One Punch Man Anime Poster

One-Punch Man
Kanji ワンパンマン
Rōmaji Wanpanman
Light Novel
Manga Staff
Artist One (Webcomic)
Anime Staff
Director Shingo Natsume
Series Composition Tomohiro Suzuki
Character Designer One-Punch Man TV Anime Casts Saori Hayami, Mamoru Miyano
Music Makoto Miyazaki


In a world overrun by both superheroes and supervillains exists a quiet man named Saitama. He doesn't look like much at first, with his boring looks, bald head, and non-chalant personality. He mostly busies himself with supermarket sales and TV programs. However, when a supervillain attacks his city, Saitama is able to destroy them with just one punch, and finds himself looking for a villain that can actually put up a fight against him. Saitama ends up attracting the attention of a young cyborg superhero named Genos, and a wide range of supervillains that don't know what to make of Saitama or his strange powers.


Viz Media along with Daisuki as a collaboration will be streaming the anime series. [1]

  • Viz Media and Neon Alley
  • Daisuki
  • Niconico


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