Piccolo (character) main image
Kanji ピッコロ・ジュニア
Rōmaji Pikkoro Junia
Aliases Kamiccolo
Race Namekian
Gender Male
Birthday May 9
Height 226 cm
Weight 116 kg
Eye Color Black
Occupations Martial Artist
Affiliations Z Fighters
Relatives Future Piccolo (alternate timeline counterpart)
Katas (grandparent)
King Piccolo (parent/incarnation)
Kami (parent's good counterpart/permanent fusee)
Nail (permanent fusee)
Manga Dragon Ball #14 Ch. 161
Anime Dragon Ball #123
Japanese Hiromi Tsuru (child)
Toshio Furukawa (teen and adult)
English FUNimation dub:

Daveigh Chase (child) Christopher R Sabat (adult) Ocean Group Dub: Scott McNeil Blue Water Dub: Ethan Cole (DBGT)

Live Action James Marsters

Piccolo is a character in the Dragon Ball franchise.


Piccolo is the reincarnated offspring of Demon King Piccolo. He was born when Goku killed King Piccolo and before he died he spat an egg out. This was Piccolo and he was made specifically to destroy Goku for revenge. Piccolo grew and trained hard in isolation and preparing for a World Martial Arts Tournament. Dejected by defeat, he would go back into isolation to train once more.

Their battle would have to wait when an alien named Raditz came to Earth looking to kill Goku and nearly killed Piccolo to get to him. It was then discovered that this alien was Goku's brother and they are both aliens known as Saiyans. After Goku sacrificed himself to defeat Raditz by letting Piccolo kill them both. Piccolo would take in Goku's young son Gohan and train him for the coming battle with the other Saiyans who were on there way. Through developing this young child as a fighter, Piccolo's heart was moved. Though originally motivated by pride alone, this human connection and admiration for Goku's sacrifice would seal Piccolo as their ally and another protector of Earth and it's people. While fighting these new and more powerful Saiyans Piccolo also discovered his own origin. He was not a demon, but another alien called a Namekian from the planet Namek.


Piccolo is a character of the Dragon Ball series created by Akira Toriyama. He is the first of the future line of Dragon Ball villains who would become allies of Goku after one major battle together. When asked about his favorite character, Toriyama would name Piccolo saying.

" I believe mine would be Piccolo. He was the first character in my manga where I was like, 'He has a really scary face, but he's so cool.' It's really cliche when bad guys turn into good guys, but it just feels great drawing it! "
Akria Toriyama on his favorite character.
In the fight with the villain Babidi, Toriyama originally wanted to have Piccolo fall under the spell, but editors convinced him that Vegeta would be a better choice since fans had been wanting to see Goku and Vegeta fight again.

Piccolo's first appeared in Dragon Ball Volume 14, Ch. 161 "The Fist of Son Goku", and his first anime appearance was in Dragon Ball - Episode 123 "Lost and Found". He has been voiced by Toshio Furukawa throughout the run of the anime in Japan, and the voice of Piccolo as a child was voiced by Hiromi Tsuru. Though, he has had several voice actresses for the release in the United States, due to the various companies that have dubbed the series in its long run.

Character Evolution

In the original Dragon Ball series, Piccolo, as well as Demon King Piccolo and Kami, were said to be from the Dragon Clan who were the creators of the Dragon Balls. The story was originally designed to end after Goku defeated Piccolo and won the World's Martial Art's Tournament, but the series story was extended after this. It was then changed that Goku was now an alien called Saiyan and Piccolo was made into another alien species called a Namekian. He is a green-skinned character with patches of magenta long his arms and abdomen, and some of the more prominent facial features would be the pointed ears and antennas on his head. He is almost always wearing a turban and white cloak. These are shown to be heavily weighed down to assist him in his training.

Dragon Ball Era

Piccolo only has a brief appearance as part of the Dragon Ball era of story at the last end for the final World's Martial Arts Tournament. He is Goku's final opponent and shows off many skills that he shows to never use again.

Dragon Ball Z Era

It was in the Dragon Ball Z era of the story where much of Piccolo's origin was changed from demon to alien from Planet Namek. He would go on from a villain to a popular heroic character in the series. He is the one who originally trains Goku's son, Gohan, and even sacrificed himself to save Gohan. As the series progressed, Piccolo would need more power to keep up with the growing threats of enemies. He would become dramatically stronger several times by merging with other Nemekians. First with Nail on Planet Namek to fight Frieza, and later would combine with Kami, who was originally part of Demon King Piccolo; so he could take part in the Cell Games. Gohan greatly admires Piccolo and even wears clothes modeled after him for when he goes into battle.

Major Story Arcs

World's Martial Arts Tournament

Until the training continued and he wouldn't stop until Goku paid for what he did. He trained for three long and hard years and he was now a teenager. The tournament began. Piccolo defeated anyone in his way with ease. Krillin was his next battle and he took Krillin down in the end. He went on to face a man named Hero which was actually Kami. Piccolo took him down and sealed him in a bottle and ate it. He did this so if anyone wanted to kill him they now could not cause they would kill Kami. He was then to fight Goku.

The fight was a long and hard one and Piccolo put up a great fight. But, in the end Goku beat him and during the fight he freed Kami. Even after this he still wanted to kill Goku and had his mind set for it. Eventually Piccolo went after Goku but, met Raditz who he started to fight. Raditz just walks away and goes looking for Goku. Piccolo goes to Goku and tells him the Raditz wants to destroy Earth. So him and Goku become allies for a short amount of time.

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman Strength

Piccolo's Namekian physiology grants him vast levels of superhuman physical strength and can augment his strength using telekinesis. Piccolo has been shown knocking down Android 17 hard enough that a large crater was created by the impact, Piccolo has overwhelmed Imperfect Cell with his physical strength, he has overpowered Android 17 with physical strength, on more than two occasions Piccolo has shown to possesses physical strength greater than that of the Androids and he has shattered entire cliffs and large rock formations with his fists. Throughout Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, Piccolo's physical strength increased to the point that when he was sent to Hell by King Yemma for blasting Heaven he took control of Hell and created an order to keep the villains under bay, villains which include (Bojack, Frieza, Perfect Cell, Cooler etc.) which would imply that Piccolo had enough power to keep these villains under bay. Piccolo's current power level is possibly beyond Super Saiyan 2 level and his physical strength allows him to lift in the excess of 100 tons with no known upper limit. Piccolo can grow even larger in size further increasing his physical strength.

Superhuman Speed

His Namekian physiology grants him great superhuman speed. Piccolo thinks, reacts and moves at superhuman speeds. Piccolo is constantly said to be one of the fastest Z Fighters of all. Piccolo's superhuman speed apply when he is thinking as he thinks extremely fast, his reflexes and reactions are incredibly rapid as he dodges lightning fast attacks that cannot be seen by the human eye and dodges ki beams that have been previously shown to move at or in excess of the speed of light. Piccolo is depicted as flying incredibly fast well over hypersonic speeds and is able to fly at high intense and harsh atmospheric pressures, temperatures and environments. Piccolo is able to move so fast that he is able to leave an after-image of himself behind.

Superhuman Durability

Piccolo's Namekian body grants him great superhuman physical durability. Piccolo has been shown withstanding blows and attacks from powerful enemies such as Android 17, Broly, Perfect Cell and others without sustaining great physical damage (with the exception of Broly who caused great physical damage to Piccolo). Piccolo has withstood being blasted through mountains, falls from great heights and powerful energy blasts without sustaining any visible physical damage.

Regeneration & Duplication

Piccolo, like all Namekians, possesses an accelerated healing factor and regenerative ability. Piccolo's accelerated healing factor is so great that he is able to heal from severe injuries within moments and can regrow lost limbs in seconds. His regeneration and accelerated healing factor has proven a great advantage when in battle as he quickly heals or regenerates from devastating attacks. One of the greatest examples of this ability is when Piccolo was turned to stone by Dabura and Goten and Trunks accidentally smashed the stone Piccolo into pieces, after Dabura was killed Trunks and Goten were horrified to find out that they may have killed Piccolo, but he was soon seen completely uninjured, and explained that he can regenerate provided his head is intact.

Piccolo has the ability to split into another separate Piccolo creating another form or even clone of himself. Piccolo has shown this ability on plenty of occasions and can use this ability in a battle to his advantage or to confuse his opponents, as well as a tool to aid in training.

Size Manipulation

Piccolo is able to physically manipulate his body to grow in size, further increasing his strength in the process. Piccolo becomes ten times his size when in his giant form. Piccolo had used this ability when fighting Garlick Jr. and during the Piccolo Jr. Saga. He also possesses the power of elasticity with his skill of manipulation. Piccolo is able to extend his arms and legs reaching great distances, he stretches or extends his arms and they become almost elastic in nature, seemingly looking as if they have no bones.

Eye Lasers

Piccolo is able to fire thin energy beams from his eyes called "Eye Lasers". His eye lasers are very fast and are able to nullify attacks and small projectiles. The potency of this attack varies. The color of the beams can be different and can be blue-tinged white or pure red depending on the intensity and amplitude of the lasers.

Other Media


Various changes were made to Piccolo throughout the animated adaption of the Dragon Ball series produced by Toei Animation. In the manga, Piccolo is illustrated with four fingers, but the anime draws him with five fingers. Another alteration is to Piccolo's blood. Though in Dragon Ball he is shown to have red blood, in Dragon Ball Z after losing his arm. He's shown to to have purple blood.

Cross Epoc

In a rare cross promotional event, the completely separate worlds of Dragon Ball and One Piece, created by Eiichiro Oda, were merged into a completely original story where character from both series were combined to make a short story in manga and later made into an anime special. The story was called Cross Epoc.

Live Action Film

It was in 2009 that an officially sanctioned live-action movie was created in the U.S. The title was Dragonball Evolution. Much of the story was changed from the original concept. In this movie Piccolo was named as Lord Piccolo and was played by James Marsters. The movie was panned by both fans and critics. Though, despite the poor reception of the first movie. There were confirmed report of a direct sequel until word came that Hollywood was going to attempt a reboot of the movie instead.

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