Story Arcs

Story Arcs

Macao Arc

When Natsu heard that there was a powerful fire magic user running around town calling himself "Salamander" he immediately believes that it might be Igneel. Unfortunately, it turns out that a man named Bora stole and used the title to gain fame. Natsu blows him off and meets Lucy who is gracious to him for saving her from Bora's charm magic. As a token of her appreciation, she treats him to dinner and he cleans her out financially after his huge appetite was relieved. During his meal, Natsu finds out that Lucy dreams of joining Fairy Tail, but he doesn't mention that he himself is a member of the guild.

After this, Lucy meets Bora again, who claims to be a member of Fairy Tail and guarantees her a membership to the guild if she wishes it. He invites her aboard his ship which, to her disbelief, turns out to be a slave labor ship. Once she is captured and learns that she was about to be sold onto the black market, Natsu arrives to save the day. As he fights Bora, he reveals that he is a member of Fairy Tail and that he has never seen Bora in his life. When the battle is over, Natsu takes Lucy back to Fairy Tail where she joins as the newest member.

After a full scale brawl, which was triggered by Natsu upon his return to the guild, he overhears a conversation between Romeo and Makarov while scanning the request board. Romeo was concerned about his father, Macao, who had not returned from his mission after a full week. Makarov merely tells him to wait patiently and received a punch to the face by the little boy who later ran off crying. In reaction, Natsu nearly breaks the request board and takes it upon himself to find Macao in the mountains. With Lucy and Happy by his side, the group manage to reach the mountain tops. But they soon encounter a Vulcan who kidnaps Lucy while sitting inside Horologium for warmth forcing Natsu to look for her. Once he reaches the cave where Lucy is being held captive, he slips and falls but regains his composure and demands that the "monkey" tell him where Macao is. Seemingly compliant, the Vulcan points towards a hole in the cave and Natsu, who decides to have a look, is pushed off the mountain. After being saved by Happy, he mistakenly knocks out Taurus, Lucy's celestial spirit, believing that he was the Vulcan's comrade. He then quickly defeats the Vulcan, who transforms into Macao, and the trio return to the guild safely, with Romeo over-joyously embracing his father.

Day Break Arc

After Lucy's home got shamelessly invaded by Happy and Natsu, she immediately scolded them and demanded they leave that instant. Refusing to comply, Lucy gives in and prepares them two cups of tea while teaching them about her magic and her Celestial Spirits. She demonstrates how she forms contracts with her spirits by summoning Canis Minor Nikora which she named Plue. Once her contract was complete, she tells Natsu and Happy that she never breaks a promise. Then Plue apparently suggested they form a team to which Natsu, and subsequently, Lucy agree to. Natsu presents her with their first mission which involved stealing a book from its owner who also happens to be hiring a blond maid. Natsu uses Lucy's words against her, forcing her to join the job.

With Lucy fully adorned in a maid outfit, the team makes their way to the client's home where Kaby Melon explains their mission and stuns the three when he announced that he raised their reward ten-fold. With determination, they approach Duke Everlue's mansion where Lucy is interviewed for the maid position but is rejected because he considered her "ugly". They then decide to sneak into the mansion where they quietly move around in search of the book they're assigned to destroy. After an encounter with Everlue's maids, who are easily dealt with by Natsu, they come across a library where Natsu locates the book DAYBREAK. But as he was about to burn it, the book is snatched from his hands by Lucy when she realized that it was written by a famous author named Kemu Zaleon. As she begs Natsu to keep it, Everlue dives from the ground and calls forth the Vanish Brothers to take care of them. Lucy, who is certain that the book holds a deep secret, runs off with it and tells Natsu to stall for time while she tries to decipher it. Everlue goes after her and Natsu tells Happy to help Lucy out while he takes care of his opponents.

After Natsu easily defeats the Vanish Brothers, he grabs on to the head maid. As a result, when Everlue summoned this head maid, who is the Celestial Spirit Virgo, he was transported from the Celestial Spirit to the Human World. Lucy tells Natsu to deal with Virgo while she defeated Everlue. He complied and finished her off with a powerful blow. In the end, the book was revealed to have been written for Kaby by his father and Natsu refused to accept their reward because they did not complete their job which was to destroy the book.

Lullaby Arc

When Gray informs Natsu that Erza was returning from a mission, he is struck with fear and shock. As soon as she returned, both him and Gray began to act like best friends simply because they feared that she would beat them up if she ever caught them fighting. After their reunion, Erza announces that she has taken on a mission and that she would need some help. She then decides to recruit Natsu and Gray to form Team Natsu, which becomes instantly known as the strongest team in Fairy Tail.

With a newly formed team, Natsu and the others take the train to the site of the new job. But Natsu, who has an extreme form of motion sickness, is pretty much out of commission for the entire ride as Erza explains that the goal is to stop the dark guild Eisenwald from using the flute Lullaby, which has the power to steal people's souls with its music. Natsu, who is sick from the ride, doesn't even realize that its time to get off and, as a result, he remains on the train as it leaves the station. It is here that he fights Kageyama, a member of Eisenwald who can manipulate shadows to become weapons. Once the train stops, Natsu gets his revenge, but leaves right before the train starts to move again.

As Team Natsu makes their way to the town square where Eisenwald is waiting for them, they find out that it was a trap and that the building was enclosed by a whirlwind that can't be broken out of. Kageyama, who is the only one who can help Natsu and his friends escape, is unable to help them when he gets injured from a wound that is inflicted by his own fellow guild member. Luckily, thanks to Happy, Lucy has Virgo, who digs them a tunnel to get out. Once the team escapes, Happy flies Natsu ahead to catch up with the guild leader Erigor. During their fight, Natsu finds himself at a disadvantage since Erigor's wind magic is able to create a shield that Natsu's fire can't burn through. However, when Happy tells Natsu that he should just give up and leave this to Gray, it sends him into a rage. Thanks to his Dragon Slayer magic, his power is affected by his emotions, and his fire grows so great it sucks up all of Erigor's wind and becomes victorious.

However, at the last second, Kageyama comes back to snatch up the Lullaby flute, and carries it to the building, where the meeting between guild leaders was held, to steal their souls with the flute's music. But when he gets there, he finds that he can't go through with the plan, and as a result, the Lullaby flute comes to life and transforms into a great demon. Erza, Gray, and Natsu team up to defeat it with shocking ease, proving that they are indeed the strongest team in Fairy Tail.

Once they return home, Natsu makes Erza live up to her promise to fight him in exchange for his help on her mission, as he is still desperate to prove which one of them is really stronger. They begin their battle but its immediately halted as Erza is taken on trial before the Magical Council for destruction of property from this last mission. Natsu is upset by it but he is turned into a lizard so that he wouldn't do anything stupid. However, Macao, owing Natsu a favor for saving him from a curse, swapped places with Natsu so that he could sneak away to go rescue Erza. Natsu arrives dressed as Erza claiming to be her, and states that they can't arrest Erza if they don't know which one is which. In the end both Erza and Natsu spend the night in jail. Natsu might not have helped Erza much, but she was appreciative of his gesture.

Galuna Island Arc

Natsu gets tired of waiting being denied S Rank missions, so he decides to take one anyways and heads off with Lucy to help the people of Galuna Island. Once they reach the port to find a person who was willing to take them to the island, Gray shows up stating that he was given the order to bring the them back to the guild. But Natsu knocks him out and takes him along in fear that Gray would report back to the guild and cause Erza to come after them. When the team is taken on a boat off to the island, which makes Natsu extremely motion sick, a tidalwave flips the boat and washes everyone ashore on Galune Island. As soon as they reach the village, they learn that its been cursed, causing the villagers to turn into demons whenever the moon comes out. Out of concern and sympathy, all three agreed to help lift this curse.

While exploring the island for clues they stumble into a ruin, where they find the monster Deliora frozen in ice. Gray remembers this monster from his past as the creature that killed his master and destroyed his village. They are then attacked by Sherry Blendi and her two mage associates. That night they discover these three mages along with Gray's old partner Lyon undertaking a ritual to free Deliora. Natsu tries to stop them when he finds out they plan on destroying the village, but he is frozen by Lyon and is pushed down the hill. When he returns he finds Gray defeated and takes him back to the village. Once Gray has recovered they see Sherry along with her partners Toby and Yuka have returned to destroy the village with a deadly poison. Natsu stops most of this poison with his Gleaming Flame technique and then does battle with Toby and Yuka. The battle is short, mostly thanks to him tricking Toby to touch his own face with his paralyzing poison.

The next day Erza arrives to try and take them home, but Gray runs off and so does Natsu to finish this mission. Natsu attempts to move the temple so the moonlight can no longer reach Deliora to melt him, but he is interrupted by Lyon. Natsu is willing to fight him, but is stopped by Gray who says its time for him to finish the job. He attempts to defeat Lyon using his Ice Shell technique which would kill them both, but Natsu punches some sense into him to keep him from doing that. Gray now has the will to fight Lyon but Natsu notices Lyon has another partner in crime, the masked man Zalty (who is really Ultear in disguise). Natsu tries to keep Zalty from escaping, but has to stop when he notices that Deliora's prison is starting to melt. He tries to stop it but discovers that after years of imprisonment in ice, Deliora is already dead.

Once he returns to the village Natsu assists Erza with her plan to free the people of Galuna Island from their curse by destroying the moon. Natsu supercharges a spear of Erza's that she launches at the moon, only to have it destroy a barrier around the island. This lets the villagers realize that they weren't cursed to turn into demons, rather they were demons from the very beginning. The barrier was the true curse that altered their memories to make them think so.

Phantom Lord Arc

After returning home from this mission, Natsu and his team are shocked to discover that the guild has been attacked while they were away. The culprit was the guild Phantom Lord, and even though Natsu is more than ready to charge into battle, Makarov tells him there is no point in getting upset at someone for attacking an empty guild. However, when Gajeel attacks Shadow Gear and burns the Phantom Lord insignia on them, Fairy Tail charges in to attack the guild, with Natsu leading the way. They battle and Natsu clashes with the fellow Dragon Slayer, Gajeel Redfox. They do battle until Makarov is injured and it was revealed that this was all all a trap to not only incapacitate Makarov but also to get Lucy by herself so they could kidnap her.

After a retreat, Natsu threatens a member of Phantom Lord to tell him where he can find Lucy and he eventually caves in and tells him. Natsu runs off and catches Lucy as she jumps out of Phantom Lord's sky prison and takes her back to the guild. Lucy says that since she is the target they'd be better off if she left, but Natsu reminds her that Fairy Tail is now her home, and because of that they'll protect her to the end. However they are interrupted when Phantom Lord's mobile guild attacks the Fairy Tail members, firing its mighty cannon, named Jupiter, at them. Erza blocks it but its shot takes her out of commission, and during the confusion Lucy is kidnapped again.

While Jupiter recharges, Natsu storms the building to destroy it and runs into Totomaru, a member of the Elemental 4 who controls fire. He gives Natsu some trouble at first when he turns his fire against him, but then Natsu gets so enraged that his magic can no longer be controlled. He is about to defeat Totomaru when the mobile guild transforms into a mechanical machine that enables it to move, thus kicking in Natsu's motion sickness. He is about to be defeated when Gray and Elfman show up to save him. Natsu then races off to find Lucy but is stopped again by Aria, another member of the Elemental 4. However once again Erza comes in to save the day and faces Aria, telling Natsu he has to move forward, that right now he must save Lucy.

Natsu eventually finds Gajeel, who has Lucy battered and beaten. The two of them clash and are evenly matched until Gajeel puts on his iron skin and eats metal off the floor to recharge his power. Natsu is then completely outclassed as he is helpless to stop the destruction of Fairy Tail. He watches helplessly as the guild crumbles, and he stands up and tries to keep fighting but is out of energy. However Lucy saves him by summoning Sagittarius to fire arrows at the machinery in the room. The machines explode and Natsu is able to eat the fire from blast, recharging his magic. He makes a complete comeback and defeats Gajeel. After the battle he asks Gajeel what happened to his dragon master, and Gajeel tells him the same thing that happened to his master, seven years ago they both disappeared with no warning.

Tower of Heaven Arc

Natsu and his team were treated to a vacation at a luxurious casino, however when they arrived they were attacked by a team of mysterious mages, with Natsu being trapped and shot in the mouth by Wally Buchanan (Natsu ended up only being mildly burned in the mouth since his fire based magic prevented any additional damage). Erza was kidnapped by these group of mages who turned out to be old friends of hers.

Natsu, Gray, Lucy, and Juvia stormed the Tower of Heaven to get her back, and upon arrival Natsu headed off on his own and found a room full of cat toys that belonged to Milliana. When she came in he had put on a cat helmet that he couldn't get off. However he was also surprised by Wally's reappearance but Happy came in and prevented Natsu from being attacked from behind. The two of them defeated Wally and Millianna and proved to them that they really cared for Erza. As they flew off, Wally commented that he thought Natsu's scarf was really cool. However, Jellal had hired additional forces to keep Natsu and his group away. He brought in a special assassin's guild and Natsu faced off against Fukuro, an owl-like self proclaimed hero of justice. Fukuro swallowed Natsu up and gained his powers, however Gray came in and defeated Fukuro, freeing Natsu before he was digested.

After the fight, Simon begs Natsu to save Erza, who he believes cannot win against Jellal and as a last resort, might use Etherion, which may inevitably kill her, to stop him. Furious, Natsu asks for directions to her location and comes in on time to save Erza from fusing with Etherion. When she demands he leave, he knocks her out and fights Jellal. Natsu gets overpowered by his speed and strong attacks but due to Jellal's concern that the tower may receive too much damage, he decides to "go easy" on Natsu. Natsu, learning this, hits and further damages the tower's lacrima, which enrages Jellal.

After several meteor attacks, Jellal decides to deliver a finishing blow but Erza, who regains consciousness, stands in the way, thinking that Jellal will stop. Unmoved, he launches his attack and Simon saves both Erza and Natsu by sacrificing himself. After Jellal's mockery of Simon, Natsu, in an enraged state, eats a piece of the Etherion which causes him to enter dragon force. Jellal then attempts to use his ultimate attack but fails due to a wound that was inflicted by Erza in their previous fight. Natsu takes advantage of this and defeats him. But as Etherion becomes unstable and out of control, Erza, despite Natsu's pleas, fuses with it to save her friends. After a vision of her funeral, she wakes up to find that she is alive and was saved by none other than Natsu.

Following these events, Natsu sleeps for three days consecutively but is temporarily woken up when Gray insults him. After a mighty feast, him, Lucy and Gray set off their own fireworks as a farewell to Erza's and their previous enemies, Wally, Shou and Millianna.

Fighting Festival Arc

Once Natsu and the gang return to the guild, they find it completely rebuilt. But Natsu remains dissatisfied with the new changes because he claims that it doesn't feel the same. He then becomes angered when he finds out that Gajeel, an enemy who destroyed the guild, has been accepted by the master and joined Fairy Tail . After Gajeel provokes Natsu, a fight breaks out amongst everyone in the guild, to which Natsu states it feels like home again. Still feeling the effects of Etherion, he tries to go home, but ends up resting in Lucy's bed.

During the Miss Fairy Tail contest, Evergreen shows up and ends up turning all the contestants into stone with her powers, including Lucy. Laxus appears thereafter and explains that he is officially announcing the start of a Fairy Tail battle to determine the strongest member of the guild. He then threatens to turn the stoned girls into dust if the members refuse to participate in the battle. With the prospect of fighting his fellow members, Natsu gets fired up and attempts to attack Laxus, only to be brought down by his lightning shock. After he leaps back to his feet, he runs off to join the battle but Fried's enchantment blocks him from doing so.

After much waiting, he decides to free Erza from the stone spell by heating her up. Although he is successful, he ends up receiving a punch from her for his reckless methods. Still unable to leave the guild, Natsu reassures Makarov that Laxus is not the person to harm anyone, but Laxus questions that when he activates the Thunder Palace (surrounding thunder lacrima that, if discharged, could destroy the city with countless bolts of lightning) in reaction to Evergreen's defeat by Erza and the freed hostages.

With Levy's help in dispelling Fried's enchantment, Natsu leaves the guild and finally confronts Laxus at the Caldia Cathedral just in time to get a glimpse of Mystogan who looked exactly like Jellal. Mystogan states that he is not Jellal and decides to leave the battle to Natsu and Erza (who arrived at the same time as Natsu). Once the fight began, Laxus started to take Natsu seriously after he landed a few hits while Erza went to destroy the Thunder Palace. After she successfully does the task, Laxus goes berserk and Natsu manages to hold his own. But after a short time, he becomes overpowered and Gajeel comes right on time to save Natsu from a finishing strike. Soon after, he reluctantly agrees to team up with Gajeel and the two combine their Dragon Slayer powers to attack Laxus.

But their attacks were ineffective and Laxus, who was unimpressed, decides to show them the true strength of a Dragon Slayer by releasing a lightning version of his dragon roar which inflicted heavy damage and paralyzed Natsu and Gajeel. After a failed attempt at casting Fairy Law on Magnolia, Laxus continually beats a determined Natsu who refuses to stay down. As he sends one of his strongest attacks, Gajeel uses himself as a lightning rod to deflect it in order to save Natsu. Natsu then makes a comeback with a flurry of attacks in an eight-hit combo and defeats Laxus. In victory, he releases a loud roar for all to hear.

After the fight, everyone in the guild began to recover from their injuries, including Natsu, whose mouth was completely bandaged, muffling his speech. When Laxus entered the guild to speak with Makarov, Natsu yells at him saying that he doesn't consider a two-on-one as a fair victory and demands a rematch (his muffles were translated by Gajeel) and in return, Laxus merely waves and walks away, earning himself a confused look from Natsu. Despite Natsu's injuries, he still took in the Fantasia Parade, with a fire-blowing float. Once everything had ended, Natsu protested against Makarov's decision to excommunicate Laxus from the guild, but is stopped by Erza.

Oracion Seis Arc

When Fairy Tail decides to form a pact with three other guilds to help stop the Balam Alliance from activating Nirvana, Natsu and his team are chosen to represent Fairy Tail as they head out. They meet up with the Trimens from Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale members including Lyon and Sherry, and Wendy from Cait Shelter. Wendy immediately greats Natsu and is happy to see him since she believes he might know something about what happened to the dragon who taught her, but unfortunately he knows as much about that as to what happened to his own dragon. As soon as the team is fully assembled Natsu rushes off to defeat the Oracion Seis, however he and the rest of his team are surprised by them and are defeated quickly. Natsu has to watch as Happy and Wendy are taken away by Brain while Erza slowly dies from poison. Charle tells Natsu that Wendy has healing powers and could save Erza, which makes Natsu and Gray rush off to rescue Wendy.

On their way to Oracion Seis' hideout, Gray tells Natsu to go on ahead while he deals with Racer who had just attacked them. When he arrives, Natsu is shocked to see a revived Jellal and immediately charges at him but he is easily stopped by Jellal's attack. Once recovered, Natsu takes Wendy to Erza to cure the poison that has quickly spread through her body. Soon after, a beam of black light bursts from afar, and Natsu, thinking that Jellal might be there, decides to run towards it.

On his way there, he notices an unconscious Gray in a nearby river and tries to help him. However, a raft pops out from the water and his motion sickness kicks in, rendering him helpless. As Gray was about to deliver a killing blow, Lucy, with the help of Sagittarius, stops him from doing so. Although the raft became stationary, Natsu still felt the effects of his sickness. It was then revealed that Gray was Angel's Celestial Spirit, Gemini, who had the ability to copy any person perfectly. After facing and defeating Angel, Lucy tries to help Natsu off the raft but the rapids pull her onto it and both are dragged down a river and a waterfall.

Later, Natsu wakes up on dry land along with Lucy to notice that Virgo had tended her wounds and changed their clothing by her own will. A possessed Sherry then comes out from the bushes and suddenly attacks the duo but Gray comes up from behind and subdues her. After Lyon shows up, Sherry reverts to her normal self and Nirvana's second stage begins to activate. As Natsu, Lucy and Gray decide to climb one of Nirvana's legs to the top, Natsu's motion sickness causes him to lose his footing and fall off the leg. But Happy swoops down from the sky and saves Natsu and the two fly to the top to stop Brain and Nirvana. Once they reach their destination, Cobra takes to the skies on his winged snake Cuberos to battle Natsu.

As the aerial battle began, Cobra used his abilities to "hear" Natsu's thoughts, predicting his every move. But Natsu overcomes this by relying on his instincts rather than his thoughts, allowing his moves to become unpredictable. He then becomes shocked when he learns that Cobra is a Poison Dragon Slayer, albeit an artificial one like Laxus. After being poisoned by Cobra, Natsu attempts to finish the battle with one attack before his body goes completely numb, but Cobra dodges it and appears behind him. Natsu then releases a huge roar that shatters Cobra's sensitive eardrums. Although Cobra survived, he got defeated by Brain who decides to turn Natsu evil so he can serve him, but Gray, Lucy and Jura arrive just in time to save him. After Jura took care of Brain, Wendy shows up and heals Natsu's poison and temporarily cures his motion sickness.

As the team reach the top of Nirvana, Brain tricks them into a trap which critically wounds Jura after he used himself to shield the team from a deadly explosion. While tending to Jura's injuries, Klodoa, Brain's staff, appears and condemns their interference but Natsu, unfazed by the fact that a stick is talking, waves and bangs him against the ground, demanding that he stop Nirvana. After Klodoa frees himself from Natsu's grasp he explains Oracion Seis' plan to destroy Cait Shelter and then abruptly begins to shiver in fear stating that Brain's evil and sinister personality, codenamed Zero, will soon emerge since all of its members have been eliminated. Thereafter, Zero appears before the team and immediately attacks the unconscious Jura. Although Gray manages to block it, Zero easily shatters his ice wall and Natsu proceeds to charge at Zero, only to be defeated as well. He then attacks a scared Lucy and Happy, wiping out everyone. After some encouraging words from his friends, Natsu and the others will themselves to stand and fight.

Once Natsu reaches Lacrima #1, he is met with Zero and the two begin a fierce battle. After Natsu blocks one of Zero's attacks, he is suddenly hit by a powerful magical blast. The two turn towards Jellal who sent the fire based attack and Zero asks whether he regained his memories. Jellal replies that he has, but only those of Natsu in which he requires flames to replenish his energy, hence his attack was intended to give Natsu back his strength. But Natsu, who grabs onto Jellal's collar, refuses to believe that he had any intentions of helping him. Zero then took this chance to attack Natsu but Jellal defends him, taking the full force of the blast which prompts Natsu to accept the Flame of Rebuke that Jellal offered to him in order to defeat Zero. Once he took the golden flame, Natsu's strength and speed dramatically increased and soon after entered dragon force mode. With an immense power up, Natsu was able to defeat Zero and destroy the Lacrima.

After being saved by Hoteye from a collapsing Nirvana, everyone is reunited but their reunion is cut short when the captain of the Enforcement and Detention Unit of the reformed Council, Lahar, and the Council Army show up to arrest both Hoteye and Jellal. Natsu protests and tries to take Jellal back by force, but was stopped by Erza. On their way home aboard a ship, Natsu enjoys the trips thanks to Wendy, but his motion sickness returns as her magic wears off.

Edolas Arc

After returning back to the guild with Wendy as their new member, everyone celebrates her welcome with Natsu getting carried away by "accidentally" burning Lucy's clothes. Later that week, the bells of Magnolia chime to indicate Gildartz' return, prompting cheers from the entire guild. As they prepare for his arrival, the town enters the "Gildarts Shift" whereby the city restructures itself for the crash user to prevent him from accidentally smashing through people's houses. Upon his arrival, Natsu immediately challenges him to a fight and charges at him, only to be deflected to the ceiling where he comments his amazement over Gildartz' strength and power. Before leaving, Gildartz invites Natsu to his home to have a talk and to give him a souvenir he got during his mission.

When Happy and Natsu arrive at Gilartz' home, the crash user greets the two where he begins to joke about Natsu's relationship with Lisanna, only to be informed by the dragon slayer that she had past away two years ago. Uncomfortable with the topic, Natsu begins to leave when Gildartz stops him by stating that he met a dragon during his mission. He continues by saying that it had not been a red dragon like Igneel but a black one. Natsu, in hopes of finding out the whereabouts of Igneel, decides to go to the mountain where Gildartz had encountered the dragon. But Gildartz stops him and says that this dragon travels all over the world making it impossible to find and that its an enemy of humans. He goes on to say that its because of this black dragon that he lost his arm, leg, several organs, and subsequently, his mission. Natsu then yells out that a Dragon Slayer can defeat a dragon and runs off but he ends up tripping and falling into a pond where he reminisces about Igneel.

Back at the guild the next day, Natsu is seen sleeping while a mischievous Gray decides to have a little fun by scribbling on his face. After waking up and seeing his reflection, Natsu immediately jumps into an argument and then a brawl with Gray. However, the two call it quits and Natsu falls asleep again, unaware that an Anima was present above the city. While asleep, the Anima absorbs the entire city, with the exception of him, Wendy, Charle, and Happy because of their Dragon Slayer powers. Here, Charle explains about Edolas, an alternate world, where everyone had been transported to. The team decides to visit Edolas, and upon their arrival, they become amazed over its beauty and bizarre environment.

After discovering a deserted home where they managed to get some clothes to form disguises, Natsu notices Fairy Tail from afar and runs towards it. Upon entering it, the team realizes that something's not right so they crawl under a table to observe their friends. While watching the interactions between the guild members, Natsu and the others become shocked and amazed over how different everyone was acting. However, they soon become noticed by the Edolas version of Lucy, who glares at them and asks who they are. Natsu and the others, unable to believe that this is Lucy, merely gape at how scary she is compared to her counterpart from Earthland.

As Edo-Lucy observes Natsu, she quickly (but mistakenly) recognizes him as Edolas Natsu and gives him a big hug to welcome him back followed by a punishment for his long absence. After escaping from her tortures, she catches him again and beats him to a pulp for talking back to her. However, Lisanna shows up and tells Edo-Lucy to stop bullying Natsu, causing the dragon slayer to tear up. As him and Happy were about to hug her, Edo-Lucy kicks the two to the side and scolds them for their beast-like behavior. Natsu then begins to cry after seeing Lisanna alive with Edo-Gray trying to console him. Charle then informs the group that these people are not their friends but completely different people, pointing to an aged Wendy to prove her point. With that, they try to leave to save their friends but an attack by the Fairy Hunter forces them to remain in the guild while it transfers to safety. Natsu later learns that the Fairy Hunter is Erza Knightwalker, Erza's counterpart, and an enemy of Fairy Tail, shocking him and realizing that he may have to fight her.

Upon escaping from the Fairy Hunter, Natsu reveals to the Edolas Fairy Tail guild members that he came from Earthland to save his friends who have been transported to their world. He then requests they give him directions to the capital, but everyone states that doing so would be suicidal. But even after learning of their history and their master, Natsu firmly stands his ground and states that he will do anything to save his guild and companions. This shocks everyone in the guild, especially Lucy. After getting directions to the capital, Natsu gets distracted by a frog which he tries to catch as a souvenir for Earthland Lucy. But he ends up bumping into a larger frog which he tries to defeat with his fire, but is shocked to learn that he can't use his magic. As it chases the group, Edo-Lucy shows up and uses her whip to defeat it. She states that she only came because the area was dangerous and not because she was worried. Natsu then tells her that she's Lucy after all, to which she says that makes no sense.

Later, the group arrives in Luen where Natsu purchases a weapon from a magic black market. When the Royal Army notices them, he puts it to the test by throwing streams of fire at the soldiers. However, after the soldiers managed to block his attack with their shields, Natsu realized that he can't launch the same attack since magic is limited in Edolas. Nonetheless, the team manages to escape thanks to Wendy's weapon and remained in hiding until they found Earthland Lucy, who managed to enter Edolas with the help of Mystogan.

The group eventually reach the city of Sycca where they decided to spend the night. As the two Lucys argued about their bodies, Natsu stifled a laugh and told them that they shouldn't bathe together with their counterpart. The next day, as Lucy discusses the history of Edolas, they notice a huge airship under command of the Royal Army. Once hidden, Natsu proposed they steal the ship to get to the Capital quicker, but dismisses the suggestion when Wendy tells him that she can't use Troia to heal his motion sickness. However, Lucy was in on the plan and tried to summon Loke to battle the soldiers, but to her shock, Virgo appeared in his stead, saying her "brother" was on a date. Natsu and Wendy then decided to use their own weapons but were easily wiped out. As they were about to be captured and arrested by the Royal Army, a speeding four-wheel vehicle shows up with the driver telling them to get in. After escaping from the soldiers, Natsu, still in a state of motion sickness, listens as the man introduces himself as his counterpart, Fireball Natsu.

Reaching the outskirts of the Capital, Edolas Natsu abruptly stops the car and tells everyone to get out. He explains that he doesn't want to fight the Kingdom since its extremely foolish and that he only helped them out by Edolas Lucy's request. Before departing, Natsu grabs onto his counterpart and drags him out of the vehicle and asks how he can handle transportation. But Edolas Natsu begins to quiver and tear up, saying he doesn't know, shocking everyone over his change of personality, especially Natsu. He then tells Lucy to be more kind to his counterpart after she scared him upon introducing herself. As they were about to head off to the Capital, Edolas Natsu comments that they can't defeat the Kingdom but Natsu just replies with a smile of confidence and says that he will do whatever it takes to save his companions.

Inside the Kingdom, Natsu and the others observe the citizens and their surroundings as they walk down the city streets. Upon noticing a growing crowd, they decide to check it out. To their shock, the object that has been drawing the attention of so many people was a giant lacrima, composed of Magnolia and Fairy Tail. As the king presented his speech, they noted that some parts of the lacrima had been removed, with some chipping and falling off as the king pierced it with his staff. As soon as Natsu sees this, he starts to lose control, but is restrained by Lucy's words and tears of sorrow.

As the team sit in silence over what they had just seen and heard, Charle reveals to them a map to the palace which requires them to walk through an abandoned mine. Upon reaching it, Lucy pulls out two unlit torches for light. However, Charle points that they need fire to light them. Lucy and Natsu then try to create fire the old-fashioned way with Lucy succeeding and Natsu ironically failing. As they walk through the underground tunnel, they come across a stone wall that Taurus manages to destroy. Deeper in, Natsu decides to have a bit of fun by creating some shadow puppets, consequently getting punished by Lucy for his idiocy. Upon reaching a wider area, Natsu, Lucy and Wendy suddenly become wrapped by some strange gel. As their captor is revealed to be Edolas Erza, the female then bows in front of Charle and Happy, welcoming them and thanking them for luring the intruders into her trap, shocking Natsu, Lucy and Wendy.


S-Class Trial Arc

After returning from Edolas, the guild celebrates over the return of Lisanna and somehow, with Natsu's provocation, a brawl breaks out. The next day, Natsu rushes to and fro, in a rush to finish as many jobs as he can for the upcoming S-Class Trial Examination which seems to pay off as Makarov announces him as one of eight participants in the exam. Once he chose Happy as his partner, he joins the others on a boat trip to Tenrou Island, where the trial was set to take place. During their small voyage, Makarov explains the first part of the exam which is that every team had to choose a path where they would have to either walk down a quiet path or fight and win against their opponent(s) to advance to the next stage. As soon as the island comes into view, Makarov announces the commencement of the exam. Natsu and Happy immediately make their move to get to the island first but are suddenly blocked by Fried's runes who, along with Bixlow, are the first to make it there. They eventually reach the island as soon as Fried's runes expired after 5 minutes.

Once they do, Natsu decides to choose Path E because he was hoping to fight Erza and also because he believed that the "E" was a reference to her name. But as Natsu continued down the path, he was not met with Erza. Rather, the duo came face to face with Gildartz, Fairy Tail's strongest mage. Although slightly disappointed that he didn't meet Erza, Natsu nonetheless gets excited to fight the best of Fairy Tail. After some light teasing, Natsu charges at Gildartz head on, only to be stopped without much effort. Despite his numerous attacks, Gildartz easily overpowers Natsu in hand-to-hand combat. He then unleashes his dragon roar but its countered by Gildartz' disseminating magic which mistakenly dissembles Natsu into several miniature versions of himself.

Not yet given up, the mini-Natsu's hoard Gildartz, jumping on him, pulling is hair, and setting his head on fire. With his patience reaching its limit, Gildartz decides to change Natsu back to normal. After doing so, Natsu seizes this opportunity to use his strongest attack which barely pushes Gildartz back. Amused by Natsu's efforts and determination, the crash user gives Natsu a passing grade, but the stubborn Dragon Slayer refuses to quit until he defeats him. Gildartz is then forced to go all out. He unleashes his powerful magical aura which is so strong that Natsu shivers in fear. Natsu then drops to the ground and tearfully admits defeat. Gildartz explains that the whole lesson was not just about strength. It was for him to realize his weakness and face it which is what he has learned. For that Natsu passes. Gildartz ends his speech by saying that despite Natsu's lose, he is still willing to fight him anytime any day.

Natsu later meets up with the other remaining teams who managed to pass the first part of the exam, including Gray, Lucy and Gajeel. While waiting for the other teams, Happy voices his concern over Natsu's silence, who remained still, thinking about the words that Gildartz had said to him. Once everyone arrived, Makarov explained the second part of the exam which was to find the grave of the first Fairy Tail master, Mavis Vermilion. Before he set off, he rose from his seat and challenged the other contestants to see who would become an S-Class mage to which everyone gladly accepts.

As Natsu and Happy venture through the island without much difficulty concerning the ridiculously powerful creatures on the island, they recalled its odd geography and decide to fly to the top. While flying in the sky, Natsu immediately jumps down to save Elfman and Evergreen from an attack initiated by an unknown mage. Despite the man calling out to Natsu, he doesn't seem to recognize him, let alone know him or his name. After noticing the dead plants that was caused by the man's magic, he tells him that outsiders are not permitted on the island. The unnamed man then states that he came to see him, and Natsu, who interprets this as a challenge, suddenly punches him in the face. The man then unleashes another blast of his magic but Natsu manages to survive thanks to his scarf, which, as a result, turns black.

Soon after, Natsu and Happy notice a red warning signal launched in the sky by Erza which announced a temporary suspension of the exam and an enemy attack. After he notices an explosion near the coast, he runs towards it and finds a wounded Wendy. He immediately confronts Mest and demands answers from him. As he does, an army of mages from the Grimoire Heart guild fall from the sky. As he proceeds to fight and defeat them, Zancrow shows up and burns his fellow guild members to a crisp, stating that they are too weak to defeat Natsu. The new opponent then launches his black flames at Natsu who is unable to consume them which consequently wounds him heavily. After explaining that he is a God Slayer whose flames are far superior than those of a Dragon Slayer, Natsu argues otherwise.

The two then battle it out, with Zancrow easily countering Natsu's Brilliant Flame attack. Natsu then releases his dragon roar but Zancrow eats his flames, and uses them on the dragon slayer, subsequently blasting him to Makarov's location. After noticing his wounded master, Zancrow reappears behind him and taunts him saying that Master Hades must have done this to Makarov. Unable to take any more of this, Natsu's rage erupts, causing him to gain a huge power boost. After using some strategic moves to dodge and attack Zancrow, the latter resorts to using a flame attack that traps Natsu. While Natsu tries to eat the flames, Makarov grabs Zancrow with his Giant Arm and threatens him to release the trapped dragon slayer. But Zancrow envelopes himself along with Makarov's hand in black flames, causing the Fairy Tail master to wince in pain. After refusing to let go, Natsu nullifies his magic to create a vessel to eat the God flames and unites the God and Dragon's flames to attack and heavily wound Zancrow. After defeating his opponent, Natsu falls unconscious.

Soon after, Wendy appears and begins healing Makarov and Natsu. Unable to understand why her healing powers aren't working on Natsu, Makarov tells her that it's because the evil staining his muffler is tainting him. After returning his scarf back to normal, Wendy properly heals Natsu. He suddenly wakes up, delighted to see her and his cat friends. But once he takes a whiff of a familiar sent, he decides to track it down, noting that the person was nearby. After slipping on a leaf and consequently sliding down a hill, he comes across an unconscious Zeref. Soon after, a tree emerges from the ground with Ultear perched on one of its branches. Natsu immediately says that she smells like "that one guy" and jumps to the conclusion that she's a cross-dresser which she denies and states that this is her real form. Following their small talk, Natsu climbs up the tree while complaining that the Grimoire Heart guild interrupted the exam to become an S-Class mage and barely dodges her attack. But Ultear then unleashes numerous orbs and manages to hit the dragon slayer with a series of attacks.

Natsu is then seen intervening in Lucy's fight with Kain, who was about to finish her off, by kicking him out of his way towards Ultear's direction. Surprised, Natsu asks Lucy what she was doing here but she asks him the same question and then thanks him for saving her. When she asks him if he already had an opponent, he replies that Kain is his opponent and that she can't have him. She says that she doesn't want him and warns Natsu that he's tougher than he seems. Happy then comments that now they have two opponents but with an extra member, according to Natsu, they can put the exam aside and form a team. Lucy agrees and once they both high-five, they remark that they will win this fight. Kain is then seen gnawing on his shirt with jealousy because, according to him, the two were acting all "flirty and hot."

After Kain tells Ultear that he'll take care of them on his own, she agrees and states that she will take Zeref to Hades. Upon hearing this, Lucy tells Natsu to stop her but while attempting to do so, Kain gets in the way. Lucy tries to step in but is unable to do so because she's been caught in Kain's magic. Unable to move or control her body, Kain uses his doll, with Lucy's hair strand that he obtained while chasing her earlier, to manipulate her movements. After witnessing the funny ways in which Kain was toying with her, Natsu found it fun to which Lucy fiercely retorted that it was not.

Kain then forced Lucy to attack Natsu who dodges it with ease. After doing so, he prepares to unleash his dragon roar while holding onto Lucy's butt as support, much to her annoyance, but he is suddenly kicked in the face by the celestial mage, prompting him to yell at her and question her intentions. Once she replies that she can't control what she's doing, she then punches him in the face, causing dragon slayer to lose his patience. He then grabs and holds Lucy from behind, stopping her from flailing her fists at him. Confident that victory was at hand, Kain tries to use his doll again but to his shock, it had been taken from his hand by Happy. Out of curiosity, Happy tests the doll by forcing Lucy to pull Natsu's face into her chest, but the blue cat is suddenly hit by Kain causing the doll to fall out of his paws.

Kain tries to recover it but Natsu manages to beat him to it. Natsu then attempts to hit Kain but the latter is proven to be faster as he dodges the attack and knocks the dragon slayer towards a mountain side, causing the rocks to crumble and fall on top of him. Unable to move, Lucy tries to help him by summoning Virgo but soon realizes that she has no magic power left, consequently getting herself caught and tortured by Kain. Upon witnessing her pain, Natsu tells her to run away but she refuses, prompting Kain to kill her by crushing her head.

Before he can do it, Natsu notices the doll next to him and uses it to manipulate Lucy on a counterattack that gives Kain a serious beating. He then decides to make the fight more interesting by lighting the right hand of the doll on fire with his magic which also causes Lucy's hand to go aflame (but does not harm her). He then tosses the doll to Happy, to Lucy's concern, who begins to fly at max speed, forcing Lucy to do likewise. With both of them flying towards Kain at full speed, Lucy, now engulfed in flames, sends a powerful kick to Kain's face, knocking him unconscious. The team celebrates their victory with Natsu using the doll to make Lucy do a victory pose, receiving an irritated reply from the girl.

Natsu is then seen when Lucy is trying to pull him out of the boulders he had gotten stuck in earlier. Happy asks Natsu to break them with his flames, to which he responds that that is a good idea. Once Natsu is free they look over and notice that Zeref is no longer there, and Natsu remarks that something is getting in the way of his scent. Lucy then raises her leg and says she has to look for Cana, and Natsu asks her why she is raising her leg. She then begins to chase after Happy, who has Mr. Cursey in his hand, and Natsu says that it is time to take a nap. Lucy then says, while bending Happy with Mr. Cursey, that they can't because she's worried about Cana and they must search for Zeref. They then begin to speak on Grimoire Heart's goal and Natsu says that since they had laid a finger on Makarov, they won't leave the island. Lucy then realizes that they must have a ship somewhere anchored on the island and asks Happy to go search for it, but he replies that he is out of Magic Power. Natsu then states that they should get back to where Makarov is resting and that they would have Lily or Charle take care of it.He then arrives at the site where Makarov is resting, and when Doranbolt arrives, Natsu asks where he went, and Lucy says that it is Mest of the Council. He then tells Lucy that his name is really Doranbolt. Wendy begins to ask him something, but Doranbolt tells her not to worry because he came there to help them, which surprises Happy and Charle. He then says that with his powers, everyone can leave the island, but Natsu and the others refuse. Despite Mest's attempts to convince them otherwise, they all decide to stay on the island and fight.

Along their way back to camp, they encounter Bluenote Stinger who easily defeats Natsu and the others. He begins to interrogate Natsu, asking the location of Fairy Glitter, one of Fairy Tail's most powerful spells. Natsu claims that he has no idea prompting Bluenote to use his gravity magic to push him into the ground under the immense pressure. Cana immediately arrives to protect her comrades but gets easily knocked down by Bluenote. She then asks Natsu to distract him while she concentrates on gathering enough magical power to retaliate. However, Bluenote easily destroys their plan and lifts Cana into the air, slowing choking her. As he is about to kill her, Natsu uses his Fire Dragon's Roar in the ground to counter Bluenote's magic, only to be thrown back. However, this gives Cana the chance to use her ultimate spell, Fairy Glitter. But to her dismay, it wasn't sufficient enough to kill him and she drops to the ground devastated. Bluenote takes this opportunity to end her life but Giltards arrives just in time to save her and protect the guild.

Natsu after reunting with his other comrades goes to fight Hades.Hades tells them to come when they're ready, and Natsu yells for him to come down there and fight to no avail. He then asks Happy and the other Exceeds to find and destroy the ship's power source, just in case it flies during their fight. Wendy also casts Troia on Natsu as another preventative measure for Natsu's transportation sickness. The group then enters the ship using stairs made by Gray, Natsu being fired up that he can finally fight Hades. Natsu starts the fight and after a barrage of attacks, Hades explains that normal mistakes eventually become experience, but in their case, the mistake of fighting him will lead to them having no future. As he emerges unscathed by their attacks, everyone is shocked and Natsu notes how the level of his magical power has changed.

Hades reveals that he was once the master of the Fairy Tail Guild and Natsu raises up saying he is a liar.Natsu says there is nothing wrong with change and that Hades lives like he's already dead, compared to them who are living with their lives on the line.In the fight between Hades and Fairy Tail, Hades had the upper hand and therefore tries to give them Final blow, but is resisted by Laxus.Natsu watches as Laxus battles Hades on mostly even terms until Laxus is hit by one of Hades explosion attacks. As Hades uses a big attack to finish Laxus, Natsu is given Laxus' lightning. Natsu thanks Laxus for the meal and asks Laxus why he did this, saying he is so much weaker than him. Laxus tells him it's not about being weak or strong and says that someone with the guild's brand should be the one that defeats Hades, unlike him. Laxus tells him to take the pain that was caused to the guild and return it 100 fold. Wendy notices as the flame and lightning are fusing together in Natsu, who proclaims that this is the Lightning Flame Dragon 100 Fold Payback.

Natsu and Laxus manage to defeat hades, but learns that he is immortal compared to their magical powers.The Fairy Tail Guild could only watch Hades killing them.Natsu grabs Lucy arm, saying that he's got a comrade right beside him after all. He tells them the words of Gildarts, that fear isn't evil but that it allows them to learn their own weaknesses. He tells them the words of Gildarts, that fear isn't evil but that it allows them to learn their own weaknesses. He says that when learning their own weakness, they can grow stronger and kinder; now that they've learned their weakness, he says they need to grow stronger now and face their enemies head on.After hearing Natsu' s words, Hades says these words are empty.

Suddenly big explosion occurs in the ship.This chance allows Natsu to punch Hades and finally defeat him, as Hades weakness lies in the ship.The battle ends and the Exceed finally arrive while being chased by Grimore Heart members. Natsu and the others have already run out of Magic, but then the members in the camp come to the rescue. While the others are enjoying their reunion, Natsu is seen being fired up to continue the exam. He is reminded by Gajeel that he has severe wounds, but he says that he still has his newly acquired lightning-enhanced powers. Before collapsing to the ground, exhausted. Erza comments it's because he ate something other than fire.After sometime Acnologia appears in the sky above Tenrou Island.They learn that their Magical powers are useless against the Dragon.Makarov protects Natsu and others saying to enjoy the future and becoming strong but the guild attacks the Black Dragon so they can go home together after defeating the aconogia.Acnologia uses it' s Dragon breath and destroys the Tenrou Island with no trace.

Year X791 Arc

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