon. She's one of the three heroines who gets prominent focus in the Unlimited Blade Works route. Because of her teaming up with Shirou and explaining many details of magic and the Holy Grail War, she has a considerable role even in the other two routes and is said to be the heroine with the most screen time in the series. In other media, she debuts with the 2006 TV adaptation of Fate/Stay Night and the manga of the same name. She's also the main heroine of the TV and movie adaptations of the Unlimited Blade Works route. Her Japanese voice actress is Kana Ueda, and her English voice actress is Mela Lee.



Rin stands at 159 centimeters (roughly '5'2") with her three sizes being 77 cm for bust, 57 cm for waist and 80 cm for hips. She has aqua-blue eyes and wavy long black hair which reach out to her hips. She usually ties up the sides of her hair to form twintails using black ribbons. She is normally seen in public wearing her school uniform. For casual clothes, Rin wears a red turtleneck shirt with a white cross design over the chest area, a black miniskirt and long black legging socks.


Rin has a public image of a prim and proper honor student. This is a front she puts up in order to keep people from prying into her personal life. In private, she has a loud and shrewd personality that she expresses towards those close to her. Despite this, she does mean well for those she cares for and is a smart and resourceful girl willing to lend advice to those she trusts. As a magus, she tries to make her decisions based on cold and rational logic. Yet internally, she can't find herself being as detached from normal folk as many magus do as she still cares for the well-being of those who get dragged into the events of the Holy Grail War.


  • Shiro Emiya- Rin takes on the role of an advisor and confidante to Shiro throughout many routes in the Fate/ Stay Night franchise. She teaches him about magic and the Holy Grail War, while also getting joy at points teasing him for his serious personality. She has admiration for him in the Fate and Heaven's Feel routes of the series, while developing a romantic interest in him in Unlimited Blade Works.
  • Sakura Matou- Rin's relationship with her younger sister is a strained one due to Sakura's adoption into the Matou family. She has a great deal of guilt for this event in believing that she abandoned her sister, as such that this guilt drove her into reviving Shiro due to being aware of Sakura's feelings for him. While admitting to watch Sakura from afar, Rin was oblivious to the abuse her sister suffered from the Matous and fooled herself into thinking that her sister was doing well to alleviate her guilt.

Story Arcs


Rin's role was minor throughout the series. She gets a role to fulfill when she decides to try tracking down the location of missing children that were abducted by Caster and Uryuu. Events for her quest differ between the novel and anime. In the novel, she finds herself unsuccessful in her adventure as she gets lost in Caster's lair and nearly killed by one of Caster's summons before being saved by Kariya Matou. In the anime, she is able to locate and rescue the children from Uryuu's control before being rescued by Kariya from Caster's summon. After the rescue, she faints and is taken back to her mother Aoi by Kariya. Following the events of the 4th Holy Grail, Rin is adopted by Kirei as her guardian due to her father's death and her mother being reduced a mentally vegetative state after being choked by Kariya.

Fate/Stay Night

Rin attempted to summon a Saber-class Servant in her participation in the 5th Holy Grail War, yet instead summoned Archer. Despite her disappointment in not summoning what she wanted, she would quickly adjust to her circumstances. While scouting things out in Fuyuki City, she and Archer are confronted by Lancer and the two Servants face off in a brief battle. But upon discovering Shiro's presence, Lancer fatally wounds him and Rin winds up having to use her family's magical pendant to revive him. Aware that Lancer would hunt Shiro down if he's discovered to still be alive, Rin attempts to track down Shiro before she comes across Saber which leads to events for one of the three routes to divide up from here. In all routes, she serves as an ally and advisor to Shiro throughout the Grail War.


Rin served as a major asset to Shiro and Saber during their conflict with Illyasviel and Berserker when she performs a ritual to link Shiro's magic circuits directly to Saber in order for her to maintain her magic reserves and had Archer sacrifice himself to buy time for the three to escape from her castle. While bearing no hatred for Shiro for Archer's loss, Rin was still somewhat bitter with losing her chance to win the Holy Grail War. She was seriously injured by Kirei when he came to abduct Ilya to use as a means to summon the Holy Grail, but survived the event and would leave for London following the Grail War to continue with her lessons to become a master magus.

Unlimited Blade Works

At the start of the route, Rin launches an attack on Shiro at school to force him to give up his Command Spells. The effort stops when the two hear a scream and see that a female student had been drained of much of her life force by Rider. The two form a truce to determine who Rider's Master is, while later finding themselves in conflict with Caster and dealing with Archer showing hostility towards Shiro. Rin is forced to use a Command Spell to stop Archer from trying to harm Shiro while the two have their alliance and she later moves into Shiro's household to make it easier to plan out strategies.

Shiro would take Rin and Saber out on a date before finding their home broken into by Caster, who takes Taiga as a hostage. When Shiro tries to follow her demands, Caster would free Taiga and use Rule Breaker on Saber to take control over Shiro's Command Spells. With her magic resistance, Saber is able to maintain control over herself long enough to have Shiro and Rin flee. The two then decide to make use of Archer to stop Caster and Kuzuki before he betrays them to serve under Caster. They then try to recruit Illya and Berserker's help, but they find the two being slain in battle by Gilgamesh.

Faced with no other options, Shiro and Rin eventually encounter Lancer and form an alliance with the Servant. Lancer fends off Archer while Rin and Shiro go to confront Kuzuki and Caster, where a fight between the two duos ends in a draw. Archer winds up killing the latter duo and reveals his intentions to kill Shiro before Rin forms a new contract with Saber. This forces Archer to flee, but not before kidnapping Rin to use her as a hostage to lure out Shiro. Holding her at the Einzbern Castle, Rin has to put up with Shinji attempting to rape her before she is rescued by Lancer. Kirei attempts to have Lancer kill Rin, but refuses and winds up being forced to kill himself via a Command Spell. However, Lancer remains alive long enough to kill Kirei and force Shinji to flee.

Having to deal with Gilgamesh attempting to use the Holy Grail's power for his own ends, Rin forms a contract with Shiro that would allow him to draw enough mana from her to make use of Unlimited Blade Works against the King of Heroes. While Shiro is able to get the upper hand on Gilgamesh in their final battle, Gilgamesh attempts to kill the boy by dragging him into the Holy Grail but is saved by Archer. With the Grail destroyed and before fading away, Archer has a final meeting with Rin where he asks her to take care of his younger self, hoping that she would be able to save him from being possessed by his ideals. Rin winds up being the winner of the Holy Grail War in this route.

There are two different endings for Unlimited Blade Works in the visual novel. For the Good End, she is able to keep Saber as a familiar through using her and Shiro's combined mana reserves and the three live a happy normal life. In the True End, Rin decides to travel to the Mage's Association in Europe. She offers Shiro the opportunity to travel with her as her apprentice so they could still be together and she could watch over him, with the two knowing that the obvious answer would be yes.

Heaven's Feel

Rin reveals her family relations with Sakura to Shiro in this route as she announces her intent to kill her younger sister before she becomes fully corrupted by the power of the Holy Grail. Despite this intent though, Rin is hesitant to kill her younger sister. She later gained use of the Jeweled Sword Zelretch to fight off Sakura's shadow summons when her sister becomes corrupted by the Holy Grail. The fight leads the two sisters to express how they feel towards one another and despite being stabbed by a scared Sakura, Rin finds herself unable to kill Sakura. These events lead Sakura to gain control over her actions long enough for Shiro to free her from the Grail's control using Rule Breaker. Rin and Sakura are able to reconcile at the end of the route.

Powers and Abilities

Rin's magus bloodline specializes in Conversion of Power, an ability that allows her to store magic into objects. In Rin's case, she stores her magic into jewels that she can use as disposable magical attacks on par with an A-rank attack. Their power is great enough where they are capable of taking one of Berserker's lives and fending off magic attacks from Caster. However, this type of sorcery requires expensive jewels to be purchased and can be financially draining on Rin's spending despite the great amount of money she gained from her family's inheritance and the jewels will be reduced to dust once used for magical attacks.

Other Magical Abilities and Skills

Outside of Conversion of Power, Rin is a competent magus knowledgeable of many magical theories and skills. She is skilled in the use of Reinforcement magic where she strengthens parts of her body to temporarily augment her attributes. While enhanced via Reinforcement, she can run 100 meters in seven seconds and increase the strength of her physical blows enough as such to deal damage to Caster. She made use of Reinforcement to enhance the toughness of one of her gems enough where while the gem was placed on her stomach, she could withstand being crushed in Berserker's grip for a prolonged period of time.

In addition, Rin often makes use of a Finnish spell called Gandr where she concentrates mana into her fore finger and fires it as a black orb launched at her opponent. Originally being a type of curse, Rin's use of the spell takes on a corporeal form that is potent enough in its ferocity to pierce through a concrete wall. Since she has inherited her family's Magic Crest, Rin is able to cast this spell without any verbal command. She is capable of firing the spell in volleys and can create a bounded field to trap her opponent and rain down a number of Gandr shots on her hapless foe.

Rin was also trained in martial arts via Kirei as she used her skills, combined with Reinforcement magic, to land a surprise attack on Caster during a confrontation with her in Unlimited Blade Works.


Through her family's inheritance, Rin bought a number of expensive jewels she used to store her magic in the ten years leading up to the Fifth Holy Grail War. She had 20 of them on hand at the start of Fate/ Stay Night as she used ten of them in her ritual to summon Archer and the other ten at differing points throughout the Holy Grail War.

Rin gained a pendant through her family's inheritance that had a larger reserve of magic stored in it than any of the jewels Rin had stored up her mana in throughout the ten years leading up to the Holy Grail War. Tokiomi intended to give the pendant to Rin as a means for her to win the Grail War and she intended to use it as a last resort in her efforts. Instead, she winded up using nearly all of the magic stored in it to save Shiro's life when he was fatally wounded by Lancer. She winded up abandoning the jewel after saving Shiro's life and the boy would keep it as an heirloom. Archer would use the jewel as his means to be summoned by Rin from his future timeline and it is the means by which his true identity is discovered when Shiro sees both pendants.

The Azoth Dagger Rin inherited through Tokiomi functions as a type of wand used to form magic circles and affect physical magical mysteries. Forged from Tohsaka family jewels, it is possible for Rin to store mana into the dagger though she didn't store as much mana into it throughout the ten years she prepared for the Grail War. While not intended as a weapon, it is possible to use the Azoth Dagger in combative scenarios by stabbing a foe with it and uttering the word "läßt" to release all the mana that was stored in the dagger for a devastating magical attack. The combative means of using the dagger can be activated by anyone.

In Heaven's Feel, Rin gained possession of a powerful magical weapon called the Jeweled Sword Zelretch. This was a weapon originally created from the instructor of one of Rin's ancestors, Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, through his knowledge of Second Magic, one of five "true magics" which grant its wielder the power to travel between parallel worlds. Zelretch left blueprints for the Tohsaka family to solve for a generations-long homework assignment in making their own copy of the weapon. Rin, Shiro and Illya were able to recreate the weapon through their combined efforts. With the Jeweled Sword, Rin is able to draw an unlimited amount of mana from parallel worlds and release the stored energy into powerful magical blasts. She is able to use the weapon to easily plow through a number of Dark Sakura's shadow summons. However despite the sword's power, it can only store a limited amount of mana at a time before it has to be released before drawing in additional power. In addition, the recreated copy of the weapon Rin uses is inferior to Zelretch's original creation as continued use of the Jeweled Sword's power causes damage to Rin's muscles.


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