Polt main image (Manga)
Kanji ポルト
Rōmaji Poruto
Race Kobold
Gender Female
Height 158 cm [1]
Weight 51 kg [1]
Measurements B86(D)-W60-H88 [1]
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Occupations Sports Club Owner
Manga Monster Musume Volume #4: Chapter #17
Anime Monster Musume Episode #10 (Cameo)
Japanese Shiina Natsukawa [2]

Polt is sports club owner whom was recommended by Ms. Smith to the gals in Kurusu's household for exercise health.


While Polt has no information about her character design, she has media coverage. In a Crunchyroll article, Polt was added for 2 reasons:

  • In episode 10, the anime wasn't going to adapt the swimsuit scene from chapter 17. To compensate, they added scenes with Polt as a cameo.
  • 2nd reason was Okayado's request. He wanted the staff to add Polt early due to many fan requests.[2]


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