Rachnera Arachnera main image
Rachnera Arachnera
Kanji ラクネラ・アラクネラ
Rōmaji Rakunera Arakunera
Aliases Rachnee
Race Arachne
Gender Female
Height 198cm
Weight 82kg
Measurements B92(H)-W55-H87 [1]
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Lavender
Manga Monster Musume Volume #3: Chapter #14
Live Action Sakura Nakamura

Rachnera Arachnera is a spider lady who currently lives with Kurusu's household.



  • Kimihito Kurusu - Because of how her first human family treated her, she didn't trust Kimito at first, believing he is just a human being who despises monster gals. Touched by his clueless and kind sacrifice to turn himself in, Rachnera moves into his household. She would enjoy herself, stringing Kimihito and rest of the gals for her S & M amusement.


  1. Source: Volume 4 Insert Rachnera's Secrets

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