Nyau main image
Kanji ニャウ
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Blond
Occupations Assassin
Affiliations The Empire
Teams Three Beasts
Manga Akame ga Kill Volume #3: Chapter #10
Anime Akame ga Kill Episode #7
Japanese Hitomi Nabatame
English Clint Bickham


Nyau is one of Esdeath's 3 Beasts, a trio of officers utterly sworn to her and her orders, who bear a reputation for their ruthlessness and use of Imperial Arms. The training needed to enter this group is brutal and usually fatal, so despite his childlike behaviour and mannerisms Nyau is a formidable & sturdy warrior.



Nyau is short young man who is in his twenties, but appears younger. He wears a black officer's uniform with shorts and has horns protruding from his head. Whether these are authentic or some sort of headwear is unknown. He has bushy blond hair that covers his ears.


Nyau is defined by a childlike nature and utterly cruel behaviour. He is probably the most vile and amoral of the 3 Beasts as while the other two don't bother much with conscience, their actions usually aren't as depraved as Nyau's. His hobby is to remove people's faces and collect them.

Alike his cohorts he is completely devoted to his master, Esdeath and follows her orders without question. He also has a degree of attachment to Liver, diligently obeying his orders and sometimes seeking his attention.

Powers & Abilities

As one of the 3 Beasts Nyau has been put through Esdeath's brutal training regimen and his fundamental combat skills are quite high. He is an adept and quick melee fighter who uses his flute as a club in close combat.

Imperial Arm - Scream.

This flute allows the user to manipulate the feelings of those who hear it and to hypnotise them. It was said to be used in the past to raise morale on the battlefield, but it can also be used to rob people of energy or to put them to sleep. Scream's secondary ability is named "Call of the Fierce God" and allows the user to augment their own physical capacities by playing a song. When under its effect, Nyau grew taller and his muscles much larger, making him far more powerful physically.

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