Neon Genesis Impacts
Neon Genesis Impacts Default Image (Japan Animator Expo)
Season 3, Episode 32
General Information
Series Japan Animator Expo
Air Date September 18, 2015
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Neon Genesis Impacts is the 32nd short on Japan Animator Expo. [1]

Legal Streaming: Link


  • Original Work: Khara
  • Lead Animator: Tsukasa Kawasaki (Lucky Pictures)
  • Color Coordination: Miho Tanaka
  • Art Director: Youichi Watanabe (VASA Entertainment)
  • Written and Directed by Yuhei Sakuragi
  • Chracter Designer: Asako Nishida
  • Composition Arrangement: BuzzG
  • Song: Ai Kakuma
  • Animation Production: Steve N' Steven Inc.


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