Redline main image
Kanji レッドライン
Directed By Takeshi Koike
Screenplay By Katsuhito Ishii
Yōji Enokido
Yoshiki Sakurai
Story Katsuhito Ishii
Produced By Kentarō Yoshida
Yukiko Koike
Music By James Shimoji



102 Minutes

Distributed By

Tohokushinsha Film

"In the far distant future, when cars are giving up their wheels in the changeover to air-cars, there still exist fools who carry on a vanishing spirit of racing."


Sonoshee and JP are racers whose dreams are to race in and win the ultimate space race, Redline. JP also is in love with Sonoshee. Sonoshee and JP participate in a qualifying race, Yellowline. However, JP is forced to throw the race because of arrangement with his long-time mechanic, Frisbee, who got involved with the mafia. Sonoshee wins and move onto Redline.

After all Redline racers are confirmed, the race is announced to take place on Roboworld. The President of Roboworld is against holding the race there, for more than one reason. The Redline organizers decide to hold the race there anyway. As a result of this, 2 qualifying racers decide to drop out of Redline. This means that JP is going to take their place in the race.

However, because of a few secrets that the President is hiding about Roboworld, Frisbee's ties with the mafia and JP's infatuation with Sonoshee, this race may turn out to be even more exciting and explosive than anyone could have predicted.

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